Information Systems Essay Sample

Information is the blood of administrations. the concern information systems help pump it about. Therefore. these systems are built-in to the on-going success of any administration.

As an ICT instructor and Head of Department for Sir John Cass Secondary School. I will supply you with the chance to look into and derive an penetration into an existent administration. how we use information and the information systems used to assist with decision-making.

I have been working in this school for 11 old ages now and I have seen a batch of alterations and development throughout the old ages. You. the pupils. have besides experienced alterations every bit good. Alternatively of supplying you with all the information about the school. I think it would nice for you to show your Personal. Learning and Thinking Skills ( PLTS ) and from your personal experience to supply a brief study on this school as an administration.

I will supply you with assorted beginning paperss such as:

Sixth Form absent Sheet.
School Purchase Order Form.
School Mission Statements.
Print screens of the school’s Curriculum Management Information Systems ( CMIS ) . Scanned illustration of the catalogue the school uses to do orders. TMG. AS and A-level predicted class

You will hold to utilize these resources to assist and back up your account of how the school uses these beginnings of information. its intents. the flow of information between different functional countries and the usage of information system to run into its organizational aims.

Background Information

The school has invested batch money in Information and Communication Technology. particularly with the addition in the figure of computing machines and now. utilizing laptops ( Wireless web ) in new Sixth Form edifice.

We have CAD/CAM ( Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing ) for pupils to plan their merchandise to its exact specification utilizing laser engineering to cut it within the Design & A ; Technology Department.

The Music Department is utilizing Apple Macintosh computing machines with MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface ) and electronic keyboards to treat sound. The Media Study Department uses digital cameras and camcorders with Multimedia Software to treat and redact digital exposure and picture. Every schoolroom is equipped with an synergistic whiteboard and informations projector. This gives you some thought of the engineering that is used in the operational side of this administration.

Many pupils and even some instructors do non gain the sum of work that goes on behind the scenes ( outside the classroom/lessons ) to guarantee the school as an administration is running swimmingly and efficaciously as possible. For illustration the premises staff ( Caretakers and cleaners ) . Providing. SEN and EMAG. Learning Mentors and Assistant Teachers. Librarians. Admin and IT Technicians – ALL PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE in our administration.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team consists of the Deputy Heads and the Assistant Heads. The SMT in concurrence with the Head Teacher are responsible for keeping and bettering the school through different phases. There are different members of staff in charge of single cardinal phases. For illustration:

Ms Barnes is in charge of the Sixth Form ( KS5 )
Mr Swash is in charge of twelvemonth 10-11 ( KS4 )
Mr Cameron is in charge of twelvemonth 7-9 ( KS3 )
Ms Todd is in charge of Modern Foreign Languages and ICT
Mr Cloke is in charge of Finance. Admin and Timetabling

The SMT trades with the strategic and tactical side of the administration. Spread sheets. presentation package and Management Information Systems are some of the ICT tools used to back up them with decision-making.

The SMT besides use external companies/organisation. e. g. CMIS by SERCO. NS OPTIUM ( Networking ) and ALIS ( a Curriculum. Evaluation and Management Centre ) to assist back up the school in treating information. At the same clip. the SMT will be responsible for guaranting that information ( particularly. students’ personal inside informations ) used by the school are safe. secure and protected. particularly information stored on computing machine systems.

Head of Old ages

The Head of Years chief duty is to look after each twelvemonth group covering with attending. promptness. behavior. societal wellbeing and raising attainment across topics.

The Head of Sixth Form ( Year 12 and 13 ) is Ms Ali. who is support by two other members of staff. the Assistant Head of the Sixth Form Mr Shahid and the Deputy Head of Sixth Form Ms Cross. The undermentioned members of staff are responsible for single twelvemonth groups.

Mr Wallace is the Head of Year 11
Mr Spillane is the Head of Year 10
Ms Regan is the Head of Year 9
Mr Hoque is the Head of Year 8
Mr McDowell is the Head of Year 7

My Role ( Head of section )

Finally. my function as Head of ICT ( in-between direction squad ) is to pull off and back up all ICT staff to guarantee that everyone in the section is following the National Curriculum at KS3. KS4 and Post-16. Basically. I deal with the curriculum side of ICT. e. g. composing Schemes of Work. taking the most appropriate classs and units for the pupils in this school. to raise attainment and keep the success of this school. which will so hold to be documented in the School Evaluation Form ( SEF ) and School’s Department Development Plan. As Head of Department. a batch of paperwork. meetings and certifications are required to do certain that everyone in the section knows precisely what they have to make and accomplish. I am given a budget each twelvemonth to pass on resources for the section. e. g. stationary. text editions. hardware and educational package. etc. Finally. in concurrence with my Line Manager ( SMT ) – Ms Todd. we have to pull off the three ICT Technicians in the school.

Every topic will hold a Head of Department. which have a similar function to me and hold a member of the SMT as their Line Manager. Middle Managers ( me ) trade with the tactical and besides operational ( because we besides teach a batch of categories as good ) side of the administration.

I hope I have given you a clear sum-up of how our school as an administration plant and some of the information it uses. some of the ICT tools ( e. g. Information Systems ) used to treat the information to assist and back up every degree of the administration to assist do effectual determinations.

Undertaking 1 – Data. Information and Information Systems

In this undertaking I was required to make a PowerPoint presentation on what information. information and information systems are.

Slide 1 – Title

Slide 2 – Slide about Datas

Slide 3- Slide about Information

Slide 4 – Slide about Information System

Slide 5 – Slide screening beginnings I used

Undertaking 2 – Provide a profile of Sir John Cass and how we use information.

Staff Structure

The diagram above shows a typical staff construction in a school. This is a priestly system. As you can see above. the board of managers have the most power. Then you see the concern director and caput of school are the following highest authorization. Then there’s the general staff. The schoolroom instructors are an illustration of general staff.

