üAre scientific inventions making us happier ? Essay Sample

One of the most popular inquiries which is frequently asked is: “Are scientific innovations doing us happier? ” Science today has given us such amenitiess as were impossible old ages ago. Today we switch on the wireless and listen to music, We have electricity, telephones, telecastings, rinsing machines, iceboxs, air-conditioning workss and a host of other appliances. All these things have made the life of adult male really easy and comfy. The flush-lavatories, shower-baths, electric fans, film, autos, ropewaies and “planes” are among other scientific innovations which have increased the easiness and felicity of, world. Science has made going easy and efficient. The universe has become little for us. But those exciting escapades and love affairs which going gave us in the yesteryear have all disappeared. Modem travelling is a dull concern.

Peoples who live in large metropoliss like New York or London have benefited in some ways and lost in many other ways. The metropolis people do non hold any leisure. Their life is so busy and mechanical that they do non hold any clip “to base and stare” every bit good as to see and appreciate the beauties of nature. Their lives have become unreal, devoid of appeal and delectation. Modern age is an age of scientific discipline. As scientific discipline is progressing it is at the same clip queering our civilisation. In the universe of scientific discipline, the words love, emotion and sentiments are rather foreign. So what is the usage of scientific discipline to adult male if he additions the whole universe but loses his psyche? Spiritualism is on the ebb while philistinism is on the addition. Philosophy, civilization and love are quickly melting from the surface of the Earth because of the promotion of scientific discipline.

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On the destructive side, scientific discipline has invented arms which are awful and black. The innovation of U-boats, Rockets, Atom Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs and other harmful atomic devices have increased the opportunities of human devastation. Therefore, if these arms of scientific discipline are misused. they would spell catastrophe for full world. This is the extremum of scientific civilisation. Thus the sentiment by and large remains divided on the above topic. No 1 can claim that scientific discipline is good or a complete expletive. While a scientist makes innovations, a politician misuses them. Chiefly, it is this incorrect application of scientific innovations by the politician which has brought humanity to a bad province. In this regard scientific discipline has dehumanized us. Nowadays we have better drugs and surgical instruments but work forces are going weak constitutionally. What an sarcasm of destiny it is? Today, we have a sensitive ‘heart’ , a sensitive ‘lung’ and a sensitive liver’ due to fast velocity, smoky atmosphere and dust-covered roads.

Therefore scientific discipline, while it makes world happy by its latest accomplishments, besides makes it unhappy when it shows its destructive power. But, loosely talking, scientific discipline can be used for felicity but the huffy head of the adult male and peculiarly of the politician misapplying the finds of scientific discipline, makes us unhappy.