├╝Enhance an Existing IT Security Policy Framework Essay Sample

The intent of this policy is to specify criterions for linking to Richman Investments web from any host. These criterions have been designed to minimise the possible exposure to Richman Investments from amendss which may ensue from unauthorised usage of Richman Investments resources. Damages include rational belongings, the loss of sensitive or company confidential information, harm to critical Richman Investments internal systems, harm to public image, etc. Scope this policy applies to all Richman Investments employees, contractors, sellers and agents with a Richman Investments-owned or personally-owned computing machine or workstation used to link to the Richman Investments web. This policy applies to remote entree connexions used to make work on behalf of Richman Investments, including reading or directing electronic mail and sing intranet web resources. Remote entree executions that are covered by this policy include, but are non limited to: frame relay, DSL, ISDN, SSH, VPN, dial-in modems, and overseas telegram modems, etc. It is the duty of Remote Users to do certain that sensible steps have been taken to procure the Remote Host used to entree Richman IT Resources.

This standard applies to all Remote Users of Richman IT Resources including staff, outside contractors, sellers, and other agents. Distant Access Security Standards All Remote Users must follow the security demands set Forth in this criterion for any Remote Host accessing IT Resources prior to such entree, every bit good as any guidelines, processs, or other demands issued by their departmental IT units and the proprietors of the IT Resource which are to be remotely accessed. Remote User duties are described below: Remote User Requirements: Distant Users must do certain that their Distant Hosts used to entree Richman IT Resources run into all security outlooks specified in the End User Guidelines Security prior to accessing any Richman IT Resource. It is the duty of Remote Users to take sensible safeguards to do certain that their distant Access connexions are secured from interception, descrying, or abuse.

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All Remote Users are responsible for following applicable Richman policy, including the Richman Data Handling Requirements, when managing any Richman informations remotely accessed within the class of the Remote Users occupation map at Richman. All Distant Users are likely to merely remotely entree informations in understanding with Richman IT policies. Do non salvage or hive away Richman sensitive or restricted informations on the Remote Host used to entree Richman IT Resources. Where applicable, all Remote Users are besides responsible for following any guidelines issued by the HIPAA Privacy Compliance Office for distant entree to Protected Health Information accessed within the class of the Remote Users occupation map at Richman.