Information Technology Services Policy and the SDM College of Dental Sciences

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  1. The SDM College of Dental Sciences is committed to the appropriate usage of Information Technology and Services in support of its instruction, research, administrative, and service maps. This policy defines the acceptable behaviour of users and the installations.
  2. Users of the Information Technology installations must follow with these demands which have been designed to let all users to do optimum and legitimate usage of the installations. The College requires users to accept the IT policies and associated Requirements Regulating the Use of IT installations as a status of their usage.

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It means surveillance, including by agencies of package or other equipment that proctors or enter the information input or end product, or other usage of a computing machine ( including, but non limited to, local or difficult thrust, public web, cyberspace and electronic mail and other electronic engineerings ) .

IT installations

Information Technology installations operated by the College, whether owned or leased.

Information technologies

Information Technology Services at the SDM College of Dental Sciences


The SDM College of Dental Sciences


Any individual utilizing any of the College Information Technology installations

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  1. This policy and the associated demands use to all use of the IT installations. The policy covers calculating, coaction and communicating installations telephones, autotypes, nomadic telephones, desktops, pressmans, photocopiers, electronic mail, Internet, web services and similar resources.
  2. All users should be cognizant of the policy, their duties and legal duties. All users are required to follow with the policy and are bound by jurisprudence to detect applicable statutory statute law.

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  1. The SDM College of Dental Sciences IT installations are provided to help staff, pupils and other authorised users to carry on bonafide academic and administrative chases.
  2. All users must accept full duty for utilizing the College IT installations in an honest, ethical and legal mode and with respect to the privateness, rights and sensitivenesss of other people.
  3. Users are referred to the College Internal Audit for information on their function in relation to fraud and corruptness and bar.
  4. Users should be cognizant of their duties as to the acceptable usage of College installations, including IT installations.
  5. The undermentioned general rules apply to use of IT installations:

An authorised user of the College IT installations has an assigned user history, which is identified by a username.


Authorised users merely may utilize the installations and a user may merely utilize those IT installations to which they are authorized.A user may be given entree to a scope of IT installations and is to utilize these installations in a mode, which is ethical, lawful, effectual and efficient.

Where entree to a installation is protected by an hallmark method, e.g. a watchword, a username must non do these available to any other individual. Users who do so will be held responsible for all activities arising from that history. A user must non utilize an history set up for another user nor do any efforts to happen out the watchword of a installation they are non entitled to utilize.

The above does non use where a u ser provides entree to their history to an authorised support individual.

The College discourages the storing of watchwords due to the security risks this airss.

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  1. All activities which originate from their history ;

B. All information sent from, deliberately requested, solicited or viewed from their


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  1. show restraint in the ingestion of resources

b. use academic and professional unity

c. respect rational belongings and the ownership of informations and package ;

d. regard other’s rights to privateness and freedom from bullying, torment and


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a. effort to overthrow the security of any of the College’s IT installations ;

b. effort to make or put in any signifier of malicious package which may impact

calculating or web equipment, package or informations ;

c. effort to interfere with the operation of any of the College’s IT installations ;

d. effort to overthrow any limitation or accounting control of any of the College’s IT

installations ( for illustration peer-to-peer, web authenticated placeholder ) ;

e. effort unauthorized entree to any College IT installations.

f. The above may non use to authorise support staff in public presentation of their responsibilities.

The College web and IT installations, including electronic mail and web waiters and

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  • the creative activity or transmittal ( other than for properly supervised and lawful instruction or research intents ) of any stuff or information which could moderately be deemed opprobrious, violative, obscene or indecent ;
  • the transmittal of stuff that infringes the right of first publication of another individual ;
  • the unauthorized transmittal of stuff which is labeled confidential or commercial in assurance ;
  • unauthorized commercial activities or unauthorized personal addition ;
  • the transmittal of any stuff that contravenes any relevant state or province statute law ;
  • No user shall utilize the College IT installations for private addition or for fiscal addition to a 3rd party.
  • The College seeks to follow with privateness demands and confidentiality in the proviso of all IT Services, but privateness and confidentiality can non be assured.
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The College recognises the importance of information engineering security and is committed to guarantee all concern activities performed with the employment of information engineering are protected and maintained.


