Insecurity an Issue in Kibera Essay Sample


“There can be no security without development and no development without security. and neither can be sustained in the long term without being rooted in the regulation of jurisprudence and regard for human rights. ” ( Former Secretary General of the UN. Kofi Annan ) [ 1 ]

There is increasing acknowledgment that without security there can be no development. Insecurity hinders socio-economic growing in different ways: menaces to physical security. the absence of safe life environments. dangers that prevent people from accomplishing sustainable supports. and the impact upon wellness and instruction services. As one of the chief suppliers of security. the constabulary play a critical function in making the conditions in which development can take topographic point. However. all excessively frequently those who are most affected by insecurity have small chance to prosecute constructively with the constabulary. This can ensue in feelings of misgiving between the constabulary and the communities they serve.

Community-based policing ( CBP ) is an attack to patroling that brings together the constabulary. civil society and local communities to develop local solutions to local safety and security concerns. This helps to better community safety. cut down offense and the fright of offense. heighten entree to justness and make more peaceable communities. Community Based Policing. whilst a policing manner. is besides an attitude of head. both for the constabulary and for the populace. It involves a profound displacement in constabulary and community believing about policing.

In Kenya. constabulary reform is a critical issue non merely for community safety and economic development. but because there is intense popular demand for decreased offense and better constabulary public presentation.

Situated to the south-west of Kenya’s capital. Nairobi. Kibera is one of the largest slum homes in Africa with an estimated population of 900. 000 who suffer some of the worst living conditions of any urban community. There is really limited entree to basic services such as wellness. H2O and instruction for Kibera occupants. who come from every corner of Kenya in hunt of employment and a better life. Poverty forces many of Kibera´s young person to prosecute in junior-grade offense to supplement their household’s income.

Although there is a strong sense of community – many people settle in small towns made up of members from their ain cultural communities – external factors can make tensenesss between these different communities. taking to increased insecurity. exposure and force. However. the chief causes of offense are the economic and societal conditions in Kibera. The rapid growing of the population has put force per unit area on resources like nutrient. shelter and H2O and people are forced to vie to run into their basic demands.

Consultations with the local community ( including members from the concern community. spiritual leaders. renters and landlords ) and local constabulary produced a elaborate analysis of the factors fuelling offense and insecurity in the country. These were identified as poorness. a deficiency of employment chances. dislocation of societal dealingss and choler related to populating conditions.

Harmonizing to Tearfund. ( 2005 ) . [ 2 ] the stairss in community engagement is as follows: – a ) Awareness- elevation:
The purpose is to assist communities understand the thought of community policing. Raising people’s consciousness will assist people to: – • Understand what is go oning in their small town and environing territory. • Understand that forestalling offense is utile and worthwhile. • Begin to hold a clear sense of ownership of their resources so that they improve their ain security. • Understand that the community is responsible for security and organising activities. • Understand the different functions of security commissions. the constabulary and community members themselves. • The procedure of raising awareness takes a long clip and there are no short cuts.

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First I would make audiences with members of the community to happen out the different security issues they are confronting and whether they feel they can be portion of doing their places and vicinities safe. And this will be done by naming for seminars and workshops and it will affect the constabulary and community members coming together and turn toing the security issues. speaking to the slum inhabitants by walking about and carry oning interviews inquiring them their positions sing insecurity in their community and how best they think this affair could be tackled.

B ) Training:
Training will be done both at the territory degree and the community degree. At the territory degree the security leaders that’s the constabulary will be trained in ways of prosecuting with the community without demoing any signifier of ill will and at the community degree. the community members will be trained on how to associate to the constabulary as they will both be working together. The community members will be trained on security issues. how to observe a menace and how to prosecute the constabulary in that affair. Training will fit the commission with the apprehension of the rules and patterns of community based policing. Some of the rules of community based policing are: – • Practise policing by consent and non by coercion. • Be portion of the community and non apart from it. • Find out together with the community what their demands are. • Work in partnership with other bureaus and the populace. • Tailor the concern of patroling to run into the community needs. • Be accountable for its service.

• Provide a quality service.

And for the constabulary they need to cognize: –
• The constabulary needs to be a service and non a force.
• They are to be accountable to the jurisprudence and the populace.
• They are to be unfastened and identifiable.
• They are supposed to be professional at all times.
• They are meant to be people – centred including for case. sensitivenesss around gender. age and group individualities.
• They are to present a quality service efficient and effectual. seeable and accessible. advisory and participative. proactive and preventative.

degree Celsius ) Identifying if there are any security groups and constabularies stations in Kibera: This. once more. is done at a assortment of degrees. At the territory degree – treatments with the assorted authorities and security sections about insecurity and practical activities that would better things in the communities. At the Local degree – obtaining the support of community leaders. Repeating the awareness-raising procedure. Agring on the practical ways to present police stations. At the community degree – Meeting with community leaders to present these thoughts and get down to raising consciousness through place visits. Naming a community meeting and choosing a security commission.

