How Plagiarism Violates The NASW Code Of Ethics?

The National Association of Social Workers ( NASW ) is an organisation of professionals that “works to heighten the professional growing and development of its members, to make and keep professional standards” ( National Association of Social Workers [ NASW ] , 2008, Approximately ) . Within this association there is a Code of Ethics that was created to assist steer the behaviour of both professional and student societal workers. The NASW Code of Ethics provides ethical criterions, values, and rules that all societal workers are responsible to adhere to. The Code is presented in four subdivisions detailing appropriate behaviour for societal workers. With these guidelines in head societal work pupils are expected to finish both assignments and pattern in the field with the topmost highest unity. While there are many subjects covered within the Code, one that is indispensable for pupils to see is plagiarism.

Plagiarism as defined by Columbia University School of Social Work ‘s Writing Center is “the usage of another author ‘s thoughts or words as one ‘s ain without mentioning that person” ( CUSSW Writing Center, 2010 ) . Without supplying proper certification of where the author obtained the information included in an assignment the reader will automatically presume that these are the author ‘s original ideas and thoughts. The fact that a societal work pupil does non recognition an writer used in a writing assignment goes straight against the guideline of admiting recognition depicted in subdivision 4.08 of the NASW Code of Ethics, which states, “

a ) Social workers should take duty and recognition, including writing recognition, merely work they have really performed and to which they have contributed.

( B ) Social workers should candidly admit the work of and the parts made by others” ( NASW,2008, preamble ) .

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All pupils in the School of Social Work are bound by the by the NASW Code of Ethical motives and by the policies of the Columbia University School of Social Work community. It is the pupil ‘s duty to be to the full informed as to what constitutes plagiarism and to forbear from all activities that constitute plagiarism. Typically this information can be obtained by sing the school ‘s web site. As a societal work pupil it is necessary to pattern personal and academic honestness because it shows one ‘s character. By copying information and go throughing it as your ain can be considered fallacious and misconstrued as portraying fraud or misrepresentation.

The Code of Ethics besides provides pupils a method to look into ourselves as societal workers as we go forth and set an illustration to clients. In add-on, as read in Section 4, Social Worker ‘s Ethical Duties as Professionals, of the NASW Code of Ethics “Social Workers should non take part in, condone, or be associated with dishonesty, fraud or deception” ( NASW, 2008, Section 4 ) . This reinforces the construct that as societal workers we have a committedness to be true to ourselves and acknowledge the work of others by crediting them.

After a close scrutiny of the NASW Code of Ethical motives it is evident that when one performs any act of plagiarism including rip offing it is go againsting the codification of many degrees and facets. Under the value of unity stand the undermentioned ethical rules sketching “Social workers behave in a trusty manner” ( NASW, 2008, Ethical Principles ) . The engagement of plagiarism this value and ethical rule that are put upon societal workers is disgraced. Additionally, under the value of competency, the ethical rule paired is, “Social workers pattern within their countries of competency and develop and heighten their professional expertise” ( NASW, 2008, Ethical Principles ) . All of these are broken when partaking in plagiarism, as we use others words we are non valuing that person ‘s worth of the individual and more or less stealing their difficult work and constructs. Not merely do we lose trust of our co-workers but trust in ourselves and are overwhelmed with the feeling of being unqualified when one can non honour another person ‘s work. The nucleus values provided by the NASW Code of Ethical motives are of import because our profession is based on these ethical motives.

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Since “CUSSW pupils are expected to carry on themselves in all facets of school activities in a mode consistent with the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers” take parting in plagiarism straight violates these criterions ( CUSSW, Policies, 2010 ) . As a affair of professional development societal work pupils need to develop a regard for written communicating and the procedure of showing work. Academic communicating is frequently a balance between the presentation of your original thoughts, representation of information gained from other beginnings and the integrating of both. It is one ‘s liability to account for the use of other ‘s work, so we stay in line with our societal work moralss and values presented in the codification.

Furthermore, the Ethical Standards provided in the codification include: societal workers ‘ ethical duties to co-workers, ethical duties in pattern scenes, ethical duties as professionals, societal workers ‘ ethical duties to the societal work profession, and Social workers ‘ ethical duties to the broader society. All of this is lost when non crediting person else work. It is every societal worker ‘s mission to follow and hold their professional worth be embedded in the nucleus values that the Code of Ethics is based upon and identifies. It is important for academic establishments to keep the duty of pupils of fosterage and measuring professional behavioral development for all pupils in the societal work plan is ( Atlantic University Florida ) . The School of Social Work besides bears a duty to the community at big to bring forth to the full trained professional societal workers who consciously exhibit the cognition, values, and accomplishments of the profession of societal work. The values of the profession are codified in the NASW Code of Ethics. When a pupil does non adhere to these ethical rules, a quandary arises that inquiry if a pupil to the full comprehends the NASW Code of Ethics and what duty it carries. It is clear that quality pupils to the full prepared for the profession will adhere to all the guidelines provided in the NASW Code of Ethics and show cognition of the significance.

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