Ofsted study:
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ofsted. gov. uk/oxedu_reports/download/ ( Idaho ) /97360/ ( as ) /100977_307549. pdf

Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat School is an outstanding school. The caput teacher together with his senior leading squad and regulating organic structure have really successfully created an inclusive community where pupils of diverse civilizations and backgrounds are every bit valued and reach high degrees of accomplishment. Parents and carers are supportive of the school. particularly appreciating the quality of instruction and attention provided for their kids. Good consequences are achieved through careful trailing of students’ advancement. systematically good instruction. mentoring. every bit good as extra alteration categories and strong parental support. Students enter the school with mean degrees of attainment.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team consists of the Deputy Heads and the Assistant Heads. The SMT in concurrence with the Head Teacher are responsible for keeping and bettering the school through different phases. There are different members of staff in charge of single cardinal phases. For illustration:

Ms Barnes is in charge of the Sixth Form ( KS5 )
Mr Swash is in charge of twelvemonth 10-11 ( KS4 )
Mr Cameron is in charge of twelvemonth 7-9 ( KS3 )
Ms Todd is in charge of Modern Foreign Languages and ICT
Mr Cloke is in charge of Finance. Admin and Timetabling

The SMT besides use external companies/organisation. e. g. CMIS by SERCO. NS OPTIUM ( Networking ) and ALIS ( a Curriculum. Evaluation and Management Centre ) to assist back up the school in treating information. At the same clip. the SMT will be responsible for guaranting that information ( particularly. students’ personal inside informations ) used by the school are safe. secure and protected. particularly information stored on computing machine systems.

The school uses CMIS ( curriculum direction information system ) to track the student’s advancement. It contains personal information. such as place telephone. nomadic. electronic mail and pupil exposure. This is why it can merely be accessed by staff members. and they require a username and watchword to verify their individuality ( shown on figure 1 ) . This is because of the Data Protection Act.

The CMIS besides allows staff members to make an online registry ( shown on figure 2 ) . see their day-to-day timetable ( shown on figure 3 ) and add or alter a student’s classs. expected classs and attending and promptness ( shown on figure 4 ) .

Figure 1: to entree the CMIS. the instructor requires a username and watchword. This is so the information is kept safe. and non seen by non-staff members.

Figure 2: the instructor has the ability to make their registries online.

Figure 3: the instructor can see their timetable.

Figure 4: instructors can come in a student’s test consequences.
AB Tutor Control:

The school uses AB Tutor Control. which allows the instructor to supervise what the pupils are making while on the computing machines. An advantage of this is that the instructor can see whether or non the pupil is on undertaking. However. a disadvantage is that. if a pupil was to travel onto it utilizing a teacher’s computing machine. he/she would hold entree to all computing machines in the schoolroom.

Figure 5: the position from the instructor who is utilizing AB Tutor Control

Figure 6: the instructor can originate a confab with the pupils to inquire things like what task their making.

Undertaking 3a – Explain how Sir John Cass School uses informations and information.

Undertaking 3b – Prepare a table screening different beginnings of information.

I will fix a table screening different beginnings of internal and external information for this school demoing whether the information is qualitative or quantitative. whether it is a primary or secondary beginning. and its features. For the features will see the timeline. truth. sufficiency. handiness and relevancy ( TASAR ) . I will besides place and depict two internal and two external beginnings. If possible I will include beginning paperss to demo existent grounds of the beginning of information I am composing about.

Figure 7 – The first internal beginning I will be speaking about is the Sixth Form absent sheet.

Internal informations beginnings
Sixth Form Absent Sheet
Primary or Secondary
Secondary ; because the information needed to make full the sheet in comes from a different beginning. this makes it secondary informations. For illustration. Mr. Ly took the information from the CMIS registry. Qualitative or Quantitative

Largely Qualitative as most of the information is words and non Numberss. However the period is in Numberss therefore that subdivision is quantitative. Timeline Harmonizing to Mr. Ly. the clip depends on the learning wise man who fills the “outcome of phone call” . Therefore. this can take from one hr to a hebdomad. and possibly even more. For illustration. When he did it during lesson. it took him 10 proceedingss merely to make full the pupils names in. Accuracy

The 6th signifier absent sheet is accurate as the instructor and larning wise man compose out the information themselves. However. as this is done manually. the instructor might miss-read the information on the registry. and could set the incorrect name. signifier or period. Sufficiency

This system is simple. and hence really sufficient. However. in my sentiment it isn’t really effectual. This is because the learning wise man may non be able to acquire through to the pupils place or Mobile. and hence will non be able to supply a nice result. Handiness

It can be found in the 6th signifier common booklet. This is accessible by everyone in the 6th signifier. Relevance
It is relevant for the instructors as it can be used to demo the parents proof that their kid has been absent from lesson. Usefulness as information when processed

It is utile as it shows the name of the pupil. their signifier. the lesson which they were absent from and the result of the phone call place. This can be used by the instructor as cogent evidence. and a transcript can be kept for later usage. Effectiveness

The 6th signifier absent sheet is non really effectual as it is non used by all the instructors and the result of the call is a spot useless. Besides. the overall procedure is really clip devouring as it can take hebdomads for the acquisition wise man to really do the phone call.

Figure 8 – The following internal beginning I will be speaking about is the Sixth Form Purchase Order Form.

