Integrative Network Design Project Essay Sample

Riordan is a planetary plastics fabricating company with three subdivisions in the United State and one in China. The Riordan web is divided into four locations San Jose. CA. Pontiac. MI. Albany. GA. and Hangzhou. China. The corporate central office located in San Jose and the China subdivision are connected by a 51. 8 Mbps Ka set ( K-above ) WAN satellite connexion operating in the 26. 5-40 GHz scope with AES end-to-end encoding. The lone down autumn with utilizing Ka set is upwind susceptiblenesss ( Sala. Zennaro. Sokol. Miao. Spousta. & A ; Chan. 2013 ) . which could do jobs with communications between China and the office in San Jose. The other subdivisions of Riordan are connected with T2 leased lines from the local ISP’s in the several metropoliss. the San Jose subdivision has a T3 or a 45Mbps nexus to the other two subdivisions. The leased lines give Riordan an unshared nexus to the cyberspace and to the other subdivisions. Unshared merely means the T2 the equivalent of 4 T1s or 6Mbps are non shared with other clients. ( U-Verse Offical Site. 2015 )

Riordan corporate office is divided into several different sections Marketing. Finance. Corp. and is the chief Research and Development section of the organisation. Riordan will non do drastic alterations to the web merely ascents to the LAN at the several subdivisions. The 100BaseT anchor can back up 100 Mbps to the sections and the 1Gbps fibre anchor in the R & A ; D section can manage the information traversing in and out of that section. Upgrading the hardware in the corporate office will completed during the down hours of the San Jose subdivision so work will non be interrupted. The 24 port HUB will be taken off the web and replaced with a switch back uping the NAS and the three waiters. Replacing the HUB will divide the hit spheres and assist the flow of traffic to and from the server country. The Riordan web is designed to have informations from the orbiter nexus from China utilizing a 512 AES end-to-end encoding to protect the nexus.

The web waiter and the exchange waiter will be moved to a demiliertize zone ( DMZ ) off the fire wall so clients can hold entree to Riordan web waiter and contact employees via electronic mail. ( Rouse. 2015 ) All other waiter will stay behind the firewall to protect the organisations work information. The R & A ; D waiter will remain on the R & A ; D anchor that section needs to remain merely accessible to that section this could be done utilizing VLANS off of the gateway switch. company policy says that the information on the R & A ; D WIN waiter remain on a separate connexion. The firewall will restrict aggressors entree on to the Riordan web. but to farther assist protect the web and the users on the web all the Windows based computing machines will run a 3rd party malware plan to support against the different types of malware that could stultify the LAN. The OSX based machines on the web will non necessitate the 3rd party protection. but they will be scanned from clip to clip.

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The San Jose subdivision will keep a Windows Server Update Service Home ( WSUS ) scan the Windowss machines one time a hebdomad and push spots group policies as needed to those systems. ( Microsoft. com. 2015 ) Riordan keeps the waiter room and the satellite base on a separate power beginning and environmental control. both the waiter room and the Satellite base maintain several uninterrupted power beginnings ( UPS ) to let both countries to keep a consistent temperature and in instance of a loss of power the UPS will keep the equipment for up to 8 hours. ( Klinder. 2015 ) Riordan will utilize a 3rd party informations centre as a catastrophe recovery site. the company will work with an organisation in Arizona that has been contracted to backup information from the three Riordan location in the United State. The China subdivision of Riordan replicates to the San Jose subdivision. so all the information from all subdivisions will be saved to the informations centre. The issue with utilizing a 3rd party informations centre is their security tough plenty to maintain aggressors from electronically or physically acquiring to corporate information safe. IT representatives visited the informations centre and inspected the centre to guarantee they were in compliant with the Riordan information security policies.

