India Of My Dreams Essay Sample

India-my fatherland. with its mighty Himalayas looks like a aureate bird winging high all above the sky with its civilizations. traditions and with many advanced developments in scientific discipline and engineering. I am really proud to be an Indian. I love my state and I want to be the best in the universe. I wish that my state should go a great state with its endowment and capableness. I have a sweet small dream for my fatherland. Peoples in India should be self-sufficing in nutrient for which we have to do the waste lands productive. New assortments of seeds and modern tools should be used for agribusiness which is the anchor of Indian economic system. The India of my dreams is a corruption-free state. Beggary should be abolished ; authorities should be people-friendly and citizens should see it to be their responsibility to make something constructive for the state.

Teachers and physicians should be respected. educational establishments should non be treated as resort area for dirty political relations and corruptness. National income should be every bit distributed among the people. Our fatherland should be a state where every common adult male gets to carry through his basic demands. They should be given occupations based on their aptitude and cognition and non on recommendations. I want India to be at the vertex in footings of scientific discipline and technological advancement. It should be scientifically and technologically advanced. I would wish to construct an India where blind religion should non govern over. India should ever stand on top in every field. Every Indian should take part for a pollution free India by seting trees.

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Womans and seniors should be respected. environment and milieus should be clean and hygienic. it should be free from terrorist act and should hold love and regard for every faith. dramatis personae and credo. should hold good conveyance system and roads. d­efence and security of the state would be of overriding importance. people should hold freedom of look. husbandmans should be respected as professionals. India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and civilization. should stand out in all right humanistic disciplines. handcrafts. sculpture. architecture. dance. play. literature. poesy. music. and her huge cognition in Vedic literature. Purana. etc and fulfill the human pursuit for farther cognition and for the improvement. public assistance and service of world. We should call up our Indian young person to take part in development of our graven image India and carry out militants for the improvement. Dream transforms into ideas.