Internal Refusal: Want to Telecommute? Learn to Communicate Essay Sample

Pamela Gershon. a immature package developer from Dayton. Ohio. is thrilled at the chance of working from place where she would be able to take attention of her two little kids. three Canis familiariss. and a cat. Like many advanced employers. Northrop Grumman Corporation. a taking aerospace and defence engineering company. is promoting workers to see telecommuting. The company has created a formal plan with specific policies explicating eligibility and demands. Presently. lone places in proficient gross revenues. information engineering. Web and in writing design. and package development qualify for telecommuting. In add-on. workers must be reliable. self-motivated. and organized. Because teleworking is a sought-after privilege. employees with proved high public presentation. senior status. minimum absenteeism. and brilliant communicating accomplishments receive precedence consideration.

Telecommuters need to follow company policies finding work hours. interruption times. and work agendas. even off site. Furthermore. they must see the chief office located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton at least one time every two hebdomads to describe to their supervisors in individual. Northrop Grumman promotes telecommuting because it benefits the company every bit good as its workers. In add-on to flexibleness. telecommuters normally experience additions in productiveness and efficiency. The employer lowers overhead costs and is able to retain valuable workers who may non be able or willing to transpose to remote corporate offices. Pamela has been a persevering worker. but after merely a twelvemonth and a half at Northrop Grumman. she doesn’t have the senior status needed for a successful application.

Her public presentation has been satisfactory but non outstanding. It seems as if she still needs clip to turn out herself. In add-on. her major failing is mean communicating accomplishments. something her supervisor has already discussed with Pamela. Your undertaking: Draft a memo reference to Pamela Gershon for Human Resources Director Gabrielle Anicker turning down Pamela’s telecommuting application. Be soft but honest in uncovering your grounds for the no. but don’t near the door on a future application one time Pamela meets certain conditions.

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