üCritical Analysis of Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn Essay Sample

Using relevant theories and theoretical accounts critically evaluate and analyse the leading of a twenty-first century concern leader. If you were in the place of the leader, what could you make to be a better leader and do a stronger impact on the followings and on situation/s? For this assignment you can choose a leader from a big or a little administration. It could be a CEO of an international administration whom you have read about in the newspapers/biographies, or a household member who runs a little concern with a few staff members. The pick of leader is yours. In your assignment you should cover the undermentioned:

– A clear description of the leader, the organisation/industry, and state of affairs ( s ) /context ( s ) ; – An rating of the leader by mentioning to constructs and theories covered in the topic ( e.g. manner, behavior, traits, attitudes, power ) and by mentioning to relevant illustrations and mini-cases in the text edition ( where appropriate ) ; – A treatment of how you would take otherwise if you were put in the same situation/s as the leader and how you could do a stronger impact on the followings and on the situation/s. Word count ( from the start of the Introduction subdivision to the terminal of the Conclusion subdivision ) : Wordss 2470

Executive sum-up

This assignment looks at twenty-first Century concern leader Jeff Weiner – CEO LinkedIn and critically evaluates and analyses his leading. It starts by depicting the individual, the company and the situational environment and so looks at Jeff Weiner’s character, behavior and accomplishments. Use of rating theories and constructs in the text edition and extended usage of interviews on leading given by Jeff Weiner over the last 3 old ages was the footing for this assignment and provides a comprehensive image of Jeff Weiner as a leader. The inquiry is asked after this analysis as to whether or non Jeff Weiner can be considered a Good or Great leader and the decision drawn is that he can be considered one of the 21st Century’s great leaders. This assignment besides recommends that Jeff considers altering his leading manner to turn to the future addition in the graduated table of his company. It identifies the demand to take a larger organic structure of followings with a less compassionate ( all inclusive ) manner and to happen the balance between compassion and inducement task/KPI wages plan, thereby turn toing the major concern of company political relations that is going more and more apparent within the company.

1 Introduction

Choosing a concern leader for this assignment was a difficult but really gratifying procedure. In my choice I have considered CEO’s of top acting companies as listed in Forbes Magazine ( Forbes. 2014 ) that have all achieved important growing and acknowledgment for their several companies and for themselves. I finally decided on Jeff Weiner because as I gathered more and more information on who he was and where he came from, I became more and more impressed with his leading manner, his vision ( both for the company and his ain personal vision ) , his values and above all his compassion. 2 The Person, The Company & A ; The Situation

2.1 The Person
Jeff Weiner is the Chief executive officer of LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most powerful web of professionals. Jeff joined LinkedIn in December 2008, and under his leading, LinkedIn has quickly expanded its planetary platform to 23 linguistic communications and 30 offices around the universe, turn its rank base from 33 million to more than 313 million members and increased its gross to more than $ 1.5 billion in 2013. Before LinkedIn, Jeff was an executive in abode at Accel Partners and Greylock Partners, … Previously, Jeff served as executive frailty president of Yahoo! ’s Network Division, a concern that generated $ 3 billion in one-year gross with more than 3,000 employees and duty for many of the company’s consumer-facing and industry-leading merchandises. … In add-on to LinkedIn, Jeff serves on the board of managers for Intuit Inc. , DonorsChoose.org and Malaria No More. He holds a BS in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. ( LinkedIn – Management, 2014 ) . 2.2 The Company

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant. LinkedIn started out in the life room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002. The LinkedIn web site was officially launched on May 5, 2003. At the terminal of the first month in operation, LinkedIn had a sum of 4,500 members in the web. In 2013 LinkedIn has grown to be the world’s largest professional web on the Internet and presently has about 277 million members in over 200 states and districts. Gross is generated across three distinguishable merchandise lines: Endowment Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. All three merchandise lines are sold through two channels, an offline field gross revenues organisation which engages with both big and little endeavor clients ; every bit good as an online, self-serve channel where gross is generated from both endeavor clients and single members buying subscriptions. ( LinkedIn – Annual Reports. 2014 ) 2.3 The Situation

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Due to its rapid growing since 2003 ( Refer Figure 1 below ) LinkedIn faces a figure of challenges notably the ability to proportionally scale with an increasing work force. This will farther foreground the demand for strong leading from the CEO down through the assorted concern units to guarantee the company achieves its vision ‘to create economic chance for every member of the planetary workforce’ through its mission ‘to connect the world’s professionals to do them more productive and successful’ ( LinkedIn – Annual Reports. 2014 )

3 Evaluation of Jeff Weiner as a leader
3.1 Fictional character:
When critically measuring Weiner’s leading trait, manner, behavior and attitude it is easy to see that his first rule of leading is pull offing pityingly. In an interview conducted by Business Insider magazine ( Business Insider. 2014 ) Weiner advocates that leading is defined as:

‘The ability to animate others and carry through shared aims. It starts with vision and the ability to believe about where you want to take your vision. It’s about bravery and strong belief and the ability to pass on that vision’ .

