Interoperability Paper: Child and Family Services Essay

The Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County provides many different services and resources. In this paper I will be speaking about the Child and Family Services. The plan that I will be concentrating on is a plan that supports and focuses on kids and households. CSSW recognizes the impact that household life has on a child’s ability to turn and develop. We have established plans that recognize and address the demands of kids to guarantee they are in a stable. safe and loving environment. In add-on. CSSW offers health professionals the necessary mercantile establishment or preparation needed to mentally and emotionally be given to and their parent/caregiver. connect health professionals to community resources and advance a family’s ability to remain together. ( “Catholic Social Services Of Washtenaw County” . 2013 ) I will be focus on the three theoretical accounts Loosely Linked Network. Network Model and Top-Down Model. I will speak about the advantages and disadvantages that all three theoretical accounts have when mentioning to the inception Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County. Loosely Linked Network Model

This theoretical account is the least impact and would give the bureau more control over their creativeness and what they can afford. The kid and household plan that I am taking about could easy hold a theoretical account like this implemented and it besides could be really affectional for this organisation. Having in house resources and other organisations in the country can besides assist. The Loosely Linked Model can assist with resources that they can utilize on the cyberspace to happen services straight related to them. it can resource the overall cost of engineering that they use in the Child and Family plan. and it can besides it has the flexibleness with in the Catholic Social Service as a whole. There are some advantages to this modal for this peculiar organisation. cost being a large factor. and developing for the staff that is working in the plan and for the bureau.

This theoretical account would be the easiest but possibly non the best for this bureau and their demands. There nevertheless are several disadvantages to this peculiar theoretical account. A few are there is no quality control. who is watching out for possible deficiency of criterions and the operating expense cost could be high because inefficiencies and monopolies that may happen. Besides with this peculiar theoretical account it makes work for some organisations but for this one it would be a bad thought. because they have so many other constituents to their bureau. If engineering failed in this theoretical account it would non be difficult to maintain the plans running swimmingly. These theoretical accounts resources are still local and would non necessitate networking utilizing a computing machine. Having paper information of all the support and resources that are being used would necessitate to been done so the clients are still supported no affair what. Network Model

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This theoretical account is more of a formal theoretical account that has guideline and criterions that have to be met and set up before set uping it for the bureau. For this peculiar organisation this type of theoretical account may be something that they truly need to look and to see if this is something that would profit the whole bureau. At Catholic Social Services there is more country of focal points besides the kid and household. they besides have plans like acceptance. guidance. lodging. parenting. and gestation. By holding a systems that networks their clients information and state of affairs would already be in the system for the other countries of support to happen resources for them and or give them other types of support that they did non cognize was even out at that place for them. There are a batch of advantages to this theoretical account like the overall networking piece. and doing certain that the clients get the resources and support they need because of the web being used at the bureau. there is ever some disadvantages excessively.

One major disadvantage is funding. doing certain that all the bureaus. services and resources are linked together has a cost to it. Another immense disadvantage is some of the occupations preformed can be taken off because the networking is being done automatically. which them the persons that had those occupations would hold to travel to more complex occupations which so you may hold the cost of preparation and or engaging persons that are more educated for the occupations at manus. For this bureau holding more of a networking theoretical account would be good and would besides back up the person and or households more. Having entree to more services is ever a fillip. This theoretical account may hold a difficult clip working if engineering fails. This best thing for this theoretical account is to do certain there is ever paper trails and backup. It may look like a batch of excess work but you need to retrieve it is for the clients that you are assisting. Top-down Model

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The Top-down theoretical account is a theoretical account that has several constituents and ways to portion the information that is needed. Keeping the Catholic Social Services Child and Family plans the three constituents of the IGHI would be the ( a ) the Child and Family Services. ( B ) Washtenaw County Catholic Social Services and ( degree Celsius ) Catholic Social Services. By holding these three constituents they are an informational substructure non merely an organisational bureau. Having these three constituents working together there can hold some pro and cons to it. Some pros are that is a client needs information. resources or services outside Washtenaw County their information is available to others with in the Catholic Social Service inception. Besides by holding multiply bureaus utilizing the same system some of the undertaking can merely go everyday for the system so the human service professional can concentrate on other undertaking. like holding more clip to run into with clients. There are besides some cons to this type of theoretical account.

There has to be ends that are set by everyone. system broad ends. Without system broad ends there is no monitoring and control by the inception. Over all deficiency of support by everyone involved can be a major issue for the organisation and their clients. This theoretical account would work if all parts of the inception were on board and was able to understand the benefits to this theoretical account. If they do non understand the theoretical account they may experience that they do non hold the freedom to assist their clients the manner they see fit when in world it is the opposite. The more information and support right at your figure tips the better for the human service professional and most significantly the clients. This theoretical account could acquire a small slippery if engineering failed. Having everyone on the same system could and or would take down the whole bureau. which them no 1 could assist their clients until it was fixed.

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Even if merely done for a short clip it could truly count in some of your clients instances. Making certain that there is back up information on all clients would necessitate to be done. so back uping clients could still go on even without engineering. All three of these theoretical accounts have several pros and cons to them. I think that to assist this peculiar bureau. The Washtenaw Catholic Social Services: Child and Family that the Networking theoretical account would be the best to back up their overall demand for the organisations and their clients. They already have a Facebook. chirrup and a really synergistic web page. This organisation no affair of their theoretical account is here to back up their community. “As a member of our community. we believe our work attains the greatest benefit when we join with our neighbours and co-workers to make a antiphonal. compassionate society where all are valued. honored and have the chance to boom. ” ( “Catholic Social Services Of Washtenaw County” . 2013 )

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