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Office Hours: I do non hold standard office hours. I by and large will be in one of the labs working on undertakings for my categories. if you need extra aid. delight reach me and we can set up to work in the lab.

All category stuffs will be available hebdomadal stevetodd. coursesites. com – & gt ; Your first assignment for this category is to direct me an electronic mail at my primary e-mail reference. include your name and Class in the capable line. In return I will email you a nexus to the category site.

All assignments and quizzes and unit tests. mid-terms. and concluding tests will be available on this site. . This will let you to see your class on the assignment or quiz at that clip. You will besides be afforded feedback after
the assignment closes that will help you in understanding what wrong responses you gave.

Course Description:

This class provides an overview of security challenges and schemes of counter steps in the information systems environment. Subjects include definitions of footings. constructs. elements and ends integrating industry criterions and patterns with a focal point on handiness. exposure. unity and confidentiality facets of information systems.

This category is non awfully hard. but it will be hard if you make it that manner. and you must truly seek. to non go through my category with a nice class. nevertheless. I will take into consideration attending in category. which will impact your overall category class and lab classs.

I expect each one of you to take part in the Lab part of the category ; you will derive the most cognition from that experience. I will inquire to see the consequences of your lab experience. and at times I will come and see with you and discourse parts of the labs. I do anticipate you to finish the lab part of the category wholly.

Each and every one of you begin the one-fourth with a class of 100 % . how good you maintain this class is wholly up to you. I require that you attend 90 % of all category and lab meetings to keep a satisfactory engagement class ; if you choose to get late and/or depart early you will be penalized for this. Please guarantee that you sign in on both attendance sheets during the category. to boot I will detect who is and is non in category during the first and last half hours of category. if you are non physically in category during those times. I may at my option count you as being absent. If you miss category you can non do up schoolroom ( Theory ) clip and will be marked down for the associated labs. you may besides hold to take a treatment about the old hebdomads lesson every bit good. .

Please complete and turn in all assignments when due. I will non accept late turn-in of category work. particularly during the concluding hebdomad of category. you must finish or turn in the assignment when due. otherwise you will have a Zero for that assignment. I will return assignments to you after rating. delight maintain them if you think you may oppugn a class at a ulterior clip.

How are you evaluated in this category ;

Rating Standards
Your Final class Is based on the undermentioned leaden classs:

Lab Exercises
20 % → Lab assignments ( 10 sum ) . including auxiliary labs. are due at the terminal of each lab session. Please e-mail to me a word papers with a cover sheet and screenshots of your lab assignments ( we can discus this as needed )
25 % → Assignments are typically traveling to written assignments that will be e-mailed to me hen completed. I will give you both single and group assignments during this class. You are responsible for finishing all assignments on clip and subjecting them as scheduled.

4 % → Each hebdomad during the category meetings we will be holding treatments about assorted subjects holding to make with forensics. I expect each of you to take part in these treatments. if you fail to take part ( which means that if you can’t reply a inquiry asked or add something meaningful to the treatment ) you will be given less than full recognition for this activity.

21 % → You will be assigned an person undertaking in which you will be required to turn up. investigate and document the grounds every bit good as submit an accurate study reflecting that information.

Final Exam
30 % → The concluding test is an inclusive scrutiny significance that it covers all of the information presented during his category one-fourth. It will be in the signifier of a multiple pick test and will be closed book with no mention stuffs allowed.

Anyone found cheating or utilizing mention stuffs will acquire a class of 0 % ( Zero ) . there are no exclusions to this regulation. If you fail to take the concluding test you may have a class of 0 % ( Zero ) for the full category. I expect you to be in category on clip ready to take the concluding test and you will hold a upper limit of 2 hours to finish the test.

Assignment Sum: 100 %

Grade warrant: Course missive classs may be higher ( but will non be lower ) than indicated by the undermentioned graduated table:

Not every pupil is an A pupil and will non have an Angstrom merely because you feel you deserve it. if you have non measured up suitably you will have the class that I believe is warranted for the sum of attempt that you put into finishing the assignment.

