India adopting western culture Essay

Culture actual significance is what how you cultivate or construct oneself. Cult or construct in multi-directionally i. vitamin E in ethically socially even in all facets of that lead homo development. Every civilization is enriched with some good and bad characteristics.

Indian civilization is rich and diverse and as a consequence unique in its really ain manner. Our manners. manner of pass oning with one another. etc are one of the of import constituents of our civilization. Even though we have accepted modern agencies of life. improved our life style. our values and beliefs still remain unchanged. A individual can alter his manner of vesture. manner of feeding and life but the rich values in a individual ever remains unchanged because they are profoundly rooted within our Black Marias. head. organic structure and psyche which we receive from our civilization.

Western civilization can besides be referred to as advanced civilization ; this is because its thoughts and values promote the development and sustenance of advanced civilisation. Western civilization has had rather an influence in India but it has its pros & A ; cons excessively. There are many good things in the western civilization which we have adopted. But why do we see merely the negatives? Even the Indian civilization has influence the western universe. the Earth is shriveling & A ; we are all acquiring closer to each other in many ways. so its really natural for us to follow their ways & A ; for them to follow ours

Western civilization has affected about every dimension of society. The nucleus spiritual traditions are still the same but the life manner differences can be found because of western civilization. Hence we can state that western media has non affected the nucleus traditions of Indian society but has changed life manner and evident features of the society.

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Decision: How there is caput and tail for a coin there is both positive and negative impact of western civilization and Indian Culture. I think both civilizations are alone in their ain manner and every bit good. Western civilization and Indian civilization both have good qualities and bad qualities. We should non believe of which civilization is better but should take the good qualities of both civilizations and set it into usage in our life ascription.