Intergroup conflict Essay Sample

Intergroup struggle can happen when a group of persons from different backgrounds work and unrecorded together. These struggles can be caused by constructs such as bias. stereotypes. and favoritism. In order to battle these struggles. a diverse group of people should be formed with a diverse set of leaders. the group members should be given positive labeling to assist promote positive behaviour. and members should hold reinforced self-esteem. Programs that will assist with struggle are diverseness categories. struggle declaration categories. self-esteem guidance. and squad edifice exercisings. These plans will cut down struggle and make a more positive and trustful environment among group members.

When groups devised of people from all different backgrounds and experiences come together. there is bound to be conflict from clip to clip. Learning to cover with this struggle and the constructs that influence struggle is the cardinal to making a more harmonious environment for everyone in the group. There are several constructs that can take to intergroup struggle. These constructs include favoritism. pigeonholing. and bias. All of these constructs can make negative feelings. attitudes. and behaviours which can make animus amongst group members ( Pigeonholing ; Prejudice ; Discrimination. 1 ) . Pigeonholing is a generalisation about a certain group of people or societal class. Pigeonholing can be both positive and negative.

Pigeonholing is considered to be a idea based construct. Stereotypes are made every twenty-four hours about different groups of people based off of things like race. gender. societal position. hair colour. or profession. These can sometimes be wholly unconscious. Our head uses pigeonholing to form our universes more easy and readily. This can take to unlogical categorizing of people or certain facets about people ( Pigeonholing ; Prejudice ; Discrimination. 1 ) . Prejudice basically means to prejudge a individual. It is a negative feeling or attitude towards an person or a group of people. Prejudice is experiencing based instead than thought based.

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Prejudice is an sentiment or attitude which is made about a individual without cognizing or sing any other features or facts about the individual ( Pigeonholing ; Prejudice ; Discrimination. 1 ) . Biass are negative feelings and typically do non hold a positive result for the people involved. Discrimination is defined as handling person or a group of people unevenly due to certain features that the individual or group of people possesses ( Pigeonholing ; Prejudice ; Discrimination. 2 ) . An illustration of favoritism would be deliberately excepting a individual due to race. societal position. or pick of faith. Discrimination is behavior based. Peoples do non ever know apart based off of the biass and stereotypes that they think or feel.

There are certain state of affairss where a individual may hold a negative idea or attitude towards person or a group of people but their behaviour may non expose those ideas and feelings. Once these constructs become prevalent in a group puting. they can be rather hard to get the better of. Often these constructs play off of one another and can rapidly intensify the state of affairs out of manus. In order to get the better of these constructs. the leaders of groups must rapidly place that they exist and put a program in topographic point to learn the group members how to interact in a respectful and positive mode. One manner to get the better of these negative constructs is to do certain that when the group is together. it is a diverse group of people.

The more diverse the group is. the more people of different backgrounds will larn to interact together and larn to esteem one another ( “Reducing Intergroup Conflict” . 2 ) . Another manner to assist cut down group struggle is to make a concerted and supportive environment instead than a competitory 1. This will learn the group to work together and honor them for carry throughing things as a squad instead than traping them against each other. Last. when leaders are appointed in the group. they should be diverse. This will maintain the group members from organizing a historical subordination thought pattern while they are working in a group together ( “Reducing Intergroup Conflict” . 2 ) . This will assist to contend negative attitudes towards working together in a group in a concerted mode.

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Another manner to assist person get the better of their negative feelings and attitudes is assisting them with their self-pride or the manner they view themselves ( “Person-Situation Interaction” . 2 ) . If people have a low self-pride. they may happen that they feel negative about the people around them every bit good. By learning them to see their ego worth. they may larn to see others in a more positive visible radiation every bit good. Self-esteem can hold a really large impact on the manner people view others around them ( “Person-Situation Interaction” . 2 ) . Teaching them to love themselves will assist them see the worth of the people they associate with. Finally. another manner to assist cut down struggle on a personal degree would be positive labeling. Labeling an single as say a squad participant. or a strong leader. Once a individual owns their labeling. they begin to act in such a mode.

This construct changes the negative behaviour into positive behaviour therefore cut downing the likeliness of struggle ( “Complying with Others” . 1 ) . In an attempt to cut down the struggle amongst the male childs in the group. the centre needs to implement plans and make an action program. The centre should originate a struggle declaration category for all of the male childs in the group. This category would learn the male childs how to cover with struggle in a rational mode. This will in bend keep the struggle from intensifying. Another category that should go compulsory to all of the male childs in the group is a diverseness category. This would do all the male childs familiar with different civilizations and groups of people. The more that is known about different civilizations. the more the male childs can larn how to be respectful of people from backgrounds different from their ain. The male childs should take part in hebdomadal squad edifice exercisings.

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Teaching the male childs to work together in a concerted and positive environment will construct a healthy bond with one another and learn them to swear one another. Finally. it is recommended that each male child participate in one on one guidance Sessionss to work on self-esteem and self worth. This is to assist the male childs view themselves in a positive mode. When the male childs have a strong sense of dignity. they will be more disposed to handle others in a positive respectful mode. The proposed plans are designed to better the group as a whole every bit good as better the boys’ attitudes on an single degree every bit good. The combination of these facets should assist to cut down struggle amongst the group and do a more peaceable life environment for everyone involved.

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