Individual Person Essay

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Person – centred is about supplying attention and support that is centred or focused on the person and their demands. We are all single and merely because two people might hold the same medical status. for eg. Dementia. it does non intend that they require the same attention and support. As a attention worker I need to understand what the values are. There are eight individual centred values:

equal chances

I need to listen to S/U. they know themselves best. even if disagree. the attention program is theirs unless the capasity to understand is diminished and so advice must be sought from other individual involved in an S/U‘s support program. even legal advice should be sought in some arsenics.

1. 2 Explain why individual centred values must act upon all facets of societal attention work. The ‘why’ is because it is embedded in societal policy and statute law eg Puting Peoples First. Valuing Peoples Now and the Essential Standards.

1. 3 Explain how individual centred values should act upon all facets of societal attention work It’s of import to esteem the rights of the person to be at the Centre of their ain attention. This means that workers must concentrate on what the single wants and how they want it to be provided.

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Person-centred attention values must act upon all facets of wellness and societal attention work. Health and societal attention should be based on person-centred values. and should be individualised as this is a jurisprudence demand ( Human Rights Act 1998. Health and Social attention Act 2012. Codes of pattern for Social Care Workers. etc ) . If person-centre values that underpin all work in the wellness and societal attention sector are followed as they should be so all persons should experience that and wellness and societal workers guarantee that:

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• the person is supported in accessing their rights
• the person is treated has an person
• the person is supported to exert pick
• guarantee the person have privacy if they want it
• support the person to be every bit independent as possible
• dainty all persons with self-respect and regard
To guarantee the above is followed will act upon all facet of wellness and societal attention it is of import to guarantee that all persons are treated as such and person- centred attention should guarantee this.