Hysteria in “The Crucible” Essay Sample

The province of craze in a society can distribute faster than a brush fire. and be more unsafe so a San Francisco temblor. There is a procedure of four combined stairss that will finally take to this catastrophe ; a fearful event. publicity of the event. onslaughts due to pretense. and entire terror and pandemonium. Webster’s dictionary defines crazes as a province of unwieldy fright or surplus.

The procedure of craze is initiated by an event which brings fright. and will finally do societal agitation. pandemonium. and misgiving. This event normally involves a group of people and an issue that concerns the whole community. In the Crucible this can be seen when Abi and the other misss of Salem are found dancing in the forests. The dance work stoppages fright of witchery. and the procedure of craze Begins. The American Communist panic in the 1950’s was initiated by the increased popularity of the socialist system of authorities. Because this system challenged the basic civil rights of Americans. this event involved the full state.

In order for craze to happen a important figure of people must larn of the event. This happens by the publicity and spread of fright throughout a community. Promotion is of import because without public cognition of the fear societal agitation will non take topographic point. As seen in the Crucible. publicity is shown when Reverend Parris holds a meeting of the largest town chitchats to state them of Betty and Ruth’s complaint. and that witchery may be involved. This cognition starts a concatenation reaction through Salem. which spreads the intelligence to everyone in the town. During the Red panic media development had already plagued America. so publicity was about instant.

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At this point the community is get downing to fall apart. The first marks of unrest are noticeable. and control has become a tongueless point. Members of the community get down floging out at others doing accusals based on pretence. and driven by fright. This is so destructive to a community because no 1 is safe from false accusals or slander. When this happens “mob mentality” takes consequence. A individual is unagitated. responsible. and sensible ; but people are out of control and easy panicked. At this clip in The Crucible. the town of Salem is in complete confusion. No 1 can take control. and the “mob” in consequence has all the power. During the Communist panic nevertheless. the American population is non the rabble. Alternatively a little group of high-octane persons seem to hold the power which makes it difficult to believe that these events even took topographic point.

Finally there is no hope. Hysteria has plagued the community. Everyone is panicked. and persons have lost any sense of world. The effects were dire in both illustrations of the Communist panic and The Crucible. In the Crucible countless guiltless citizens of Salem lost their lives as a consequence. During the ruddy panic many talented authors and histrions lost their occupations and any opportunity of of all time working in the amusement industry once more.

The stairss to hysteria may be difficult to acknowledge. or may even look to be unimportant ; nevertheless the consequence of allowing this procedure take topographic point can be everlastingly destructive to a society.