Weiner has a clear vision for LinkedIn and believes the best manner to accomplish this vision is to pull off pityingly and with empathy. He believes that the leader/follower relationship is all of import and that merely by ‘walking a stat mi in their shoes’ can you genuinely pull off with compassion. Weiner’s personal vision is ‘to expand the world’s corporate wisdom and compassion’ . I believe a great leader must hold a personal vision that is slightly aligned to the company vision. As the current CEO of LinkedIn, Weiner’s vision is absolutely aligned to the company’s stated vision ‘to create economic chance for every member of the planetary work force, each of whom has the ability to make economic chances for others’ .

To be a compassionate leader requires a deep apprehension of the functions of the leader, the follower and the state of affairs procedure ( Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G 2015 ) . Figure 2 below depicts this interactive model. As a leader Weiner has all the properties ( personality, place, expertness, etc. ) Through compassion Weiner is considerate of the followings ( values, norms, coherence, etc. ) and his experience, expertness and intelligence allows him to be witting of the state of affairs ( undertaking, emphasis, environment etc. )

Furthermore in analysing Weiner’s leading character I believe him to be an reliable leader ( Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G 2015 ) . Weiner exhibits consistence ( Weiner believes ‘trust can be defined as consistence over time’ ) between his values, beliefs and actions and he is highly humanistic with his compassionate leading. He has strong ethical strong beliefs as noted in his personal vision and his womb-to-tomb involvement in instruction reform and clearly dainties others with regard and self-respect. I believe he is invariably endeavoring to heighten his genuineness by being self-conscious and refering himself with what others think. He frequently ends a meeting or address by inquiring what he could hold done better. In an interview ( Business Insider, 2012 ) Weiner ( 2013 ) provided the undermentioned penetration on coaching and leading which farther high spots his genuineness:

Coaching requires manner more than job resolution. The natural disposition is to merely repair things, but Weiner carves out two to three hours per twenty-four hours of buffer clip to believe and train. If you’re unauthentic as a leader, people will whiff it from a stat mi off.

Taking it one measure further one could reason that Weiner is besides a Servant Leader ( Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G 2015 ) as he exhibits many features that are frequently associated with servant leaders. Some features that I believe Weiner has include: Listening: Communication is cardinal in a societal web environment Empathy: Synonymous with compassion

Mending: Beliefs in work / life integrating non equilibrate
Awareness: Acutely cognizant of ain values, Fosters open communicating of feelings and advocators training and mentoring to better strengths and failings. Committedness to others’ growing: Acknowledge comparatively little achievements by his employees. Weiner displays a deft touch, turning errors into a teaching minute for everyone. Building community: The vision and values of the company are practiced every twenty-four hours to keep the civilization and community spirit that made the company successful. 3.2 Behavior:

When sing the behaviour of Weiner as a leader in the concern environment it is utile to determine where on the Leadership Grid ( ( Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G 2015 ) Weiner sits? Weiner’s manner earns overpowering positive reappraisals from his staff. LinkedIn systematically ranks as one of the best topographic points to work, gaining a 92 per centum employee-approval evaluation in an anon. study Glassdoor.com. ( entrepreneur.com, 2013 ) Therefore it is easy to reason that Weiner sits comfortably in the top right manus quarter-circle ( mention figure 3 above ) and can be considered to be a most effectual leader as he demonstrates both a high concern for people and a high concern for the concern ( production ) .

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3.3 Skills

Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G ( 2015 ) believe that the personal credibleness of about every leader can be attributed to some of the most basic accomplishments that they possess:

Building credibleness
Conducting meetings
Effective emphasis direction
Problem work outing
Bettering creativeness.

In visible radiation of the above and sing the literature available it would be acceptable to state that Weiner engenders trust ( credibleness ) in others with his strong moralistic positions, his frequently demonstrated compassion and his selfless vision for his followings. Bass ( 1990 ) defined communicating effectivity as the grade to which person tells others something and ensures that they understand what was said. Weiner uses valuable lessons learned to guarantee effectual communicating:

Repeat, repeat, repeat – David Gergen ( 2010 ) wrote ‘ [ H ] istory Teachs that about nil a leader says is heard if spoken merely once.’ Simplify the narrative – The fewer things you need to pass on, the more likely people will be to internalise the message, align themselves consequently, and achieve success. Explain the why – Provide context so that the follower ( s ) can take part in the treatment, go engaged and experience the message was developed together.

Having a strong focal point on communicating ensures the vision ; values and civilization of LinkedIn are continuously reinforced and applied to the concern. Weiner knows what the intent of his communicating is ( Hughes, R, Ginnett, R & A ; Curphy, G 2015 ) and this helps to efficaciously pass on in the appropriate manner, either publicly or in private, orally or in authorship, and so on. Weiner is self-asserting in a manner that recognizes the rights of others and resists coercing his ain position and ways of making things on others. This allows for authorization and a greater position of the determination / undertaking at manus and is another illustration of pull offing pityingly but assertively. As described earlier in the character subdivision of this assignment Weiner believes in Work/Life Integration and patterns this philosophy in effectual emphasis direction in the work environment.

