Implementing SFA at Quantium Technology Essay

Quantium Technology ( founded in 1989 ) was an advanced engineering company that provided computing machine hardware and package for big endeavors. It had grown to go a prima supplier of endeavor waiters and specialised workstations which were known for their dependability and security. Quantium was an tremendous donee of the dot com roar. but struggled after the flop and the recession. In 2004. Anne Rothman was the new Executive Vice President of Global Gross saless and she felt that gross revenues force mechanization was one of Quantium’s biggest challenges. There were legion jobs with the bing SFA package solution Siebel Gross saless. Gross saless representatives were abandoning the system. gross revenues directors were kicking that the gross revenues grapevine informations was non accurate.

The system did non look to be increasing win rates or shortening the gross revenues rhythm as expected. After the cyberspace flop. competition had commoditized the waiter market by offering cheaper waiters that were shuting the public presentation spread. Quantium moved from being a merchandise company to a solutions company. The gross revenues reps had to set by concentrating on concern issues and concern jobs alternatively of proficient characteristics. Besides the squad merchandising attack was non rather successful. Gross saless directors and company executives complained that they did non hold dependable information on the company gross revenues grapevine. To rectify these jobs. Rothman started questioning the people associated with execution of the SFA plan. SFA was besides the nucleus of many CRM applications. The cardinal SFA elements were chance direction and gross revenues calculating. Siebel was selected as the SFA package to be implemented.

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This was implemented with the aid of IT specializers and aid from IT advisers and system planimeters. The IT squad was pressured to present the best possible solution as there were differences as to whether to implement the standard merchandise or its customized version. A preparation plan was rolled out to acquire the full gross revenues reps and directors up to rush on the new SFA tool. As the system was being rolled out and set into operation. public presentation jobs emerged from the field and it was associated with Quantium’s bing out-of-date engineering substructure. The gross revenues reps particularly faced a batch of jobs and were hesitating to utilize the system with a steep acquisition curve. Rothman went over the history of SFA execution every bit good as the current position. She has identified the execution errors and has to happen a solution to do SFA work at Quantium.