üAssess the view that religion no longer acts as a ‘shared universe of meaning’ for people today Essay Sample

Some sociologists would hold with this statement that faith no longer acts as a shared existence of intending for people today and they explain this utilizing secularization. The word layman means non sacred, non religious and non spiritual therefore secularization refers to the procedure of going less spiritual. Woodhead and Heelas identified two versions the disappearing thesis which states that modernness is conveying about the decease of faith, the significance of faith is worsening for both society and the person and secondly the distinction thesis which states faith is worsening in societal significance nevertheless is still important in some people’s private lives and ever will be. However in the House of Lords there are still bishops and archbishops, so a batch of political influence, as they pass and accept Torahs that potentially changes our universe. Bruce ( 2002 ) states that the societal significance of faith is worsening, it no longer acts as a shared existence of intending for people because it is being replaced with scientific discipline and other political orientations. He backs up his work by looking at the power and prestigiousness of spiritual establishments and how what was one time the most of import edifice, the church, can now be seen in ruins in being put to secular usage for illustration in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK one church has been turned into a cabaret named ‘Halo’ and another has been turned into a Tesco Express.

Lyotard ( 1984 ) who is a postmodernist provinces that a postmodern society is characterised by a loss of assurance in metanarratives – the large narratives or expansive accounts provided by scientific discipline, faith and political relations. This is because their claim to the truth has been questioned as there is now more than one reply and as a consequence of this traditional institutional faith has been undermined. Bauman goes farther to state that this produces a ‘crisis of meaning’ which traditional faiths can non cover with this crisis which explains their diminution. However he argues that although there has been a diminution in traditional faiths there has been an addition in new faiths or new looks of religionism which restore significance. However they are really different from the old faiths and more based around persons to suit their peculiar individualities, this means they can pick and take between different 1s and leave one time they offer them no more, Giddens calls this a ‘pick and mix mentality’ .

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However if you look at faith in footings of fundamentalists, who are quickly on the addition, so this would propose faith does move as a shared existence of significance as it has brought them together as a corporate group who all portion the same significances and socialize their kids with the same values. Religion for fundamentalists brings a batch of intending to and plays a big function in their life. Functionalist’s sociologists would besides differ with the position that faith no longer acts as a ‘shared existence of meaning’ for people today as they believe that faith is a necessity to a smooth running society. Emilie Durkheim, a establishing male parent of sociology, looked at Australian natives in order to understand what faith meant for people, he found that they had ‘sacred’ points which they worshipped and this gave them group solidarity and created a corporate scruples. However this survey is seen to be outdated therefore it can non be compared and generalised for people today and it doesn’t expression at western societies which Bruce says are the ‘secular west’ .

Bellah, who is a neo-functionalist, nevertheless modernises Durkheim and other functionalists positions, he looks at a civil faith known as ‘Americanism’ he found that faith did act as a ‘shared existence of meaning’ . He found that in American most of the people had American flags in their front garden, during school the kids did the ‘pledge of allegiance’ and besides on every dollar measure it says ‘in God we trust’ . Because they all follow or have these things it creates group solidarity and a corporate scruples. In decision, there are many grounds for the diminution of faith such as scientific discipline and other things being more of import nevertheless some sociologists would reason that this little diminution has created a cardinal response and people are depriving their lives back to the rudimentss of faith, taking the word of their God literally.

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