Human Behavior in Organization Essay Sample

The minute we are asked to interview a professional for our topic in Human Behavior in Organization ( HBO ) . the biggest inquiry for me was-who should I interview? Then I was rolling about our house and establish my aunt in the life room. watching the telecasting. That’s it! . I told myself. who should I better interview than a instructor who were the 1s who have inculcated the values and cognition that individual demands and even the successful directors comptrollers. physicians. applied scientists attorneies and many others. . Furthermore. they are the 1 who have molded those persons who are now experts in their ain chosen field. The 1 that I decided to interview is my aunt. Ms. Melania F. Nortez who is a instructor who has been practising her profession for 15 old ages. She earned her grade of Bachelor of Secondary Education at the Central Luzon State University. She worked at Capintalan National High School for 13 old ages and is presently working at Carranglan National High School ( CNHS ) as a Technology and Livelihood Education ( TLE ) instructor.

The first inquiry that I asked her was. “How was your relationship with your co-teachers? ” and so she replies. “So far. I have been working good with my co-teachers sing that I’ve been with them for a twelvemonth and a half. Although at first it was hard. particularly because every one of them has their ain personalities and attitudes. so I guess what we ever have to make was to set. ” The following thing I asked her was. “Was it ever easy for you to work in a squad. I mean to intermix with your co-teachers? ” so she replied. “Not truly. as I told you a piece ago. every individual has their ain personalities and attitudes. so adjustment must truly be a must. ” She chuckled. “My first hebdomads after I transferred in CNHS were the most hard portion. I have new co-teachers except for some who I already know and besides the alteration of environment. I had to truly make my best in order for me to do them believe in my capablenesss and besides to derive their trust. ” “What motivates you? ” my 3rd inquiry. She answered. “ I enjoyed learning the students-that is my biggest motive. when I got to leave your cognition with them and portion with them my experiences and that hopefully they could larn from it.

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One more thing that motivates me is the cognition that I would besides larn from my pupils. because larning as we know it is a give and take procedure. right? My pupils learn from me. and I besides earn from them in return. ” “How make you actuate your pupils? ” actuating them is difficult for me candidly. particularly at their age. my pupils are in their teenage old ages where they start to develop their ain point of views and beliefs. Sometimes what I do is to give them some excess credits for them to execute and take action. ” “What is a good leader for you? ” “A good leader for me is person who leads by illustration. Hindi yung puro salita lang ng salita pero walang gawa ( her exact words ) . peculiarly in my instance as a TLE instructor you truly have to demo them how things are done. “Do you consider yourself a good leader? ” “Somehow. because you know. when you’re in the academia. you truly hold to be one in order to truly do your pupils learn. And besides. from being a good leader. you can be able to impact and act upon them effortlessly. ” she replied.

As I was believing about this interview that I had with my aunt. I was besides seeking to inquire myself about the inquiries that I asked her and I realized that at this point of my life I don’t truly cognize if I could do myself a good leader someday. Possibly because I was the sort of individual that would ever travel with the flow. I ever acquire carried with the bandwagon and possibly I could somehow alter it. because in life there would ne’er be a captain of your ain ship but yourself. As to the motive portion of the interview. I guess what motivates me is personal accomplishment. I like to work hard for me to acquire good classs and besides to carry through some ends that I set out for myself. and I am sometimes discouraged when I don’t acquire to accomplish them. All in all. the interview went good. The interview had given me a manner to look at my aunt non merely person whom I normally mingle with. but an experient person who grew cleanly in her chosen profession.

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