Interim Report Example Essay


This papers contains the interim study of – This study will state what has been achieved. what still needs to be done in every section in the organisation and in which timeframe. The employees of the RB company have been working greatly and seting a batch of attempt to be a stable company and finally turn into a successful company. This study will demo the companies past activities and if they have been completed successfully. Furthermore. this study will besides include our future ends and positions.


Rainy Business was established in last semester and experienced a whole new procedure of running a concern. The selling section has taken portion in the procedure of developing merchandises and happening the right manner to monetary value. promote and to sell the merchandises.

Selling technique

In the concern program the Selling and Gross saless Department illustrated a specific analysis about the 4p’s. Particularly in publicity. the focal point was on well spread outing the merchandising channel of the company. We thought about selling the different sorts of waterproofs through chirrup. facebook. personal merchandising. direct selling and merchandising through a web site. but finally personal merchandising turned out to be the best merchandising technique for our merchandise.

Target group

At the start of the life of the company the thought was to concentrate particularly on tourers as mark group. By selling our merchandises in the city-center of Amsterdam the company discovered that everyone who needs a poncho fits our mark market. Since tourers were non truly willing to purchase our company’s ponchos including the city-centre map Rainy Business decided to alter our merchandise line. Therefore the company does non concentrate on tourers any longer but on every individual in crowded topographic points who is in demand of a poncho.

Goals & A ; Aims

Gross saless

The company has bought several sorts of rain ponchos at the beginning of the second period. After seeking to sell the rain ponchos. Rainy Business discovered that the disposable rain ponchos were selling a batch easier. So the selling section decided to concentrate on the disposable ponchos. merely because that generates the speedy gross revenues. which our company could truly utilize. with refering the fiscal place at the minute.

Valentine’s Day

The selling section started to believe of new proper day of the months to sell our rain ponchos and came up with the thought to sell on Valentine’s Day. The ground why Rainy Business is to believe that there will be a batch of gross revenues that twenty-four hours. is due to the fact that our company will order ponchos in ruddy and possibly in white. which represent the colourss of love. Our selling section believes that when you sell the ponchos in these colourss at that really minute. that it will sell much better than normal.

Market carnival

The one-year Market Fair is coming up. so the selling section idea of a manner to pull people to our base. And they came up with a few solutions. the first 1 was: make an Easter subject around the base and possibly hold some people dressing up as an Easter bunny. The 2nd thought was: that the members of Rainy Business could hold existent unrecorded manikins walking about with our ponchos in all different colourss in order to pull people to our market topographic point and of class in order to acquire the attending of the ladies and gentlemen walking about.

End of twelvemonth

By the terminal of this twelvemonth the company hopes to hold sold plenty ponchos to do a good net income. Another of import end is acquiring satisfaction of the stockholders. which could perchance take to an after live of the Rainy Business.

Production section

In the last twosome of months. the production section has putted a batch of attempt in fulfilling the company’s outlooks. The section did a batch of research. like researching different sort of merchandises that we can sell. The production section foremost thought of bring forthing and selling merely one merchandise. but so Rainy Business decided that it was better to sell different sorts of merchandises. which are the disposable rain poncho. the basic rain poncho. the basic rain poncho with a belt and a basic rain poncho with a map. The production section was besides responsible for keeping the stock.

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What we achieved with the research procedure

The ultimate trial was when we found out that there were two companies who are besides selling rain poncho’s. We had to do certain to do our merchandise more recognizable and alone. And with in secret nearing our rivals we were capable of testing their merchandise. so we were cognizant and strong plenty to vie with our rivals. We achieved a bigger market portion when we came to the decision to sell different sorts of merchandises. Alternatively of one sort of waterproof we have four discrepancies. Our clients can take from different rain ponchos and experience free to compare them. when it comes to the quality and the monetary values.

The production section worked together closely together with all the sections in the Rainy Business but particularly with the selling section. This made both sections became more effectual and efficient to acquire to understand how the clients would wish their rain ponchos. This information is of import to maintain updated of the wants of our targeted clients. The production section can react to them with the rain poncho’s who are the closest to their desire to maintain their satisfaction on a high degree as we try to do net income in such a short term. This gives us infinite to remain advanced without let downing the clients. It besides gives us a bigger opportunity to widen our net incomes for now and in the hereafter. What do we desire to accomplish.

