üMy Social Location Essay Sample

Social location is something sociologists use to try to understand human behaviour. They do so by analyzing the environing society that an person or group of people live in, every bit good as the specific clip period in which they reside. There are many variables included in this reading, such as: gender, race, nationality, category, coevals, business, and instruction. In this paper, I will take a close expression at my societal location and effort to depict and understand how it affects my manner of life. Gender can act upon how people treat me, every bit good as how I conduct myself. I am of the male gender. Work force are typically depicted as the difficult working manual labourers whose occupations require more strength and staying power instead than mind. However, the medical field in which I work depends more to a great extent on mind instead than strength.

Although nursing is traditionally a female’s business, more and more males have been fall ining the field. This, I feel, has a strong consequence on how people ab initio view me when they learn than I am a male nurse. Society has grown more accustomed to male nurses in this twenty-four hours and age, but it still has some stigma attached to it. I try to move slightly professionally even in public, because I don’t want people to see me and be worried that I am responsible for taking attention of ill people My race is Caucasic. Caucasic is a general term used when mentioning to those who are white, white American, or non-Hispanic white. Sadly, race affects how one is treated in society. However, this bias is far less than it one time was in old ages by.

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I don’t feel like it affects me every bit much as it does others, but I have noticed it playing a portion with others in the workplace. Class by and large refers to one’s societal category or socio-economic category and includes: lower, in-between, and upper categories. I consider myself to be included in the in-between category. If I were to be more specific, I would state lower-middle category. My household lived in a modest 3 sleeping room, 2 bath place with a little pace in an mean vicinity in a little town. My female parent had her ain auto, my male parent had his ain truck ( which was an old base theoretical account contrivance ) , and when we came of age, me and my brother had to buy our ain vehicles. Of class our parents helped with the initial down payment, but we had to maintain up with the loan refunds.

These were non new or even current vehicles, head you, but good used 10 twelvemonth old vehicles. Now this, I understand is more than many other people got, so I was more than happy with it. I did, nevertheless, attend a private school, which my parents paid for. I feel this really hindered my societal life, as there were far more people traveling to “public school” and they didn’t normally want to interact with those from “private school” . This category differentiation may hold slightly altered my societal interaction accomplishments, but I feel like it enhanced other countries of my daily life. My nationality is American. Now in other nationalities, Americans are normally depicted as fat, lazy, rude, and spoiled, which isn’t excessively far from the truth for some.

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I don’t normally have any interaction with non-Americans so I don’t experience this alterations my daily life, except for I am free to populate my life how I choose within the kingdom of the jurisprudence. My coevals includes those born in latter twentieth century, specifically those born in mid-1980’s. Sadly, many in my coevals are lazy and spoiled. They do non believe in difficult work to accomplish ends. Many even resort to drugs for diversion. They merely keep humble occupations to do terminals run into and go on their recreational activities. This would experience like a dead being to me. Don’t acquire me incorrect, I do non believe I am perfect in any manner. I should be farther in life than I already am, but at least I am seeking. I do experience this is how aged coevalss view us and this can impact how we are treated sing occupation interviews and the workplace.

I try to do certain when I go to an interview that I show the interviewer that I am a hardworking person and that I am serious about my calling. My business is a registered nurse. This occupation is traditionally a female’s business. Males have been more widely accepted into the field due to alterations in the occupation market. Besides, more males have been needed due to the high demands of physical direction in critical attention countries. However, some people do respond otherwise when they find out that I am a nurse. Some even make gags about it. It doesn’t truly trouble oneself me, particularly when they find out that I make more money than they do. Most people realize that I am a caring individual who wants to assist others in their clip of demand.

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Besides, seeing so much illness allows me to understand how lucky I am to be healthy and helps me to appreciate what I have every twenty-four hours. My instruction does do a immense difference in my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life and I am thankful I was given the chance to go to high school and college. I went to Winona High School in Winona, MS throughout simple, junior, and high school. It is a good school with strong Christian values, which was ever of import to my household. I so attended Mississippi State University, where I obtained a grade in Biology, but the occupation market was reasonably unsmooth when I graduated and I wasn’t able to travel into the Fieldss I wanted to.

But, I still am happy I went through the procedure, because I believe I learned a batch and am more intelligent due to the instruction I received. Overall, I feel like my societal location affects my day-to-day life determinations. My societal location helps to specify myself in society and can explicate my actions. By analyzing my societal location, I have learned a batch about myself. It besides helped me to see that I like who I presently am, every bit good as who I am going.