A class of F will besides be awarded if the concluding test is non taken. It is non my policy to “Give” classs. I expect you to gain the class that you attain. To make otherwise is an unfairness to you and your schoolmates and all pupils go toing or graduating from this school. Everyone in my category starts with a class of 100 % regardless of past public presentation. how good you maintain that class is wholly up to you.

I will supply you with a grade study every three hebdomads at a lower limit. but will seek to keep a current image of what your class is. Please do non inquire me what assignments you may owe to me. you should be responsible plenty to maintain path of them. I do non portion category classs with other categories or schoolmates. You may portion that information among yourselves. but I will non portion it. And if I am asked to supply your class. I will make so at first opportunity. but delight make me the courtesy of non “shoulder surfing” . I am rather peculiar about an individual’s right to privateness.

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Course Work and Late Work Policy: You will be given an assignment every hebdomad which will cover the information that we covered during our category that hebdomad. . If you need to go forth the category early. you will necessitate to calculate out how to finish the assignment or accept the nothing that will ensue from non finishing the assignment ( s ) . . Attendance Policy: Make a committedness to yourself to go to every category. The worst thing about losing a category is falling behind because you missed a week’s worth of stuff and labs. Missing category is non an acceptable alibi for losing any lecture stuff or assignments given during that clip.

Any work missed. must be made up on your clip and within one hebdomad from the twenty-four hours that you missed. Besides you should cognize that if you are having Federal Student Aid. the guidelines province that if you miss 3 categories in a row. 21 yearss. no affair what the ground. you will be withdrawn from the category. If you miss more than three back-to-back categories. You will be dropped from the class registration unless anterior agreements have been made and agreed to with myself. Mr. Cormier and Mr. Bethke. yes you have to do the agreements with all three of us.

There is a direct correlativity between consistent attending and classs. Each pupil is expected to go to all categories and to be on clip for each category. Class begins quickly at the clip listed supra. When you are late to category I will cut down your class by 5 points for every 15 proceedingss of category missed. In add-on. if you leave category early without discoursing this with me. you will automatically have a Zero ( 0 ) for that category and will be marked absent from that category. Besides you should cognize that if you are having Federal Student Aid. the guidelines province that if you miss 3 categories in a row. 21 yearss. no affair what the ground. you will be withdrawn from the category.

a. I assign exercisings. and labs on a hebdomadal footing and other assignments as noted in the category course of study. I may besides delegate undertakings to squads from your category that may embrace a assortment of subjects. If you are non present when assigned. you will necessitate to reach members of your category to obtain the needful information. Bing absent from category is no ground to non complete assignments on clip and turn them in every bit needed. as everything is available for each category in the dropbox. if you fail to finish an assignment it will be all on you. If you do non turn in the assignment when due you will have a class of Zero. unless we have discussed it prior to the day of the month due. You will necessitate to turn in all assignments as noted. If they are to be e-mailed to me as an fond regard. delight make so. If it is to be done in category please make so. If you do non finish a quiz when required. you will have a class of nothing for that assignment.

B. Lab assignments are meant for you to be able to pattern the lessons learned and see them every bit good. guarantee that you bring your difficult thrust to each category every bit good as all books needed ( Class book and Lab book ) . When I lead you through a lab. delight guarantee you are ready to take part. if non I will non be reiterating the exercisings.

Please pay attending and take part during the category. Please make non have on or utilize ear-buds / earphones or watch pictures or streaming athleticss during the theory part of the category if you do. I will presume that you are non paying attending to the category and it will represent non go toing the category in my sentiment and may ensue in your being marked absent.

Plan in front and advise me. the Teacher. prior to justifiable absences. or if a bona fide exigency prevented you from go toing category. delight reach me on my cell phone or via text or e-mail as messages left at the forepart desk with the receptionist will non acquire to me for about 24 hours ; if you are hospitalized and can non reach me delight hold a household member make contact with the school. Department chair or dean. If you are absent from category and have non notified me. you will be called by a member of the staff during or at the decision of category to happen out why you missed the category meeting. If you do non reach me. delight name the chief figure and go forth a message with or for Jennifer Long explicating the nature of your lost attending. she will so advise me and if you do non subscribe in on both attending sheets she will be naming you in respects to lost attending. If you contact me via phone ( voice-mail or text ) or e-mail please include your name and which category you are in. in the message so that I know who I am
covering with.