Internal informations beginnings
Sixth Form Purchase Order Form
Primary or Secondary
Secondary ; because the information needed to make full the sheet in comes from a catalogue which is a different beginning of information. this makes it secondary informations. Qualitative or Quantitative
Largely Quantitative as most of the information is Numberss and non words. However the name of the merchandise is in words. which means it is partially qualitative. Timeline
Harmonizing to Mr. Ly. the clip depends on how long it takes to acquire the line directors and the caput teacher’s signature. Besides. after that they have to give the signifier to the finance officer. who processes the order. and facsimile it to the company. Therefore. this can take from one hr to a hebdomad. and possibly even months. Accuracy

The 6th signifier purchase order signifier is accurate as the instructor writes out the information themselves. However. as this is done manually. the instructor might miss-read the information on the catalogue. and could set the incorrect name. measure or monetary value. Sufficiency

This system is really clip consuming. and hence sufficient. However. in my sentiment it isn’t really effectual. This is because the instructor may non be able to acquire through to the caput instructor to acquire his signature. or the order could be declined. and hence will non be able to supply the section with the necessary merchandises. Besides. it is really clip devouring and non really accurate. Handiness

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The signifier is accessible. nevertheless acquiring clasp of the signifier is really clip devouring for the instructors as they have to travel to the chief response to acquire it and some instructors don’t have the clip to travel and acquire it. Relevance

It is relevant for the instructors as it can be used as cogent evidence of order. it can besides be used to track the sections budget and disbursement. Usefulness as information when processed
It is utile as it shows the name of the merchandise. its monetary value and the measure. This can be used by the instructor as cogent evidence. and a transcript can be kept for later usage. Effectiveness
The 6th signifier purchase order signifier is effectual as it is used by all the instructors who require it. However. the overall procedure is really clip devouring as it can take hebdomads for the order to travel through and the bringing to come to the college.

Figure 9 – The external beginning I will be speaking about is the catalogue used to order points ( old catalogue )

Figure 10 – The external beginning I will be speaking about is the catalogue used to order points ( new online version )

External informations beginnings
Catalogue Page
Primary or Secondary
Primary. as it is the company’s merchandises and they provide the information to other people. Qualitative or Quantitative
This beginning is both qualitative and quantitative. The name of the merchandise and the description are all qualitative ; for illustration. “waterproof and slice resistant” . However the monetary values of each merchandise are all quantitative ; for illustration. “£5. 11″ Timeline

This catalogue can be outdated and no longer in usage by the company. For illustration. Mr. Ly said that this specific catalogue is the old version ( figure 3 ) . and that they are now instructed to utilize the new online catalogue ( figure 4 ) . Accuracy

This catalogue is accurate. but merely if it’s the updated monetary values. For illustration. figure 3 is the old version of the catalogue. whereas figure 4 is the new and updated on-line version. If the instructors are still utilizing the old version. they could hold invalid orders as the monetary values will be different. Sufficiency

The old version of the catalogue is non really sufficient as it is a immense book which the instructors can’t carry. However. the new on-line version is sufficient as it is accessible online by all instructors. so they don’t have to transport the catalogue. and it has the new merchandises with the updated monetary values. and they can easy look into if the monetary values are new or old. Handiness

The old version of the catalogue is non really accessible as the instructor has to look for the paper version of the catalogue. However the new on-line version is accessible because it is on-line and the instructors can entree it by logging into any computing machine. Relevance

The catalogue is relevant as it is required to order points which the 6th signifier requires. Without the catalogue. the instructors wont know the merchandises information or monetary value and will fight to order points if needed. Usefulness as information when processed

Once processed. this catalogue is really utile as it has all the information required to order any points which the 6th form staff or pupil may necessitate. Effectiveness
This catalogue is really effectual as it has the name of the merchandise and the information. and the monetary values and merchandise codifications. This will assist the instructors when they go to order any points which the 6th signifier requires. Besides. the on-line version has the ability to see new merchandises which may non be available on the paper version.

Undertaking 4 – Flow of information between different functional countries in an organisation

Organizational Structure:
An organisational construction is a description of the types of coordination used to form the actions of persons and sections that contribute to accomplishing a common purpose. Many organisations have hierarchal constructions. but non all.

Organizations are a discrepancy of clustered entities. An organisation can be structured in many different ways. depending on their aims. The construction of an organisation will find the manners in which it operates and performs.

Organizational construction allows the uttered allotment of duties for different maps and processes to different entities such as the subdivision. section. workgroup and single. Persons in an organisational construction are usually hired under time-limited work contracts or work orders. or under lasting employment contracts or plan orders.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Organizational_structure

Flat Organization:
Flat organisation ( besides known as horizontal organisation ) refers to an organisational construction with few or no degrees of step ining direction between staff and directors. The thought is that well-trained workers will be more productive when they are more straight involved in the determination devising procedure. instead than closely supervised by many beds of direction.

This construction is by and large possible merely in smaller organisations or single units within larger organisations. When they reach a critical size. organisations can retain a streamlined construction but can non maintain a wholly level manager-to-staff relationship without impacting productiveness. Certain fiscal duties may besides necessitate a more conventional construction. Some theorize that level organisations become more traditionally hierarchal when they begin to be geared towards productiveness.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Flat_organization

Matrix Structure:
A Matrix construction organisation contains squads of people created from assorted subdivisions of the concern. These squads will be created for the intents of a specific undertaking and will be led by a undertaking director. Often the squad will merely be for the continuance of the undertaking and matrix constructions are normally deployed to develop new merchandises and services.

The advantages of a matrix include:
Persons can be chosen harmonizing to the demands of the undertaking. The usage of a undertaking squad which is dynamic and able to see jobs in a different manner as specializers have been brought together in a new environment. Undertaking directors are straight responsible for finishing the undertaking within a specific deadline and budget. Whilst the disadvantages include:

A struggle of trueness between line directors and undertaking directors over the allotment of resources. If squads have a batch of independency can be hard to supervise. Costss can be increased if more directors ( i. e. undertaking directors ) are created through the usage of undertaking squads. Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. learnmanagement2. com/matrix % 20structure. htm Priestly Structure:

In a hierarchal organisation employees are ranked at assorted degrees within the organisation. each degree is one above the other. At each phase in the concatenation. one individual has a figure of workers straight under them. within their span of control. A tall hierarchal organisation has many degrees and a level hierarchal organisation will merely hold a few.

