In the Country of Men: Suleiman’s Struggle To Be a Man Essay Sample

From the oppressive. sun-drenched Mulberry Street in Tripoli. Hisham Matar evokes the immature and native Suleiman’s battle to be a adult male in the unsafe. political clime of radical Libya. It is the guiltless games of childhood. which transform into the sphere of treachery and grownup games of confederacy as Suleiman struggles with the challenges of maleness and manhood as he absorbs the immorality and force of the work forces around him. These battles to understand the true nature of manhood and the duties and cognition that come with this load consumes Suleiman the grownup storyteller throughout the summer of 1979 as he reflects on the waking up of a kid robbed of his childhood. expressed through the memoir ‘In the Country of Men’ .

The household place. one time the beginning of stableness and love. is the foundation of Suleiman’s battle to be adult male. in hunt of an equivocal individuality. Initially. the male function theoretical accounts. Baba and the work forces who visit Suleiman’s place such as Moosa. are the nucleus inspiration and word picture of manhood for Suleiman. Baba. the rational and theoretical beginning of constructs of freedom. smile and proud. draws on the black history of patriarchate presenting Suleiman the rubric of “the adult male of the house. ” at the same time burthening his immature boy with a deluded imagination of a adult male. powerful. violent and absent. and with the word picture of adult females. weak and need to be protected. This becomes the deep-rooted image of a adult male for Suleiman. in which he attempts to portray.

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Suleiman taking Mama’s medical specialty bottle that was “as large as a H2O bottle” and “emptying it all” down the sink. illustrates his demand to deliver his female parent from her unwellness. as ordered by Baba. However. in Mama’s eyes. her alcohol addiction is a precaution. deflecting her from the world of absolute subjugation. and Suleiman is the oppressor denying Najwa her flight. therefore confounding and heightening Suleiman’s battle to be a adult male and the defender of this “beautiful” adult female. This creates an embroiled perceptual experience of manhood for Suleiman ; as he must be the adult male of the house yet protect his female parent from herself. “saving her” from the oppressive and grim patriarchate experienced in Libya. catalysing Suleiman’s feelings of confusion and insufficiency. that he redirects towards his friends.

The background of force and instability infiltrates the artlessness of childhood games. and contaminations Suleiman’s apprehension of what it is to be a adult male. Suleiman and Kareem’s favorite game of “My Land. Your Land” . centered on taking land. emphasizes that in the state of work forces. a adult male is person who has ownership and strength. Suleiman exhibits qualities of assurance. “before the knife left [ his ] manus. [ he ] was certain of success” . stressing Suleiman’s force and finding to prevail in the game. in a battle to be winning over Kareem. who is 3 old ages older. Suleiman naming Kareem a “coward” . disputing him to turn out himself capable of winning. by oppugning if he was a “real man” . emphasizes what Suleiman believes a adult male to be. successful and powerful.

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Immediately after Kareem declares that Suleiman is non a adult male due to holding no word. Suleiman defensively retorts “crybaby…girl” . utilizing the power of the word to rise how a babe is juxtaposed with a miss. both voiceless in a state embedded with masculine hegemony. During the race back place from the children’s school. Kareem exclaims. “the last to Mulberry is a girl” further illuminating that to be a miss. is to be weak and powerless. and is considered a barbarous abuse. This intensifies Suleiman’s battles to be a adult male as to be anything but is to be considered unworthy in Libya.

Against the political convulsion of the “realm of the absolute star” that influences Suleiman’s thought of maleness. inciting his despairing hunt and predicament for manhood. courage and gallantry. In contrast to the gentle. ideological work forces in Suleiman’s life. Baba and Moosa. Sharief exemplifies the malodor of manhood. Sharief. like a Jesus. “unlike Mama and Moosa. answered [ Suleiman’s ] inquiries. He didn’t dainty [ Suleiman ] like a child” misdirecting Suleiman to look up to and esteem him. making a deformed and baleful perceptual experience of manhood for immature naïve Suleiman. an image of corruptness and reserves. Suleiman is overwhelmed by the “weight of the malodor that struck [ him ] as a mark of manhood” environing Sharief. He abuses Suleiman’s artlessness and battle to be an grownup through pull stringsing him to bewray Baba. for if he had remembered a name to give in order to derive Sharief’s blessing “it would hold been spoken” . stressing Suleiman’s hungering to delight Sharief. his new function theoretical account. in efforts to portray him manfully.

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Ultimately. it is within the corrupt society of Libya that values strength. power and tyranny is entrenched within Suleiman. infecting his perceptual experience of what it means to be a adult male. while animating him to be merely like the male role-models around him. who have consumed such qualities. This instills in the deepnesss of Suleiman the desire and hungriness to be a adult male. no affair the battle.