ITT Technical Institute and particularly myself. works to advance an atmosphere conducive to rational fulfilment by keeping the highest possible criterions of academic unity. For that ground. neither the school nor I will non digest any signifier of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is any signifier of giving. taking. or ordering of information or stuff with purpose to derive an unjust advantage in an academic scene. Forms of dishonesty include. but are non limited to. rip offing. plagiarism. and helping others to rip off or plagiarise.

Cheat is defined as – Copying another student’s replies while finishing any category assignment or during in-class and take-home scrutinies ; Using notes. books. or unauthorised AIDSs during an scrutiny ; Discoursing replies during an in-class scrutiny ; Submiting another student’s work as one’s ain ; and Stealing another student’s work. This includes utilizing another individuals word papers and labeling it as your ain. do the clip and take the attempt to make your ain work. make non steal from schoolmates. And if you permit person else to utilize your papers so you are merely as guilty and you will both have a nothing for that assignment.

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Plagiarism is defined as – Submiting a paper or reply in which the linguistic communication. thoughts. or ideas are indistinguishable to print or unpublished stuff from another beginning without right giving recognition to that beginning.

Any pupil prosecuting in academic dishonesty will be capable to disciplinary action by the school. which may include: Receiving a class of nothing ( 0 ) on that assignment ; Receiving a weakness class for the class ; Termination from one or more classs the pupil is taking ; Suspension and/or ejection from ITT Technical Institute. Please do non convey nutrient into the schoolrooms or labs. If you do so. I will inquire you to go forth the schoolroom with the point or dispose of the point if you so choose. You may hold H2O with a closable or “sport top” in the class/lab and this is a school policy. and I will implement this policy. Keep in head that this campus is now a “Smoke Free” and smoke is non permitted anyplace on the campus belongings including the parking tonss. If you must smoke. delight use a “public” country such as the pavement out in forepart of the campus. I endeavor to return all documents and quizzes to you for reappraisal intents. though sometimes I do acquire overwhelmed with the sum of paperwork that is generated by each category ( which is GOOD ) I will by and large seek to return the points within one hebdomad.

Class Behavior:

Read your book!
Make anticipate to be called upon in category and be prepared to explicate your replies Do your assignments!
Do non rip off! There is no demand to rip off in my categories.
Please regard others and their sentiments
No cell phone conversations in category ( this besides applies to text messaging and playing ‘on-line games” . besides turn off the toller for your phone during the category period ) . Turn in assignments on clip

Do non speak when the teacher ( or pupil who has the floor ) is speaking If you walk in late. delight make non interrupt the category
Please Do non prosecute in horseplay or inordinate. and deflecting conversations during category Clean up after yourself when go forthing ; delight push in all chairs and dispose of your rubbish. Please make non use your laptop/notebook computing machines or DVD participants or PSP in category to watch films or play games. It becomes excessively riotous.

Assignments: I assign assignments to re-enforce the lesson covered. The assignments are due on the day of the month noted. You will be finishing the assignments and turning them in at the following category meeting. If you fail to finish the assignment or quiz when required. you will have a class of nothing. I will non accept any written assignments more than two hebdomads late and that assignment will ensue in a class of Zero.

Reading and Study: Reading and survey at place are of import. If you fail to analyze you are likely to be a survey in failure. Taking notes is besides a great thought. I extremely recommend it. Choosing to be in the IT field means that you must read and grok what you read and retrieve what you read. so please do an attempt to make so.