The concatenation of bid ( i. e. the manner authorization is organized ) is a typical pyramid form.

Diagram: Hierarchical Organization:

Authority and duty are clearly defined
Clearly defined publicity way
There are specializers directors and the priestly environment encourages the effectual usage of specializer directors Employees really loyal to their section within the organisation

The organisation can be bureaucratic and respond easy to altering client demands and the market within which the organisation operates. Communication across assorted subdivisions can be hapless particularly horizontal communicating.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. learnmanagement2. com/hierarchical % 20structure. htm Functional countries of a concern:
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. teachmebusiness. co. uk/page29/page16/page18/assets/Functionalareas. pdf

Human Resources:
Human resources is besides the name of the map within an organisation charged with the overall duty for implementing schemes and policies associating to the direction of persons ( i. e. the human resources ) . The section will make the followers: Form engaging employees ( enlisting )

Set up policies and regulations so the employees know how to carry on themselves Deal with the employees who do non lodge to the regulations
Help staff with preparation demands
Monitor the on the job conditions of the staff
Discuss of import issues with representatives of the work force Ensure that wellness and safety considerations are enforced

Administration is a support map required by all concerns – and this does non intend merely making keyboarding or filing. At Sir John Cass. this section is chiefly used to remain in contact with the pupils and in some instances their parents ( e. g. directing letters place and naming parents ) Administration maps: Collecting. distributing and despatching the mail

Storing and recovering paper and electronic records
Organizing meetings and fixing meetings paperss
Reacting quickly to questions
Fixing paperss utilizing word processing. spreadsheet and presentation bundles. such as PowerPoint Researching information
Sending and having messages by telephone. facsimile and electronic mail
Making agreements for events and visitants

Selling is all about placing and run intoing client demands. Many concerns consider this so of import that they are said to be marketing led. In this instance. everyone in the administration is trained to set the client foremost. Sir John Cass sends out feedback signifiers to happen out what pupils and parents expect from the college. They besides promote the college via coachs and averts in the local newspapers. Marketing maps: Transporting out market research to obtain feedback on possible and bing products/services Analyzing market research responses and reding senior directors of the consequences Promoting merchandises and services through a assortment of advertisement and promotional methods Obtaining and updating a profile of bing clients

Producing and administering promotion stuffs
Most enterprisers consider this is the most of import map in the concern. This is because all concerns need a regular watercourse of income to pay the measures. Finance staff record all the money earned and spent so that the senior directors ever know how much net income ( or loss ) is being made by each merchandise or each portion of the concern and how much money is presently held by the concern. At Sir John Cass. the caput instructor is chiefly responsible to look after all the money and he besides decides what it’s spent on. Finance maps: Producing bills. look intoing payments are received and trailing up delinquent payments Recording money received

Checking and paying bills received
Fixing the paysheet and paying staff wages
Monitoring departmental budgets to look into directors are non overspending Publishing regular budget studies to all departmental directors
Producing hard currency flow prognosiss and regular fiscal studies for senior directors Reding senior directors on beginnings of finance for capital outgo Producing the statutory histories each twelvemonth

Customer Service:
Many concerns have client service staff – or a client service section – where trained staff grip questions and ailments positively and professionally. Sir John Cass trades with the questions of possible pupils and parents through the Admin section. Customer Service maps: Answering client questions about merchandises and services

Supplying specialist information and advice to run into client demands Solving client jobs
Supplying after-sales service. including replacing damaged goods. set uping for fixs or for trim parts to be obtained and fitted Covering with client ailments harmonizing to company processs Analyzing records of client ailments to decide job countries Using client feedback to better client service and satisfaction

Research and Development:
This map is concerned with new merchandise developments every bit good as betterments to bing merchandises or merchandise lines. In many industries. it besides involves merchandise design every bit good. Research and Development maps: In the pharmaceutical industry. scientists research and develop new medical specialties and drugs In the nutrient industry. engineers work with chefs to fix new merchandises such as ready repasts. sauces or flavorers. Electronic and IT companies concentrate on new engineering merchandises and package. such as HD telecastings. the X-box 360 and iPod accoutrements In the aerospace and auto industries. applied scientists focus on bettering public presentation and safety whilst cut downing emanations or noise. Interior designers concentrate on the form and expression. both internally and externally Production:

Production refers to the industry or assembly of goods. Production staff must guarantee that goods are produced on clip and are of the right quality. Quality demands can change well. Whilst an mistake of 0. 5 millimeter would non count much for a chair or tabular array. for an iPod or DVD participant it would be critical. Production maps: Ordering ( frequently purchasing ) stocks of natural stuffs from sanctioned providers Planing production agendas to maximize machine capacity and staff degrees Producing or piecing the finished merchandise

Checking the quality of the merchandise throughout the production procedure Checking production is on agenda and resolution holds or jobs Scheduling everyday machinery reviews and care
Transporting out fixs to machinery and equipment as required

How informations flows between functional countries of Sir John Cass:
It is critical for administrations to understand how information flows between the different sections in the administration. For an administration to run. information must flux both internally and externally between sections and external organic structures. Internal information can be divided on how information moves between the people identified in the administration charts: upward flow. downward flow and sidelong flow.