  1. The College operates a computing machine web, which is designed to ease communicating for pupils and staff, and other authorized users in support of instruction, research, administrative and service maps.
  2. Users should do every effort to utilize secure protocols when accessing web services particularly where sensitive or private information is transmitted. This applies peculiarly to electronic mail.
  3. Users should be cognizant that many protocols transmit hallmark inside informations, i.e. username and watchword, in an insecure mode.

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  1. The College encourages the usage of the Internet, including electronic mail and web services, to ease communicating among internal users and with the external community ;
  2. To use the College Internet it is necessary to hold a user history.


  1. When utilizing multi user systems, users should be cognizant that many of the activities they undertake might be seeable to other users. Information which may be available includes session start and terminal times ; beginning of session ; every bit good as bids executed and their statements.
  2. Users must besides be cognizant that systems logs of user activity are kept for trouble-shooting and accounting intents. These logs may include times of sent and standard mail ; email references ( both transmitter and receiver ) , web sites visited and size and type of pages downloaded, files read or written ; and machines accessed for any type of web service.
  3. The College retains the right to utilize this information for drumhead coverage intents.

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  1. Users are responsible for doing usage of package and electronic stuffs in conformity with the Copyright Act package licencing understandings, and any applicable College policies.
  2. Unauthorised copying or communicating of right of first publication protected stuff ( such as music, picture and package ) , violates the jurisprudence and is contrary to the College criterions of con canal and concern patterns.
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10. Datas

  1. Users are responsible for the security, privateness and confidentiality of informations.
  2. A user must non analyze, unwrap, transcript, rename, delete or modify informations without the express or implied permission of its proprietor.
  3. A user must esteem the privateness and confidentiality of informations stored or transmitted on the College’s IT installations.
  4. Users hive awaying informations of a sensitive or valuable nature must guarantee the information is decently protected.
  5. In instances where the computing machine system being used supports file ownership and

enforces file entree control, files owned by a user should non be accessible to other users.

  1. The College has a legitimate right to capture and inspect any informations stored or transmitted on the College’s IT


  1. Users must take due attention when utilizing IT equipment and take sensible stairss to guarantee that no harm is caused to IT equipment.
  2. Users must non utilize equipment if they have ground to believe it is unsafe to themselves or others to make so.
  3. Users must describe any harm to IT equipment to allow forces.
  4. No user shall without proper mandate:
  1. Attach any device to College IT installations ;
  2. Connect any equipment to the college web ( for illustration a modem ) that will widen entree or supply off-campus entree to College IT resources without the anterior written blessing of the Head of the Institution or delegated individuals, that such connexion meets College security criterions ;
  3. Tamp with or travel installed IT installations without mandate.

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  1. The College dainties abuse of its IT installations earnestly. Misdemeanors of the conditions of usage of IT installations may ensue in impermanent or indefinite backdown of entree, disciplinary action under the College’s or relevant entities subject processs, and/or reimbursement to the College.
  2. IT misconduct by pupils will be dealt with punishments as per establishment behavior codification
  3. A user’s entree will be withdrawn as per the regulations, from an appropriate staff member of the patronizing administration. Access may besides be withdrawn by ITS in response to a suspected policy misdemeanor.
  4. A pupil whose IT entree has been withdrawn as a consequence of an probe can appeal the determination or the punishment to the Student Conduct Committee.
  5. Misuse or unauthorised usage of College IT installations complies with the jurisprudence or their liability to prosecution and penalty under jurisprudence.
  6. Users are encouraged to describe such abuse and such studies will be treated as