I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

They say that the records are meant to be broken, Fortresss are built to be conquered and benchmarks are set to be achieved because if it was n’t for a record to be broken, benchmark to be achieved or a fortress to be conquered cipher would hold of all time built it in first topographic point. A great personality one time said that anything could be achieved but for that you should go forth no rocks unturned and triumph will be yours. I, Shakeel Maqsood, and my squad of Food Division, Gujranwala zone had the same thing in head when we set the mark of accomplishing a reeling 42.7 Million rupees sale in the month of August 2009 ; 10 Million rupees gross revenues in Gujranwala metropolis and 10 Million rupees gross revenues in Sialkot metropolis. My squad ‘s supervisors viz. Shehzad Shah in Gujranwala and Adnan Yousaf in Sialkot took on the duty of presenting it and goodness me did n’t they do good. Duties were delegated to the single squad members of puting their ain day-to-day marks harmonizing to the program and seek to set in their best attempt. Cipher was allowed to go forth early even if the day-to-day marks were met, they were asked to be after for the twenty-four hours in front. It was for the first clip in all my old ages with my squad that I saw them turning from boys into work forces as they achieved such a immense mark. It was intense work for best portion of one month and I would wish to compliment my squad for accomplishing this milepost which we ‘ve been looking to make so since really long. I would wish to thank my beloved God Almighty Allah for doing me accomplish this mark and I would besides wish to heap congratulations on our respected NSM, Mr. Nadeem Khan and RSM, Mr. Amjad Niaz for giving us the sort of support we needed to accomplish this mark. Besides I would wish to thank National Food ‘s Supply Chain and Logistics section because if it was n’t for their on-time stock bringings this mark would non hold been possible. I hope that we keep on presenting better marks and accomplish them in expansive manner. May God be with us All. Ameen.

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