Up flow starts at the bottom terminal of the administration construction ( e. g. staff ) which is the base on balls up to the higher degrees ( direction ) Downward flow starts at the top ( e. g. director or caput instructor ) . This information is so passed on to the lower degrees of the administration construction. Lateral flow goes across the administration and corsets at the same degree but the information is passed on between the staff

Order Form:

The above diagram shows how the purchase order signifier is processed. First. the caput of section sends out a purchase order signifier to the line director. who so reviews the order signifier. marks it and so gives it back to the caput of section. The caput of section so takes the purchase order signifier to the disposal section who takes it to the caput instructor ( Mr. Evans ) for his blessing. Once the signifier is signed by the caput instructor. the disposal section sends off the purchase order signifier to the providers. Once this is done. the provider sends the ordered points to the school’s disposal section with a reception and the goods are so passed onto the caput of section.

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Sixth Form absent sheet:

First. the instructor takes the pupils inside informations from the registry and fills in the 6th signifier absent sheet. The instructor will so go through the absent sheet to a learning wise man who will name the pupils house and look into why they were absent. If the acquisition wise man has solved the issue. they will give the sheet back to the instructor and the instance will be closed. However. if the acquisition wise man does non work out the issue the inside informations of the pupil will be passed onto Ms Barnes. the deputy caput. who will so follow it up.

Decision doing within an administration:
The instructor to the acquisition wise man is downward flow. as the instructor has more power than the learning wise man. Besides. the larning wise man to the deputy caput is upward flow. as the acquisition wise man has less power than Ms Barnes. The instructor takes operational determinations as they are short-run determinations ( e. g. filling in the 6th signifier absent sheet ) . The deputy caput takes tactical determinations which are long-run determinations. for illustration. excepting the pupil from the college. Regular instructors do non hold the power to take tactical determinations. Undertaking 5 – The usage of Management Information Systems ( MIS ) in this school

A direction information system ( MIS ) is a system that provides information needed to pull off organisations efficaciously. Management information systems are regarded to be a subset of the overall internal controls processs in a concern. which cover the application of people. paperss. engineerings. and processs used by direction comptrollers to work out concern jobs such as bing a merchandise. service or a business-wide scheme. Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Management_information_system

Sir John Cass uses CMIS by Serco in order to maintain in path of pupils. All Sir John Cass Sixth Form staff have the ability entree CMIS. CMIS gives instructors the ability to entree personal inside informations of all pupils. They are besides given the ability to register studies on pupils who invariably misbehave in lessons. Teachers can besides look into how the pupils are making in other topics and if they are run intoing their set marks. CMIS provides the instructors the ability to make an online registry. where they can observe down the pupils who are present. absent and tardily. The instructors can besides see their ain timetables along with the student’s timetables.

Examples of Management Information Systems ( MIS ) :

Overview of Marketing Management Information System:

Overview of Human Resources Management Information System:

Overview of General Management Information System:

The current Management Information System Used in Sir John Cass:

Every instructor will be publish a username and watchword to entree CMIS

Once logged on – instructor will be able to see their timetable for the twenty-four hours

Teacher can bring forth most update category list and/or search students’

Teachers have to make all their study composing utilizing CMIS for Academic Review yearss and Parents Evening. Task 6 – How an administration could better the quality of its concern information

At Sir John Cass. there are presently many things that need bettering. Some are critical as other schools have already started taking portion in these developments. This is already seen as a drawback as pupils will be given to analyze an establishment with more engineering.

First. the school enrollment system is paper based. This is one of the chief jobs at Sir John Cass as this normally leads to more absences by pupils. A paper enrollment system has a batch of disadvantages. For illustration: Very clip devouring

Easy to lose
Hard to convey up a record
Not easy to supervise

I would urge that the school introduces and chiefly uses an electronic enrollment system. This will non merely let the instructors to maintain a record of the student’s attending but it will besides salvage a immense sum of clip. Besides with an electronic system. the instructors will hold private entree to it via usernames and watchwords which will besides assist the job of hammering registries. Finally. if added. it will let the instructors to descry the pupils who are at hazard so they can easy take farther action.

Second. when a section needs to order some supplies. they have to make full in the purchase order signifier. which is besides paper-based. This is besides every bit time-consuming as the registry and it can do a batch of jobs if points are required rapidly. Besides the purchase order signifier can acquire lost after being filled in. which will do jobs. Therefore. I would urge that Sir John Cass introduces a system where resources can be ordered on-line. In the modern-day universe. on-line buying is now really common and is taking over paper based ordination.

Finally. every instructor at Sir John Cass presently communicates face to face. This is really frustrating as it can take a batch of clip to happen the instructor and to hold the clip to speak to them. Therefore. I would propose that Sir John Cass introduces either a computing machine based e-mail system or some other system which will assist the instructors communicate faster. Besides. records will be kept on-line. or on the computing machine. which will salvage a batch of infinite and will do certain the records don’t acquire lost.

As the computer science universe is presently progressing really rapidly. I would state that Sir John Cass needs to maintain up with it as pupils will experience positive if they are utilizing and around the latest material. Besides it will assist parents when they are choosing which college to direct their kids to. It will besides assist instructors when they need to happen or publish out paperwork. Recommendations:

Introduce electronic registries to assist roll up. procedure and utilize the information. It will besides salvage a batch of clip when making the registry and will be more convenient for instructors. For illustration. the school should put in card swiping engineering to take the fuss of making paper based registries. Such as. The biometric finger print terminuss made by hypertext transfer protocol: //www. facetime. ltd. uk/ Introduce web orders so it will assist to have all points rapidly. because the current system takes hebdomads to treat More usage of electronic mails as this will better the communicating in the college. So instructors can be found easy when needed. To do certain that all instructors monitor their pupil on a regular basis and describe any pupils those are non up to day of the month.

