Information systems strategic planning Essay

Information systems strategic be aftering involves puting up computing machine based applications with an purpose of assisting in accomplishing organisations aims. When puting up the system program. the impact. efficiency and effectivity of the computing machine based applications should be major factors to see. Six months ago while working as a portion clip comptroller I had a circumstance which up to now I find to hold thought strategically. During that clip one of my chief responsibilities was raising bills against the standard or incoming purchase orders.

With the company covering in communicating web equipment installings a completion certifications had to be received from the clients so as to raise the bills. Knowing that sometimes I would be off from work on other functionary or personal committednesss I had to believe and come up with a program to avoid holding late invoicing or questions from the direction on why the invoicing for peculiar occupations was non done. I came up with an thought of fixing in progress all the bills matching purchase orders and salvage them in my laptop.

I would do all the relevant bills ready merely the day of the month item would stay awaiting verification for invoicing. Once I was off or in the office and was called to do an bill I would merely make full the day of the month and send on the bill so fast than expected to the several client and my direction forces. This was ever coming as a surprise to the direction since it was so fast and thorough. The result of my strategic thought was so impressive to me and the direction. It non merely created efficiency and effectivity but besides

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