The Riordan China subdivision is a extra of the San Jose subdivision. so the same web ascents that are being done to the San Jose subdivision will be done to the China subdivision. The idea is to maintain both subdivisions as near to being a extra of the other. so research done on both sides of the universe can be studied or improved on at each subdivision. This subdivision was opened in China. so Riordan will stay a leader in research and development in the plastics industry. All of the research and development section in China replicate to the San Jose subdivision for redundancy. Since the Asiatic webs are attacked regularly policies on the firewalls will be stricter taking out to the WAN on the T3 traveling to the Chinese ISP. The China subdivision of Riordan is held to the same physical security criterions as the San Jose branch the margin of the compound is surrounded by a 10ft barbed wire fencing with restrained entry to the compound. Each employee has colour coded badges leting the employee into the country in which that employee is authorized to come in. ( Infosec Institue. 2015 )

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The forepart of the edifice has a adult male trap entree control point giving one employee entree at a clip into the edifice forestalling tailgate entry from any unauthorised forces. ( Clark. 2012 ) The Albany subdivision of Riordan is a little enlargement subdivision that produces fictile bottle merchandises. The Local area network at this subdivision supports 20 computing machines. a NAS. a HP BL. 460 P blade waiters ; the cabling on the web supports 100 Mbps. The CISCO 2900 integrated services router can manage multiple protocols and is besides capable of back uping IDS to supervise the web for any unauthorised entree efforts. ( CISCO. com. 2015 ) The two CISCO 3560 switches support 10/100 Ethernet every bit good as PoE Power over Ethernet to supply power to devices like VoIP phones if necessary. ( CISCO. com. 2015 )

This branches web will non acquire many ascents ; the fabrication floor will have connexions to the robotic machinery to assist protect the machinery from electronic onslaughts. Computerized machinery are susceptible to DDoS distributed denial of service onslaughts. the firewall confronting the WAN will halt these types of onslaughts and the IDS is in topographic point to observe any anomalousnesss that might acquire past the firewall. ( Beal. 2015 ) The WSUS located at the corporate office will maintain the 20 Windows OS computing machines up to day of the month with the organisations group policies while regular Windows updates besides protect the users. Adding the ascents to the fabrication floor will take about a hebdomad most of which will be running CAT5e overseas telegram from the machinery to a spot panel connected to the CISCO 3560 switch.

The Riordan Pontiac MI. subdivision was originally the chief office in 1992 when Dr. Riordan purchased a fan fabrication works. The web in this subdivision supports 45 client computing machine all running a Windows 7 OS. four networked pressmans. a NAS storage device. a HP BL 460 P blade waiter. The T2 line in this subdivision besides works as a connexion to the corporate subdivision in San Jose every bit good as the nexus to the cyberspace. The leased line will let corporate to force group policies and spots to the 45 client computing machines on the LAN. The chief security concern at this subdivision is electronic onslaughts. The firewall will halt most onslaughts. but the 2900 series router can back up an IPS as a 2nd line of defence against anomalousnesss based onslaughts. while the firewall defends against signature based onslaughts. Anti-malware will protect the users along with spots and the group policies from corporate. Using the superimposed attack to web security gives the organisation a better opportunity of supporting against all types of onslaughts. ( Banathy. Panozzo. Gordy. & A ; Senese. 2013 )

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The waiter suites in all subdivisions have been equipped with a separate power beginning and environmental control units every bit good as UPS for backup power in instance of power outages to the chief office. Like the corporate office and the office in China ID badges are used to derive entree to the parking batch every bit good as the edifice itself. Ascents to the web are minimum. supervising the systems on the production floor is of import because downtime due to denial of service onslaughts is the concern of the organisations IT section.

Corporate wanted to travel with a wireless solution on the fabrication floor. but the IA squad advised against it due to the increased hazard of a man-in-the-middle onslaught. Although. it is possible for person to transport out a man-in-the-middle onslaught on wired webs it is more hard. because the aggressor must derive entree to the quags on the web where a the onslaught on a radio web is hard the opportunities are greater it will be successful because the aggressor does non hold to be physically attached to the web. The wired solution was the over whelming victor when this was explained to the executives of Riordan.


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