Some instructors might necessitate developing if this system were to be introduced nevertheless I think it will be a batch better as it will salvage a batch of money. It will be a batch quicker every clip hence more effectual. Assignment 2 ( Brief )

The Legal Issues in ICT for Sir John Cass secondary school:

My ( Mr Ly ) slogan – ‘Prevention is ever better than cure’ . That’s what I ever tell the ICT Technicians and ICT staff because we are now so much
dependant on engineering and so much vital/important information is now store in our computing machine systems. A batch of money and work have been put in to guarantee that the information in our computing machine systems are safe ( secure ) and protected every bit much as possible.

I can retrieve when I foremost started learning in this school 11 old ages ago ; we merely have 30 computing machines in two schoolrooms. Now. we have over a 1000 computing machines around the school. I can retrieve the emphasis it causes when the web kept traveling down because some pupils have hack into the school web computing machine and deleted files in the operating systems or infected the web with viruses. One pupil even hacked into the web and sent some rude messages to one member of staff ( lucky the ICT technician was able to track who the pupil was and he got excluded ) .

The worst instance was when pupil deleted a Year 11 coursework when the pupil was about to publish it out and manus it in on deadline twenty-four hours. Now. our computing machine web is really unafraid because the ICT Technician has made so many limitations and created different profiles for pupils. instructors. admin. and SMT. I remember one of the Beginner Teacher who came here on his 2nd arrangement holding been to another school said ‘Your school have so much security and limitations than any school I have been to’ . This is merely the internal menaces that exist within our school. what about the external menaces? Obviously. our school will hold firewall in topographic point to forestall people from outside hacking and infecting our computing machine web.

Like every administration. the school must guarantee that the information ( particularly personal data/information ) stored. processed and used on our computing machine systems are non vulnerable to internal and external menaces.

Tools used to pull off and treat information to back up determination devising:

Traditionally. instruction and acquisition was chiefly done by text editions. OHP ( Overhead Projector ) . white or black board. exercising books and line documents and pens. etc. I still believe some of the traditional methods are more utile than trusting on engineering for the interest of engineering. Now a twenty-four hours. all schoolrooms are equipped with a Data projector and Interactive whiteboard and all computing machines are networked leting pupils and instructors to measure their work anyplace within the school. As for the hereafter of this school and with the Government push for Building Schools for the Future ( BSF ) – by 2012. all schools should be utilizing VLE ( Virtual Learning Environment ) . Basically. instruction will travel digital. with all topics seting all their resources on the VLE. where pupils can be able to measure what they need to make anyplace and anytime. Students will be able to subject work utilizing VLE. Teachers will hold to make their marker and appraisal utilizing the VLE without holding to transport and register tonss of papers/folders. largely significantly instructors can entree pupils work anyplace and anytime.

The school. in peculiar the SMT are believing about traveling the school towards VLE with the debut of CMIS ( Curriculum Management Information System ) . where hopefully it would finally be used to by all instructors to take registry. record students’ Markss and class. supply feedback to pupils on their current procedure. to enter any minor expenses or citations. Some cardinal component of the CMIS have been implemented already. e. g. entering students’ events ( e. g. incidents and citations ) and supply study composing for Academic Review Days and Parents Evenings. Directors in the school will utilize CMIS to place and analyze tendencies. e. g. a peculiar pupil or category or whole twelvemonth group. concentrating particularly on their TMG ( Target Minimum Grade ) and WAG ( Working at Grade ) . so make up one’s mind what schemes to utilize to raise attainments/achievements. Presently. the school have non to the full automated CMIS. as we still associate on the usage of mail-merge for study authorship. dispersed sheets for tracking pupils classs and Markss. etc. Task 1 – Explain the legal issues involved when utilizing ICT

The Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act 1984 was designed to protect persons who have their personal information stored on a computing machine. The act obliged organisations keeping personal informations to register with the Data Protection Registrar and they must hold to stay by the rules of informations protection outlined in the act. The 1998 Data Protection Act gave employees the right to entree their forces records. These rules include obtaining and treating informations reasonably. guaranting truth and relevancy of information and eventually taking effectual steps to forestall unauthorised entree to informations. Persons have the right to be told if a 3rd party organisation keep their information and require rectification if necessary.

At Sir John Cass. every instructor is given a username and watchword to log into CMIS so the pupils can non entree it. Besides. the nexus to CMIS is non seeable by the pupils on their desktop. merely in instance they obtain a username and watchword somehow. Therefore. lone instructors can turn up it through their histories and even so. a username and watchword is still needed. It is because of the Data Protection Act that the system needs to be unafraid and unaccessible by the pupils as it holds of import personal information.

Health and Safety Act

The Health and Safety Act at work is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom that as of 2008 defines the cardinal construction and authorization for the encouragement. ordinance and enforcement to assist keep a steady temperature in the suites. All workers have a right to work in topographic points where hazards to their wellness and safety are decently controlled. Health and safety is about halting you acquiring hurt at work or ill through work. Your employer is responsible for wellness and safety. but you must assist.

As an organisation. Sir John Cass has to reflect on the Health and Safety Act. Therefore. things such as nice chairs are needed to avoid back strivings. There may be other jobs such as wiring left on the floor. Finally. all schoolrooms in Sir John Cass are fitted with air conditioning systems to assist keep a steady room temperature.

Copyright Act

Introduced in 1989. this jurisprudence makes it illegal to copy a file without permission from the proprietor or copyright holder. If you break this jurisprudence you are put on the lining an limitless mulct. This jurisprudence is broken in three chief ways: Using package without the proper licence. So if you have a license to utilize a word processor on one stand-alone computing machine. but you so put in it on all the machines in a web. you are interrupting the jurisprudence. Downloading text or images from the Internet and utilizing them without sourcing Copying a computing machine plan you use at work and running it on a computing machine at place. without permission from the right of first publication holder.

Copyright at Sir John Cass is based on the usage of their logo which they have and which is used within the school. They must do certain that the logo which they use is non the same or really similar to other organisation’s Sons. If it does. they must do certain that they ask the proprietors permission before utilizing it.