Labs: The bulk of the labs in this category are provided to you. if there are jobs with them make note of the job and rede me. Make non allow it halt you from finishing the undertaking. Some labs require old labs to be completed and construct upon them. so it is of import that you attend every lab session every bit good. I will besides inquire you to demo me what you have done on a lab before I will subscribe it off as completed. so be prepared to make so. While in lab. Do non surf the web. or make shopping or research for things other than our category. if you are making this or playing games. I will cut down your entire lab mark by 30 points per incident. Additionally. you may work on other categories ( i. e. online categories ) that you have during our category clip without my permission. every bit long as you have completed the assigned labs.

If you wish to listen to music in the lab. you may make so every bit long as you utilize a head-set and that the music/and or wordss are non violative to others. including me. We besides will most probably be sharing our lab infinite with other categories. please be respectful of them and their instructor. if there are struggles with others. delight allow me cognize instantly so that I may take attention of the job.

Extra Credit and Free Base on ballss: I do non offer excess recognition. particularly to those that do non complete assignments as required or when required. so please make non inquire for excess recognition assignments. If you have been go toing each and every category and complete all assignments when required to make so. you may be eligible for a “Free Pass” but that is at my discretion and is applied to lowest hebdomadal classs to assist you in achieving the best possible class in the category.

Course Agenda: See the affiliated Syllabus for program of Lectures and Labs.
Expect each category period to last for 4 ½ hours and will include a 10 minute interruption as needed. and a 20 minute interruption. All category stuffs will be available online in the category dropbox. You need to direct me an e-mail during the first category meeting and I will so direct you an invitation for the category dropbox so that you may obtain those category stuffs.

Please Note: I. the Instructor have a right to. and will divert from Syllabus as necessary. I besides will be learning from more than one book during the one-fourth. and you may non hold direct entree to the book. You may besides entree most of my auxiliary books – the practical library.

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Course Description

This class serves to expose you to the assorted tools and techniques that are utilized as a forensic research worker in IT security environments.

Major Instructional Areas

1. Information Systems Security basicss
2. Seven spheres of a typical Information Technology ( IT ) substructure
3. Risks. menaces. and exposures found in a typical IT substructure
4. Security countermeasures for battling hazards. menaces. and exposures normally found in an IT substructure
5. ( ISC ) 2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner ( SSCP® ) Common Body of Knowledge – SSCP® spheres
6. Six spheres of the CompTIA Security+ enfranchisement

Course Aims

Upon successful completion of this class. the pupil will be able to:

1. Explain the constructs of information systems security as applied to an Information technology
2. Describe how malicious onslaughts. menaces. and exposures impact an IT substructure.
3. Explain the function of entree controls in implementing a security policy.
4. Explain the function of operations and disposal in effectual execution of security policy.
5. Explain the importance of security audits. proving. and supervising to effectual security policy.
6. Describe the rules of hazard direction. common response techniques. and issues related to recovery of IT systems.
7. Explain how concerns apply cryptanalysis in keeping information security.
8. Analyze the importance of web rules and architecture to security operations.
9. Explain the agencies aggressors use to compromise systems and webs and defences used by organisations.
10. Apply international and domestic information security criterions and conformity Torahs to realworld execution in both the private and public sector.

Student Textbook Package

Kim. David. and Michael G. Solomon. Fundamentalss of Information Systems Security. 1st erectile dysfunction. Sudbury. Ma: Jones & A ; Bartlett. 2010.

Printed NT2580 Student Lab Manual

Mentions and Resources

ITT Tech Virtual Library – I encourage you to make a customized bookshelf in the Virtual Library with books that involvement you that support this class. In Particular expression at Linux for Dummies it is a great book to utilize with this category.

ITT Tech Virtual Library:

hypertext transfer protocol: //myportal. itt-tech. edu/library/Pages/HomePage. aspx.