Weiner knows that what makes him happy is looking frontward to traveling to work in the forenoon and every bit looking frontward to traveling place at dark. This is his incorporate work / life and he does non take anything or anyone for granted which makes his felicity an enduring world. Weiner advocates that job resolution and training prevarication at opposite terminals of the scale line. Leadership in a little start-up company is all about job resolution and screening the issue yourself whereas with a big administration coaching is required. Coaching the followings to job solve requires a great trade of clip and besides requires accomplishments of active hearing and situational consciousness. True leading recognises the importance of training others to job work out efficaciously which leads to efficiencies, supports of values and vision. 4 Good or Great Leader?

So is Weiner a great leader or merely a really successful good leader? To analyze this statement I have drawn on the Level 5 Hierarchy ( Collins, 2001 ) pyramid ( see figure 4 below ) and concluded that Weiner does so incarnate all five beds of the pyramid. He makes productive parts through endowment, cognition, accomplishments and good work wonts. He efficaciously contributes to teams accomplishing group aims. He organises people and resources in the chase of ends and aims. He has a clear and compelling vision and smartly runs for higher public presentation criterions. As a Level 5 Executive he builds digesting illustriousness through his personal humbleness ( compassion ) and professional will.

It is besides of import to hold on that Level 5 leading is non merely about humbleness and compassion and the softer accomplishments but there is besides an innate relentless resoluteness to make whatever is necessary for the company to win. Weiner appears to hold this doggedness but besides undertakings an outer character of compassion and an “all unit of ammunition nice guy” . Weiner has led LinkedIn through an incredible growing stage but continues to make what is right for the company and non merely for the stockholders and the portion monetary value. Evident in his determination to defy force per unit areas for certain added characteristics within LinkedIn like Photos ( this would hold been easy but would hold made LinkedIn more of a societal web than a Professional web ) and his insisting that the figure of members connexions be capped at 500+ ( members can hold more than 500 but other members can merely see 500+ ) .

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5 Leading Differently

This paper has described many of the properties, traits, behavior and accomplishments of Jeff Weiner and it is easy to reason that he is good on the manner to going a great leader. The inquiry of how would you take otherwise if put in the same state of affairs and how you could do a stronger impact is highly hard to reply when sing the about 100 % blessing evaluation that Weiner receives from company employees. However I can see some chances for betterment. Weiner’s dogged finding to instil the values and civilization of LinkedIn and his compassionate leading manner across the whole company, and at every bend has led to some employees past and present kicking about the political relations as a consequence of rapid growing evident by the undermentioned citations ( Glassdoor.com, 2014 ) . :

We’re losing the clear focal point on jobs we one time had. We are passing so much clip calculating out who to include, how non to pique people, and what to describe.

Reduce Political nature of acquiring promoted. Keep the unbelievable civilization while chanting down some of the cult like attributes…Example: pumping up how good everyone is making at an all custodies when in fact the section may hold had a sub-par month.

The rapid growing of LinkedIn as highlighted at the beginning of this paper brings many challenges for leading and endowment enlisting is a major challenge in my sentiment. Company vision, civilization and taking pityingly may restrict the keeping and acquisition of the endowment needed to take the company to the following degree. Technical experts in the engineering field may fight with empathetic leading as they are by and large more introspective and undertaking oriented. I would concentrate every bit on the personal development of each employee and section to pull off pityingly and supply a true inducement and wages plan for accomplishing undertakings / KPI’s.

This would extinguish some of the political relations as it became clear that patterned advance and wages for attempt would be based on public presentation and personal accomplishments and non merely personal accomplishments. This would besides take to more reliable in-between direction ( as there have been issues with employees non acquiring promoted due to their sensed deficiency of compassionate nature ) and greater regard within the work force. Changing the company values over clip taking into consideration state specific civilizations, an individual’s rules, situational influences and whether or non they can show empathy and compassion and an instruction larning plan to assist persons who are less good versed in the softer accomplishments run into the challenges of the compassionate leading manner.

6 Decision

This assignment has critically evaluated the leading of Jeff Weiner who is a twenty-first century concern leader. The rating was based on constructs and theories associating to his character, behaviour and accomplishments as a leader and took into consideration the situational environment. This assignment concludes that Jeff Weiner is a good to great leader showing many accomplishments and traits that have been identified amongst yesteryear and current great leaders. A critical analysis of a leader would non be complete with a treatment on what could be done otherwise and this assignment besides recommended a displacement in focal point from truly compassionate leading to a more balanced manner that includes wages to accomplishing KPI’s and undertaking oriented ends.

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