Integumentary System Essay Sample

1. What are some differences between Judy and Mariah that might do Judy more “at risk” for tegument malignant neoplastic disease than Mariah? ( 2 points )

2. What observations did Judy do refering her mole? How could they have used the ABCDE’s of tegument malignant neoplastic disease appraisal to further help their observations? ( 2 points )

3. Should Judy be concerned? Why or why non? ( 2 points )

Part II-“The Basics of Cancer” Questions

1. Sing the differences between a benign tumour and a malignant tumour. why might a benign tumour be easier to handle? ( 3 points )

2. Judy learned that every individual individual has these cell rhythm cistrons so cells in our organic structure can split when necessary. What are some normal fortunes where our organic structures might necessitate to do more cells? Why is the tegument continuously replacing its chief cell and what specific amendss to the tegument would at that place be a demand to do more cells? ( 3 points )

3. Every individual has these cell rhythm proto-oncogenes. but non every individual has malignant neoplastic disease. Why might this be the instance? ( 3 points )

Part III-“Like Mother. Like Daughter? ” Questions

1. Now that you know a little more. what are the hazard factors that increase a person’s opportunities of holding melanoma? Besides the ABCDE’s. what other signs/symptoms can melanoma present with on a patient? ( 2 points )

2. How does sunlight lend to the development of melanoma? ( 2 points )

3. What does it intend to be predisposed to acquiring malignant neoplastic disease? If you inherit a mutated cell rhythm cistron. does that automatically intend that you will acquire malignant neoplastic disease some twenty-four hours? If you inherit a mutated cell rhythm cistron and take part in hazardous behaviours such as sunbathing. does that intend that you will automatically acquire malignant neoplastic disease some twenty-four hours? ( 4 points )

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4. What is the prevalence and happening for Melanoma? What are the intervention options and success rates for melanoma? ( 2 points )