The production squad has its ain set of ends. where we work hard and lend to our portion of the company. Now that our company has been established some clip ago. we have to see where we can add value to the current merchandises to increase net income border of the company.

Goals & A ; Aims

At this minute the production squad will cut a merchandise out of our current line. because it decreases our net incomes. since the gross revenues of that merchandise are non what we expected. However. the production section is already working on a expression to add value to our current merchandises. And the ends for section these twosomes of months is to make new merchandises. so that we can continu1e our company’s growing and to keep a stable flow of merchandises against the lowest monetary values. but a new scheme is required every bit good. since the one we used up till now didn’t work as we thought it would. the new scheme should be focused on what the client wants alternatively of happening a ground for a client to purchase our merchandises. In a few months from now. our section will make new stars for the company where we can trust on. and successfully turn them into hard currency cattles. The concluding and possibly one of the most of import end of the production section is that we will make satisfaction by giving the clients something they need and want.

How will we accomplish that

The production squad is ever believing about new advanced thoughts. Because one of our merchandises did non sell every bit good as we thought it would sell. we decided to drop the merchandise. which means that we will concentrate on the disposable poncho. At this minute. we are traveling to change our merchandise line by brighten up the ponchos. Rainy Business is be aftering on selling the merchandise in several colourss such as: ruddy. orange and green. This manner. the poncho will be more appealing and will acquire the consumers’ attending which will take to a more profitable merchandise. Another thought is to give our clients something extra so they will hold another ground to purchase our poncho. This will. of class. be something that suits our merchandise and adds excess value to the merchandise.

Financial Department

During the first semester. there was a high degree of uncertainness within the Financial Department. The chief cause of this was that the sum of portions
was invariably altering. and we do non hold a bank history due to the hold of ABN AMRO. So we have been utilizing one of the employees’ history. which makes us hard to track on every dealing that the stockholders pay and the grosss we have earned. The fiscal section has tried to collaborate with the other sections every bit much as possible. This to calculate out for illustration the exact costs. the concluding net income that indicates how many dividends can be declared to stockholders at the terminal of the twelvemonth.

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Bing cognizant of what influences the other sections may hold an impact on the determinations that will be made in the fiscal section. Furthermore. we had to cover with dropouts. which meant fring portions and non being able to pass the reserved sum of money on the selling section. Lastly one of our biggest issues was that stockholders did non pay on clip. This gave us fiscal uncertainness of whether they were traveling to pay or non in the close hereafter. As of now. portions are still non wholly sold. After happening a cheaper provider. Rainy concern has been able to finance the merchandises. This happened in November. which is shown in our fiscal program.

Goals & A ; Aims

The old fiscal program indicated that Rainy concern is be aftering to publish 75 portions. As a consequence. we got merely 50 portions. deriving a startup capital of 1000 Euros. With this get downing capital. the determination was made to order 140 pieces waterproof for first semester. 100pcs for disposable waterproofs and 40pcs for the normal 1s. The merchandise costs for waterproof is 196. 83 Euros. The Average Selling monetary value for disposable waterproof was 2 Euro. for normal waterproof was 4. 99 Euro. for waterproof with belt was 5. 99 Euro. for waterproof with map was 6. 99 Euro. The gross for the full concern twelvemonth will about be 442 Euro if we sold all of the 140pcs of waterproofs. Now. we have already earned the sum of grosss of about 282 Euro.

Achievements & A ; Failures
1. Merchandise

After attempt of one semester. our gross revenues are making rather good. We have learned how to work as a squad. pass oning with international people who comes from different states. larn their civilization. every bit good as how consumers set up a good relationship. in which besides encountered many troubles. For illustration. miscommunication. money are losing sometimes but we have accumulated valuable experience.

2. Selling Expense

We did non pass anything for selling. even market research. The thing we merely have to make is to carry clients to purchase our merchandises.


Unfortunately. the ends of achieving 75 portions have non been achieved. At the minute. Rainy Business merely has 50 portions in entire with a capital of 1000 Euro. This is due to the dropped out of employees during the concern twelvemonth. Even though these jobs occurred. we still have plenty.

