I Am Proud To Be A Teacher Essay Sample

I am proud to be a teacher…
for I am the molder of immature heads and character for I am the supplier of new thoughts and accomplishments to an empty heads for I am the director of immature kids on whatever school projects for I am the sermonizer of good intelligence to all world for I am the protagonist of Government Pushs

for I am the builder of people great and little
for I am an pedagogue that guides the fates of work forces and states Above all…
for I am a follower of Christ’s instructions of being simple. low and patient.

What is Mentoring?

Mentor-mentee relationship that binds common credence and willingness to implement the K to 12 Basic Education Program Endowed with encouragement from experient instructors to the less experient 1s to encompass the mentoring plan as their guiding rules in learning New thoughts and schemes are shared to modify programs and techniques Transparency of the mentor’s function as a “Gabay”- a wise and trusted individual who accompanies the mentee in his or her professional journey

Opportunity designed to the mentor-mentee development and the learner’s betterment Reliable confidence of alteration for the betterment of the teaching-learning state of affairs Intelligent reply for the job in the course of study as it increases the accomplishments and cognition for both the wise man and the mentee peculiarly on calling development Noble undertaking that a wise man attributes to his/her mentee

Gentle response in accomplishing the end of K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum as leeway for uncertainnesss.

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