üConflicting Setting in “So What Are You Anyway?” Essay Sample

For many old ages, African Americans have endured the subjugation of white higher-ups, but have put up a great battle for emancipation. Over clip, the segregation that one time existed has diminished, but continues to populate on in the heads of some. In Lawrence Hills, “So What Are You Anyway” , the scene is a cardinal subscriber to the struggle of the narrative in respects to equality now being instilled into society, an guiltless Carole being targeted and demeaned for the coloring material of her tegument, and the intimidating, funny nature of the Nortons. Following the Civil Rights Movement in 1970, Toronto and many other states were easy progressing towards doing the universe a oasis of equality and independency. White persons were larning to comprehend and handle inkinesss as an equal, and inkinesss were enjoying their newfound freedom.

In the short narrative, the Nortons bombard Carole with nescient comments utilizing a blunt, over confident tone, but fortuitously, the other riders on the plane defend Carole, demoing their credence for colored people during this epoch: “‘Don’t touch her, ’ the air hostess says. ‘Who are these people? ’ person says from across the aisle. ‘Imagine, speaking to a kid like that, and in 1970! ’ One adult female sitting in forepart of Carole stands up and turns about. ‘Would you like to come and sit with me, small miss? ’” ( Hill, 40 ) . Before the Civil Rights Movement was a clip where inkinesss and Whites were contemptuous enemies and those of coloring materials were classified as lower category in comparing to Whites. White people were affluent and rapidly obtained Samaroo power over inkinesss. This explains the Norton’s ignorance and their trouble in accepting person of a different race. They still believe that they are more powerful, sing they grew up contemning colored people.

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However, now that equality is being instilled into society, some are going embrace of assorted races, while others are happening trouble following with equality, like the Nortons. Betty Norton represents people of today’s society because it seems most people have come to footings with a blended universe and multiculturalism, but there are still a choice few with a conservative outlook. Sing that Carole was entirely on the plane without parental supervising, Carole looks vulnerable and represents an easy mark. The Nortons deficiency cognition about assorted people in society, so acquiring the chance to sit following to Carole gave them a sense of high quality, taking them to pull strings this kid into giving them replies to fulfill their self-importances: “‘Travelling all entirely, are you? ’ Carole swallows with trouble. ‘Where do you populate? ’ he asks. ‘Don Mills.’… ‘Were you born at that place? ’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And your parents? ’

My female parent was born in Chicago and my male parent was born in Tuscan.’” ( Hill, 38 ) . The Norton’s intimidating question correlatives to the subjugation of black people, dating back to the times of bondage. On history of the relentless Nortons, whose societal norm included segregation, pecking and annoying Carole, the scene could stand for non being able to get away the hate, seeing that Carole clearly feels trapped and ambushed. By the terminal of the narrative, Carole experiences a loss of artlessness. The Nortons were act uponing her to look at people otherwise, categorising them by race. In 1970, the segregation between inkinesss and Whites was lessening and states were easy larning to accept one another, despite their coloring material. Biracial persons must hold been infrequent at the clip and it Samaroo seems as though the Nortons had ne’er gotten the chance to partake in an unfastened conversation with a colored individual, hence their interrogating and retentive wonder towards Carole: “…she hears the adult male and adult female speaking about her, so she keeps her eyes shut.

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‘I don’t know, Henry, ’ says the adult female. ‘Don’t inquire me. Ask her.’ ‘I’m sort of funny, ’ he says. ‘Aren’t you? ’” ( Hill, 39 ) . Of class, people today are so accustomed to seeing colored persons that they don’t see them for their race, but in 1970, white people still required some acquiring used to the fact that they’re non the lone 1s who deserve all the power and freedom. In the short narrative, Mrs. Norton was disbelieving about inquiring inquiries, but still encouraged her hubby to inquire Carole. The Nortons were funny, but marginal racialist with their negative attack and rough linguistic communication. They used derogatory footings, such as “Negro” and “mulatto” but merely because they were the societal norm at the clip. Wholly, it came down to them desiring to cognize the race of her parents, possibly because biracial relationships were non every bit outstanding as today. Ultimately, even in today’s society, it seems as though most people have come to footings with a diverse universe and multiculturalism, but at that place will ever be an inhospitable few who refuse to allow travel of that antique outlook. Whether its 1970 or 2013, racism still exists today.