Identification , Authentication , and Authorization Techniques Authentication Essay Sample

Authentication is used by a waiter when the waiter needs to cognize precisely who is accessing their information or site. Authentication is used by a client when the client needs to cognize that the waiter is system it claims to be. In hallmark. the user or computing machine has to turn out its individuality to the waiter or client. Normally. hallmark by a waiter entails the usage of a user name and watchword. Other ways to authenticate can be through cards. retina scans. voice acknowledgment. and fingerprints. Authentication by a client normally involves the waiter giving a certification to the client in which a sure 3rd party such as Verisign or Thawte provinces that the waiter belongs to the entity ( such as a bank ) that the client expects it to. Authentication does non find what tasks the person can make or what files the person can see. Authentication simply identifies and verifies who the individual or system is. Mandate

Mandate is a procedure by which a waiter determines if the client has permission to utilize a resource or entree a file. Authorization is normally coupled with hallmark so that the waiter has some construct of who the client is that is bespeaking entree. The type of hallmark required for mandate may change ; watchwords may be required in some instances but non in others. In some instances. there is no mandate ; any user may be utilize a resource or entree a file merely by inquiring for it. Most of the web pages on the Internet require no hallmark or mandate. Encoding

Encoding involves the procedure of transforming informations so that it is indecipherable by anyone who does non hold a decoding key. The Secure Shell ( SSH ) and Socket Layer ( SSL ) protocols are normally used in encoding procedures. The SSL drives the unafraid portion of “https: //” sites used in e-commerce sites ( like E-Bay and Amazon. com. ) All informations in SSL minutess is encrypted between the client ( browser ) and the waiter ( web waiter ) before the information is transferred between the two. All informations in SSH Sessionss is encrypted between the client and the waiter when pass oning at the shell. By coding the informations exchanged between the client and server information like societal security Numberss. recognition card Numberss. and place references can be sent over the Internet with less hazard of being intercepted during theodolite.

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