4. Gross

Fortunately. our gross revenues are making rather good. We have already earned an sum of 294 Euros this includes some money which is traveling to be received shortly. We still have adequate capital to prolong and besides order new merchandises. If everything corsets on path. our company will do a batch of net income at the terminal of the concern twelvemonth.

Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department has been a important component to the operation of the organisation. Rainy Business has recognized the importance of the on the job dealingss inside the company from the beginning on. Therefore the section has gone through a figure of personal businesss with the forces. These will be farther detailed in the undermentioned paragraphs.

Contract of employment

The section has engaged in fixing the contract of employment. The contract embraces the demerit system and includes limitations sing dress. absence and duties. The contract has been signed during one-on-one conversations with the employees.

Personal conversations

During the confidential conversations the Human Resource section was able to measure the mentality of each person. Their motives. abilities. concerns. defeats and thoughts had a primary focal point in thick of the conversations. The ratings have been recorded in personal profiles and considered in the development of the organisation.

Satisfaction study

Besides. all employees have been requested to make full in a study appealed to value their degree of satisfaction in the organisation. On footing of positions on the organization’s directors. employees’ parts. undertaking division and other standards the Human Resource Department was given the chance to break the company every bit good as the on the job relationships among employees.

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Demerit system

To keep continuity and the ability to come on. the Human Resource Department has had to busy in imputing demerits. The section has chosen to restrict itself to demerits lone since its chief purpose is to actuate employees to take part in the advancement of the organisation. A virtue system would non be necessary and is hence replaced by employee of the month proclamations.

Gross saless pitch

Once the other sections had concluded their concern activities sing the attainment of stockholders and the stocking of supplies. the Human Resource Department decided to form a gross revenues pitch. In this gross revenues pitch selling thoughts and former experiences from all employees were brought frontward.

Team-building activity

To both reason the first few months of being and to larn on a personal degree about each co-worker. the Human Resource Department organized a team-building activity. The activity consisted of a optical maser gambling trip and a dinner at a eating house.

Goals & A ; Aims

When we take a expression into the hereafter. it looks really promising. The nucleus competency of the Human Resource Department is that we want the employees to go on experiencing comfy with each other. To accomplish this the Human Resource Department will seek to construct a stronger relationship with the employees. When an employee will experience as a portion of the company. he or she will make his or her best to accomplish the upper limit of productiveness. To accomplish this end the Human Resource Department will maintain the same working-methods which we saw in the yesteryear.

Demerit-system and the employee of the month:

The Human Resource Department will maintain working and utilizing the demerit system and we will denote an new employee of the month. At the terminal of each month the new employee of the month will be introduced to the group members and the employee will have a certification. We use this method to demo our employees that we appreciate that they deliver good work. Unfortunately that will non ever be the instance ; sometimes an employee can lose a deadline or be excessively late at meetings. This can go on to everyone. but to do certain that this will non reiterate more frequently the Human Resource Department set up regulations where there is a portion which says that losing one deadline a employee will have 10 demerits and being late without presentment will give you 2 demerits.

The ground for receive 10 demerits for losing a deadline is because being late with completing your undertaking can damage the whole company. Everyone works together and everything is linked to each other. so if one individual will lose the deadline the others can non go on making their occupation. If you have 10 demerits you will acquire one functionary warning. If you get another 10 demerits you will acquire your 2nd official warning. And if you get 10 demerits once more. the employee will go forth no other pick for the company but to allow him or her spell. When the employee acquire 10 demerits they will acquire a assignment with one of the members of the Human Resource Department who will steer the employee through the procedure. and they have to stand for their new end which has to be SMARTER and present that to the member of the Human Resource Department. Build/maintain the relationships with the employees:

In the yesteryear we saw good consequences from this system. and want to keep the betterments. One of the most of import undertaking for the Human Resource Department is to construct trust with the employees and a good relationship. so if there will be struggles in the company the employees will experience comfy to pass on with one of the members of the Human Resource Department. To accomplish this end the employees of Rainy Business will acquire assignments with one or more member from the Human Resource Department. where the employee will acquire some inquiries about how they feel at work and if the privation to state anything. The Human Resources section believe s that if we maintain presenting good quality to the company. this will take the company into an positive and interesting hereafter.