üA Day In The Life Of A School Bag Essay Sample

It was a typical ( ordinary ) school twenty-four hours and I was being packed with my heavy burden. I had different compartments. Inside in you could happen books, pencils, erasers, swayers, dictionary, Atlas of Belize, some coins and other material ( things ) . My nothings were closed and I was lifted off the land. It was clip to travel to school.

I was being tossed ( flipped, swung ) around. I kept knocking into something difficult. Soon I felt myself being lifted up once more. ‘We were at school.’ I thought to myself. I was being carried up a hill towards the schoolroom. Even though I have ne’er seen it I was so used to the route/everyday activities. I have been going on it for seven old ages. I felt myself being pushed into a closet or something like that. I knew I had to wait in this squashy/filthy, messy, soiled hole till four o’clock. Hours came and went. I felt books being put into me and taken out throughout the long, busy/dragging twenty-four hours. Not once more! I felt H2O oozing in to the books and dampening/wetting my spirit. It was the worst thing that could go on at that clip of twenty-four hours.

I knew I had to hold the worst penalty for something that the evil H2O bottle did. It ne’er gets any penalties! It’s non clean! A few hours subsequently I was worried I might be ripped apart when I was being forcefully pulled out of the closet like a thing and lifted up onto my owner’s shoulders. At least he doesn’t transport me on one shoulder like my old proprietor did. It must be four o’clock. I was ready to acquire a drive on my owner’s bike. I enjoyed the drive as we went down the hill. I was being lowered into the back place. The rough drive started and a few proceedingss later it ended.

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I was at place and being released of my burden, but I knew I was traveling to be put outside because I was soaked. As I was drying in the Sun I knew already that my bleached colorss were traveling to melt ( vanish, disappear ) even more. I was being picked up and carried through the house. I was approximately flung ( thrown, swung ) onto the land and left there abandoned, in that uncomfortable place, for the remainder of the dark. Life as a school bag is so deadening. Peoples should cognize that they should handle us with love, regard and attention. We are made from different species/materials and if our species die out human existences will hold to transport everything themselves. A Day In The Life Of A Pencil

Hi, my name is Bob.I’m a pencil and I live in St Gray’s School of Bullies.It was rather deadening in a box but I did hold company because I was one of the many coloured pencils in the box.My coloring material is xanthous and my pencil friends name me Bright Bob.When I was playing with my best friend George the Orange Pencil, a male child called Jess picked up our box and bought us, so took us out of our box and set us into a fluro green pencilcase.That’s how I got here, at St Grays School of Bullies. I am now the shortest pencil in the pencilcase because I get used the most.I draw Suns and sketch ducks with George, and that’s my favorite time.One of my least favorite times is when I have to pull flowers with Lily the purple pencil, and she’s a miss! My other least favorite clip is when I have to be sharpened by Sam the evil sharpener.

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His blade cuts into my wood and it sears with pain.I hatred my proprietor, Jess.He’s a goody-goody and is the teascher’s pet.He is extremly raging and chows paper.Hess doesn’t merit to be at St Grays School of Bullie because he’s non a bully, he’s non naughty and he’s non been in a battle once.It’s excess merriment when the naughtiest childs steal the pencilcas for Jess and conceal us inside paper airplanes which they so throw about. After and before school it’s really quiet and still, so George and I come out of our pencilcase and expression in other pencilcases and run into new pencils.It’s really easy to happen our manner back to the pencilcase because it’s fluro green and really big.It is great merriment being a pencil, except for being sharpened by Evil Sam and be put with GIRLS! ! !