The Computer Misuse Act

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Introduced in 1990. this jurisprudence was introduced to get by with the jobs of computing machine hackers and viruses. If convicted the wrongdoer faces an limitless mulct and a five-year prison sentence. The act made the undermentioned three things illegal: Unauthorized entree to computing machine stuff ( e. g. choping ) . This includes sing parts of a web you’re non permitted to see. and the illegal copying of plans. Deriving unauthorized entree to a computing machine to transport out serious offenses like fraud. Unauthorised changing of files – including planting viruses. and canceling files.

Sir John Cass has made certain that any type of package. informations and programmes that they don’t usage within the school which is either downloaded. gathered and hacked. must be licensed or the school can acquire prosecuted and closed down for it.

Software License

A package licence is a legal instrument regulating the use or redistribution of package. All package is copyright protected. except stuff in the public sphere. Contractual confidentiality is another manner of protecting package. A typical package licence grants an end-user permission to utilize one or more transcripts of package in ways where such a usage would otherwise constitute right of first publication violation of the package owner’s sole rights under right of first publication jurisprudence.

At Sir John Cass. every instructor uses CMIS ( Curriculum Management Information System ) by Serco and they have their ain set of login inside informations. This is because they have entree to personal information which they are entitles to but others are non so therefore it must hold a login. If this was breached by person who wasn’t authorised. they would be interrupting the Data Protection Act as the person will be able to entree all the personal inside informations of everyone that was recorded on the system. Another manner that Sir John Cass has protected CMIS is by concealing it from the student’s computing machines. CMIS can merely be accessed if a instructor is logged onto the computing machine.

Undertaking 2 – Explain tools used to pull off & amp ; procedure information

Business information can be used to back up users in determination devising at all degrees within an administration. Operation determinations relate to daily undertakings and the mechanics of the administration. This degree of the administration construction involves the bulk of the work force at sub-management degrees. The tactical degree represents in-between direction. including caputs of section and helper managers. Decisions at this phase are by and large about undertaking programs. resource issues and funding. The strategic degree represents the highest degrees of direction. For illustration: the pull offing manager. main executive and other senior direction staff. Decision devising at this degree consists of be aftering for the hereafter. scheme determinations. such as amalgamations and coup d’etats ; and calculating marker tendencies.

Types of Business Decisions:
1. Programmed Decisions: These are standard determinations which ever follow the same modus operandi. As such. they can be written down into a series of fixed stairss which anyone can follow. They could even be written as computing machine plan 2. Non-Programmed Decisions: These are non-standard and non-routine. Each determination is non rather the same as any old determination. 3. Strategic Decisions: These affect the long-run way of the concern e. g. whether to take over Company A or Company B 4. Tactical Decisions: These are medium-term determinations about how to implement scheme e. g. what sort of selling to hold. or how many excess staff to enroll 5. Operational Decisions: These are short-run determinations ( besides called administrative determinations ) about how to implement the tactics e. g. which firm to utilize to do bringings.

Decision Making For a BusinessDecision Making for Sir John Cass

Strategic Decisions:
Mr Evans and the Senior Management Team do all the strategic determinations for Sir John Cass. Since these determinations are for the long term. an illustration adding the new VLE block for the 6th formers. To help him in these determinations he may inquire pupils sentiments through the suggestion box or through the pupil council members as they are the voice of the pupils. He could besides utilize feedback from the parents to help in these determinations and he could utilize the sentiments of the instructors.

Tactical Decisions:
Head of old ages have the right to make up one’s mind which type of resources is needed within certain sections and they besides have the right to make up one’s mind whether or non a pupil should stay on a class or non. These are one of the tactical determinations. Using the purchase order signifier. the Head of Years besides make tactical determinations here. They may besides utilize CMIS to make up one’s mind different options for a certain pupil. Therefore the tools that will be used for tactical determinations are a purchase order signifier and CMIS.

Operational Decisions:
Operational determinations are the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours determinations. This can be an after school session will take topographic point or even holding to cover with early school closings for whatever ground it may be. These determinations will chiefly made by the instructors. Tools such as CMIS and spreadsheets help instructors as they have entree to registries and timetables.

Ability to treat information to back up effectual determination doing Tool
Environment and illustrations of usage
Which degree of Decision Making ( e. g. Strategic and/or. Tactical and/or Operational ) CMIS
Teachers use it in lessons for registries. Head of Years and SMT use it to track a student’s advancement. Provides web entree to online timetabling. event creative activity. registries. A powerful and flexible scrutiny timetabling system. Pull offing the complexness of group and subgroup allotment through automatic timetable programming. The instructors merely have entree to a certain subdivision as SMT have blocked off the remainder of it. Besides. there is a characteristic which allows pupils to utilize it ; nevertheless. the school does non let it. CMIS has characteristics which allow Strategic. Tactical and Operational determinations. For illustration. the caput of the school and SMT can utilize it for strategic determinations ; the caputs of sections use it for tactical determinations and the instructors use it for operational determinations. Kerboodle

Teachers use Kerboodle to put work and deadlines for pupils. Students use it to derive entree to online books ; online activities and they can besides manus in their work via Kerboodle online. Kerboodle makes life easier for pupils and instructors. For illustration pupils don’t demand to publish out all work to demo the instructors they can merely direct all the work through Kerboodle online. Where the instructor can tag it and footnote the work so pupils can do corrections. Some pupils may non hold entree to Kerboodle and some might non cognize how to utilize it. Besides as it is accessed online. some people may happen it slow due to their internet connexion. All degrees of determination devising can entree Kerboodle every bit long as they have the username. watchword and administration codification. Spreadsheet

The instructors use it as a registry and as a marker sheet where they can maintain a record of all the work the pupils have done and track their attending. The advantage of a spreadsheet system is that instructors don’t have to log in every clip to update the registry. The disadvantage of spreadsheet is that any pupil can travel on the teacher’s computing machine and can alter the registry to do it look as if they have been in every lesson even if they haven’t. All degrees of determination devising can utilize the spreadsheet every bit long as they have entree to it.

