Interaction and Belonging Essay Sample

Q. ) ‘An persons interaction with others and the universe around them can enrich or restrict their experience of belonging. ’ -Discuss this position with elaborate mention to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your choosing.

Belonging is a natural force within all persons ; it relies on a sense of connexion to topographic point. household. relationships and the universe about. Through the interaction with others and the universe about. an person may go enriched or limited in the manner in which they belong to a group. community or topographic point. This impression is explored through the texts. the verse form St Patricks College By Skrynecki. and the short narrative ‘Home Game’ by David Bateson.

Human Beings are societal animate beings. we have a cardinal desire to be portion of group. and hence get downing a new school can be a ambitious undertaking. Cultural differences can put up barriers to belonging. Third individual narrative within ‘Home Game’ gives the voice to the consciousness of the challenges faced by the male child. “His name was Yang Jim Su. ” The usage of temper. “Su could be a draw back. There was three misss called Sue in the school. ” Establishes the difference between civilizations. and suggests the barriers to needed overcome in order to belong. We are exposed to Yang’s despair in an effort to belong. as he searches for something or person familiar he can associate to. ‘There was another Korean three lines off. ’

This feeling suggests his differences have forced him to go stray. due to his cultural differences. unable to interact with the other students. With mention to Numberss. ‘one male child against. two hundred male childs. ’ Yang Jim su’s inability to interact is highlighted. this is farther emphasised through the apposition of color imagination of his vesture. his ‘red jacket and xanthous sneakers’ in crisp contrast to ‘ all the others wore apparent gray trunkss. ’ more so supports his disaffection due to his cultural differences. From this. we can see that the barriers to belonging such as. Yang jims Su cultural differences. has limited his opportunities to web with the other kids. without this communicating bond. Yang suffers a limited experience of belonging within his new school. and the persons within in its cohesive boundaries.

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One can besides state that communicating differences are highlighted repetitively. reenforcing Yang ‘s inability to interact with other persons. Provoked through the usage of repeat of the italicised word ‘shoes’ conveys the trouble the male child has understanding English. ‘he did non understand why places was amusing. ’ Unable to pass on expeditiously. topographic points greater force per unit area on Yang as he faces jobs and state of affairss where he is left farther stray and abashed due to his deficiency of apprehension. The usage of the basic cosmopolitan communicating mechanism of ‘smiling’ is used repetitively to further underscore yang’s great difficultly to understand English. and moreover communicate with others. ‘He could non believe why he ought to smile for she had non said places. ’ This in the head of Yang’s is projected as a really existent state of affairs. and shows to the reader that through these cultural barriers Yang has lacked the accomplishments to interact with persons and the universe around him. which has placed a great restriction on his apprehensions to belong.

Time can be a premier factor in finding alteration ; we are shown as clip fluctuates Yang develops a sense of individuality. through happening a familiar object he is the ability to interact. ‘Then a familiar unit of ammunition leather ball came turn overing along the land towards him. about as if by thaumaturgy. ’’ The 3rd individual narrative depicts. Yang’s actions as he ‘used his pes to toss the ball back on his articulatio genus. and so bounced it up on his caput. ’ The illustrated interaction Yang has with this association football ball the usage of verbs. ‘flip. bounced. tumbled’ promotes his apprehension of the object. the narrative informs us of the objects relevancy. ‘just like many he had played with in Korea’ . The usage of the reoccurring motive simile. ‘yet they were non sing him like a alien from an foreign land. ’ Grants us with the impression of Yang’s reading of belonging. he felt portion f the group.

The mention to yang’s cultural differences. ‘ it was a kind of international linguistic communication. ’ Yang is depicted through interacting with this association football ball. it is besides able to so interact chiefly with the other pupils. every bit good every bit communicates as it is seen as ‘almost a international language’ Likewise the verse form. St Patrick’s Day by Skrynecki focal points on the journey of a immature male child trying to do connexions with persons and the universe around him. as he begins a new school. We see the deficiency of control he holds over get downing this peculiar new school. due to his female parents love. ‘wanting merely what was best. ’ Skrzynecki utilizations school-based slang to exemplify his deficiency of apprehension of his environment and highlight his sense of non belonging. For case. his humourous mention to the school slogan. ‘luceat Lux Vestra’ demonstrates his incomprehension of its important significance as he thought it ‘was a trade name of soap’ . Skrzynecki inquiries the relevancy of his Catholic instruction. as seen in the metaphor ‘uncertain of my finish. ’ He does non cognize what the hereafter holds for him and feels disengaged from his instruction. This disjunction. convey upon the bitterness of non desiring to interact with the school.

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The poet’s spiritual instruction is seen to non lend to his sense of belonging. Throughout the verse form. there are a figure of mentions to spiritual activities. These reflect the experiences of a Catholic school instruction at the clip “mother…/said a prayer/for my future purposes. ” Skrzynecki’s female parent is spiritual and this would hold informed her pick of school. The tone used by the poet implies that he was untouched by his spiritual experiences. ‘mass was offered up/ for our departing purposes. ’ Although Peter interacted with thin the school community. it has non shaped his sense of individuality. and hence had no profound consequence on his life. This states that the persons interaction with the universe around him. has taken a limited toll on the male child experience to belong.

The poet’s sense of non belonging is extended to include the environing suburb of Strathfield. where his school is located. Skrzynecki walks around the suburb of Strathfield with a sense of disjunction. of non belonging. experiencing ‘like a foreign tourer. ’ This simile creates a sense of sarcasm as Skrzynecki is from a foreign background and he may experience isolated at school for the really ground. This brings about the impression of a cultural difference. being a barrier to suppressing Peter to belong. much like Yang’s state of affairs in ‘Home Game’ . mentioned before.

Skrzynecki’s pick of disjunction and interaction with the schools purposes. promoted an overruling sense that Peter ne’er belonged to St Patrick’s. pervading the verse form. A 2nd mention to the spiritual
legislative act of ‘our lady’ . which in the concluding stanza is ‘unchanged by eight years’ weather’ . creates a sense of sarcasm as non much has changed for Skrzynecki either. he has been minimally altered by his educational experiences. This being said Skrzynecki’s pick to non interact with the universe around him. predominately his school environment. has proposed that the deficiency of interaction with persons and the universe around him has in fact limited his experiences of belonging within the school.

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The relationship between Peter and his female parent has displayed a series of tenseness. as female parent and boy interact. persons ideas about what it means to belong clang. Her educational and religious values are culturally dictated. while Peter is removed from these experiences. The terminal of the verse form links back to the beginning through mention to peter’s female parent. Peter ‘prayed that female parent would someday be pleased. ’ Which highlights the load of outlooks he feels and is dry juxtaposed with other supplications in the verse form.

In is evident that the two text have exhaustively highlighted the ways in which an individual’s sense of belonging is either enriched or limited. Predominantly these two texts highlight that persons have been unequal through their interaction with other persons and the universe around them. The text ‘Home Game’ displacements over clip to demo that. interaction Yang develops through detecting a familiar object. improves vastly his experience of belonging to a community. While ‘St Patrick Day’ verse form. is shown to be more of a pick to unplug from the universe around. and the interaction is seen to be chiefly with Peter and his female parent. This is seen to further restrict his experience to belong within the school community due to a clang of the persons political orientation of what it means to belong. as he feels the load of outlooks from his female parent autumn greatly upon him to esteem.