How successful was the League of Nations in reaching its aims 1920-29? Essay Sample

When the League of Nations was set up. it has four chief purposes. They were: to promote states to demilitarize ; to deter aggression ; to better life and working conditions of people all round the World ; and to promote states to collaborate. The League was successful in some countries. peculiarly in with its assorted committees and authorizations. but over all. it was unsuccessful in accomplishing its purposes.

When it came to administration. the League was rather unsuccessful. The USA. USSR and Germany wholly started off outside the League. consentaneous determinations meant that motivations were barely of all time passed. the tribunal was non able to implement any of its determinations as it had no ground forces. and the full League was flawed with its naïve premise that all states would desire to demilitarize. However. the League’s administration did affect a batch of states. had strong authorizations from the Versailles Settlement. had a strong secretariat in Geneva. and had a clear set of regulations.

The League was non really good at maintaining the peace either. It did divide Upper Silesia successfully between the Germans and the Poles. settle the difference of the Aaland Islands. prevent war between Greece and Bulgaria. and managed to keep off another major war ( but merely until 1939 ) . On the other manus. the League did nil to halt the Poles taking Vilna. allowed Mussolini to sabotage the Corfu Settlement. and was unable to work out influential powers’ jobs. as they had veto ballots.

The League’s purpose to promote disarming failed wholly! This was partially due to the naïve premise that all the states in the League wanted to demilitarize in the first topographic point. However. at the same clip. but outside the League. most states did cut down their weaponries.

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The League’s greatest accomplishment was its ability to better life and on the job conditions. through authorizations and committees. throughout the World. The League stopped the Russian enteric fever epidemic. returned 400. 000 captives of war to Turkey. introduced the 48 hr hebdomad. limited the working hours for little kids. removed lead from white pigment. and reduced the sum of bondage and slave trade. Its lone ruin was a global grippe epidemic and the fact that the Court was powerless to implement its determinations and could be ignored.

The League besides encouraged states to collaborate. It introduced transporting lanes and the International Highway Code. got the USSR and Germany to fall in the League. increased planetary trade. and helped reconstruct the Austrian and Magyar economic systems. Unfortunately. though. there were still disputes over district. international understandings outside the League. the USA remained outside the League. and Britain refused to subscribe the Geneva Protocol.

In decision. it is clear that while the League of Nations did prevail in some countries. such as its purpose to better life and on the job conditions. it was still finally unsuccessful. and did non truly make its purposes.


Modern World Histroy. I. C. Jones