I recommend that every instructor is pressured into utilizing CMIS and the current paper based system should be discarded. Using IT for registries is a batch faster and more effectual than the paper based 1s. Besides if instructors say that they don’t cognize how to utilize it. the school should supply some kind of preparation for them so so they will utilize CMIS as it is much better than the paper based system. Besides. when pupils come to inscribe. the instructors have to manually cipher the mean GCSE mark. which is besides really clip consuming and a waste of clip. Therefore. I recommend that they introduce a spreadsheet which automatically calculates the mean mark utilizing expressions one time the GCSE consequences are inputted. This will be a batch quicker and will besides be accurate. as some instructors do do errors when ciphering on paper.

Besides. the current Sixth Form Absent system is useless. This is because it is paper based. clip devouring and most. if non all of the instructors don’t use it. The current system makes the instructor fill out an absent sheet on paper after taking the registry. They so have to take it one of the learning wise mans who will name place and look into the ground why the pupil was non in. this is really clip consuming and sometimes may non even be checked by the acquisition wise mans. Therefore. I would urge that they introduce a VoIP system where the pupil receives a call or automated text every bit shortly as they are pronounced absent. This is much more effectual and it is a batch faster as the pupil will cognize that they have been marked absent within a few proceedingss of the registry being marked. alternatively of holding to wait for the acquisition wise mans to name them.

Assignment 3 ( Brief )

With the progressing engineering and the increasing usage of ICT. administrations are taking advantage of this. as Data aggregation is easy gettable ( e. g. clients inside informations through on-line registration/subscription. recognition and trueness cards and even through your electronic mail. etc. ) . Administrations now have huge storage capacity ( e. g. when I was at Barclays Capital for work shadowing experience they had globally 53 informations Centre hive awaying 1. 4 PB – PB ( after TB. computing machine storage equal to one quadrillion bytes. or 1024 TBs ) equivalent to about over 1. 6 million Compact disc read-only memory ) . As for information transportation. at Barclays Capital – information is ever transferred utilizing two links ( in instance one breaks down ) each nexus can reassign informations between 1 GB and 2 GB. You can conceive of the graduated table and size of their waiters use for treating the information. I was told caput of the Capacity and trade goods Management at Barclay’s Capital that some of the floors in their waiter suites can non back up the weight of its waiters. hence there necessitate more servers’ suites or look into server virtualisation ( e. g. utilizing practical machine ( this will be available on Microsoft Windows 2007 Operating System ) that replaces the more expensive and infinite devouring physical waiter hardware ) .

Following. comes one of the existent utilizations of client informations. a really expensive investing. as all concern administrations aim to maximize net income by remaining competitory or even to hold a competitory border over its rivals. That’s where Data Mining and Predictive Modelling go really utile. ‘Now that engineering has caught up. e. g. with informations warehouse. adept systems are the footing of analysis for big sets of informations and this is called informations excavation. ’ [ Beginning: BTEC National IT Practitioners General. J. Lawson. Heinemann. page 308 ] . ‘Predictive Modelling utilizations applied concluding to give predicted result or the chance of an outcome’ .

The diagrams and caption below illustrate the construct of Data Mining and Predictive Modelling:

For this assignment you will try to explicate the intent and operation of informations excavation and prognostic modeling at Sir Cass Secondary School. Undertaking 1: Explain the intent & A ; operation of informations excavation and prognostic modeling.

Where does a student’s TMG ( Target Minimum Grade ) come from? What’s the intent of it and how is it used? I will be researching this subject and replying these inquiries. Teachers have a batch of statistical informations of single pupils and one of the most of import information is the student’s TMG as this gives the school the baseline informations for peculiar pupils. At the terminal of each cardinal phase old ages ( KS3. KS4 and Post 16 ) the school analyses each student’s public presentation against their TMG. If the student’s do good and execute better every twelvemonth the school gets positive point whereas if the student’s does non make good the school get negative points. When all the tonss are added up that it give the school an indicant of how good they are making in each cardinal phase. This is one of the most cardinal indexs. used for screening out the school conference tabular array.

The SMT ( Senior Management Team ) will look at each key phase consequence and point out to the instructors how each pupil is executing against the TMG and Point score. This is besides used to see the school’s one-year direction reappraisal.

In the old yearss. it’s was much easier and simple because the school barely had any engineering or the school did non put in all this engineering. to bring forth all these statistics on single pupils and instructors weren’t given 50 plus page of feedback. remarks on single subject’s public presentation broken down farther to ethnicity. gender compared national norm. compared with school norms. compared with sections.

Some people thought engineering and ICT would do learning lives easier. but in some instances it caused information overload. which expects more paperwork and certifications. and because of the statistical informations of each pupils. sections. school and nationally. Teachers become more accountable and salary or publicities is based on these informations. Furthermore all instructors should utilize this information to assist raise instruction and acquisition by fixing appropriate resources and learning stuffs to accommodate the demands of pupils.

Below are illustrations of the two companies that the school utilizations and the studies the school gets back from Curriculum. Evaluation and Management Centre. which the school refer to as ALIS ( Advanced Level Information System ) :

At the beginning of the Post-16 classs. the school send students’ informations ( GCSE consequences ) to the two companies. which so use their database to bring forth the end product below associating to consequences at A degree and Applied A degree:

As you can see. these charts and graph are generated by the ALIS database from the pupil informations that the school had provided. The school. particularly SMT. Head of Year and Head of Department usage this information for Strategic and Tactical operational decision-making.