Recommended Resources

Books. Professional Diaries

Please utilize the undermentioned author’s names. book/article rubrics and/or keywords to seek in the ITT Tech Virtual Library for auxiliary information to augment your acquisition in this topic:

Books – Books24X7
Periodicals – ProQuest
EbscoHost Reference
School of Information Technology

Sandy Bacik
Constructing an Effective Information Security Policy Architecture ( Chapter 3 ) Michael Howard. et Al
The Security Development Lifecycle: SDL: A Procedure for Developing Demonstrably More Secure Software ( Chapter 1 )
Maura A. new wave der Linden
Testing Code Security ( Chapters 5 and 8 )
Thomas R. Peltier
Information Security Risk Analysis. 2nd erectile dysfunction. ( Chapter 2 )
John Wylder
Strategic Information Security ( Chapter 13 )
Eric A. Fisch. et Al
Secure Computers and Networks ; analysis. design. and execution ( Chapters 1. 2. 5. 6. 10. 13. 14 and 15 )
William Stepka
“Profiling Hackers: The Science of Criminal Profiling as Applied to the World of Hacking” . Security Management. Mar 2010. Vol. 54 Issue 3. ( Page 80 )
Xin Luo. et Al
“Awareness Education as the Key to Ransomware Prevention” . Information Systems Security. Jul/Aug 2007. Vol. 16 Issue 4. ( Pages 95-202 ) . ( AN
26520074 ) Avinash W. Kadam
“Information Security Policy Development and Implementation” . Information Systems Security. Sep/Oct 2007. Vol. 16 Issue 5. ( Pages 246-256 ) . ( AN 27625696 ) Peter O. Okenyi. et Al
“On the Anatomy of Human Hacking” . Information Systems Security. Nov 2007. Vol. 16 Issue 6. ( Pages 302-314 ) . ( AN 27979547 )
Patricia A. Bonner
“Quick Reference to HIPAA Compliance” . Benefits Quarterly. 2010 First Quarter. Vol. 26 Issue 1. ( Page 58 ) . ( AN 47616062 )
Chris Nowell
“Regulatory Compliance – the Wonderful World of FISMA” . Information Systems Security. Sep/Oct 2007. Vol. 16 Issue 5. ( Pages 278-280 ) . ( AN 27625693 ) Mimi Herrmann
“Security Scheme: From Soup to Nuts” . Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective. Jan 2009. Vol. 18 Issue 1. ( Pages 26-32 ) . ( AN 36353502 )
Ryan Sherstobitoff. et Al
“You Installed Internet Security on Your Network: Is Your Company Safe? ” Information Systems Security. Jul/Aug 2007. Vol. 16 Issue 4. ( Pages 188-194 ) . ( AN 26520075 )

Professional Associations

The followers is a list of vendor impersonal professional organisations and their several enfranchisements:

CISA. CISM. CGEIT. CRISC Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. isaca. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . CISSP® and SSCP® Information Systems Security Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. isc2. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . CSIH Certification hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cert. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . FISMA Training and Certification hypertext transfer protocol: //www. fismacenter. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . SANS GIAC Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sans. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . Security + Certification hypertext transfer protocol: //www. comptia. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) .

The followers is a list of vendor-specific professional enfranchisements:

CCSP Certification hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lake herring. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . Check Point Firewall Specialist Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. checkpoint. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . MSCE Security Certification hypertext transfer protocol: //www. microsoft. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . RSA Training and Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. rsa. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . Symantec Security Specialist Certifications hypertext transfer protocol: //www. symantec. com/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) .

Other Mentions

CVE List hypertext transfer protocol: //cve. miter joint. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) .
National Cyber Alert System hypertext transfer protocol: //www. us-cert. gov/cas/alldocs. hypertext markup language ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . National Vulnerability Database hypertext transfer protocol: //nvd. National Institute of Standards and Technology. gov/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . SANS Top 20 Threats/Vulnerabilities hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sans. org/top-cyber-security-risks/ ? ref=top20 ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . CERT® Coordination Center hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cert. org/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . US Computer Emergency Readiness Team hypertext transfer protocol: //www. us-cert. gov/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . US Department of Homeland Security hypertext transfer protocol: //www. dhs. gov/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) . US National Institute of Standards & A ; Technology hypertext transfer protocol: //www. National Institute of Standards and Technology. gov/ ( accessed May 26. 2010 ) .