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vitamin D ) Helping the community get down its ain community policing:

• Continuation of the procedure of consciousness raising. Out of this procedure will come an understanding of partnership between the community the constabulary and the programme.

• Identifying the chief jobs and practical solutions to them. • The choice of commission members to take the community-based policing undertaking. Making a steering commission of stakeholders. including community based administrations. adult females. young person. seniors. and spiritual leaders. the officer commanding constabulary Stationss and the officer in charge of police disposal in Kibera. The chief purpose of this commission is to forestall offense. increase safety and cut down the proliferation of little weaponries by constructing trust between the constabulary and the local communities. The community members are besides supposed to move by describing any individual in their community who has entree to little weaponries and arms to the constabulary. And this besides includes household members. They should non be in any place to protect these people because it was noted that households tend to protect their ain when it comes to offense affairs. The aim of this commission: –

• Will be to advance long term conditions for development and community safety. • To beef up the co-operation and the partnership between the constabulary and the populace. • To construct the capacity of local establishments and people in the co-ordination and execution of community based programme. • To beef up interaction between the civil society. authorities and establishments with an involvement in advancing civilization of peace. community safety and democratic policing.

vitamin E ) Understanding the present state of affairs:

Training of the security commission and other resource people in garnering information about the present state of affairs and apprehension of insecurity. For illustration. small towns could be visited and encouraged to speak about the instances of offense and their solutions. Their hopes and demands have to be understood before the community patroling programme is Begins.

degree Fahrenheit ) Action and monitoring:

Once the community patroling programme is in operation: –

• Il make regular follow up visits.
• Il bring communities together to portion experiences and programs. • Reinforcing links with the local security units and with the community members. • Supplying refresher preparation.
• Establishing a joint constabulary – community forum which meets monthly enabling members of the community. civil society and the constabulary to place appropriate schemes to undertake uprising offense in the country. Giving citizens in Kibera greater assurance to openly discourse safety and security issues that confront them in their day- to- twenty-four hours lives. This could be a beginning of authorization to local communities to demand more support from their local political representatives. • Creating constabularies medical cantonments. where constabulary provide free medical cheque ups and other services to assist construct trust and give community members and the constabulary an chance to interact. This is besides to assist make a positive relationship between the constabulary and the populace because it was noted that the populace are normally afraid of the constabulary and that they could non be seen to hold a normal conversation with the constabulary. • Reaching out to younger members of the community who are both victims and culprits of offense in Kibera. by affecting them in attempts to better safety for illustration through theater. Besides by establishing runs to make consciousness of dangers of drugs.

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• Using the local resources so as to set up high masts of inundation visible radiations in Kibera to illume up the dark back streets of kibera frequented by felons. This would cut down incidents of mugging by illuming offense hot musca volitanss and will cut down the fright of offense among occupants. • Puting up a taskforce including community administrations and the constabulary. This taskforce is to develop a local scheme to take forward community patroling in Kibera. One of the schemes is to make little constabularies constructions which would move like little offices and community members could travel and describe offense related issues around them. Another scheme is policing during the dark in the slum country and this is done by both constabularies and some of the community members. This is to deter the felons from operating in the dark and to collar the jurisprudence wrongdoers and the people who will be walking tardily at dark without any kind of designation paperss. g ) Evaluation:

Together with the security commissions. patrons and community members. discoursing how good the original aims have been met. Based on these findings and the lessons learned. promoting the development of new thoughts and programs for future security work.

Ideally everybody in the community will profit from community patroling. This is because insecurity is a affair that affects every member of the community and the procedure is a really inclusive 1. It doesn’t affair whether one is richer than the other or much older. it’s an issue which affects everyone. When the security of an country is taken attention of so everyone in that country will experience safe.

• Makes safety and security everybody’s duty. non merely that of the jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. • Enables the community to hold a say in safety and security issues as they understand the issue. • Maximises resources within the community through shared duty and joint attempts. • Improves constabularies answerability to the community by supplying mechanisms for turn toing ailments. • Mobilises the community to turn to pertinent issues beyond their immediate security. e. g. development.

• Contributes to safer societies taking to heighten economic development.
• Encourages networking. constructive societal dealingss and greater coherence within the community.
• Improves trust and assurance between community and the constabulary.

8. Decision
Across the universe. there is increasing acknowledgment that without security. there can be no development. As one of the chief suppliers of security. the constabulary play a critical function in making the conditions in which development can take topographic point. It is of import to esteem the constabulary and to supply them with better working conditions. better lodging and a salary increase. This would actuate them to work for us and to supply a better service to us.


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