How is linguistics a scientific study Essay Sample

When linguists claim that their subject is the scientific survey of linguistic communication. they have in head certain rules which distinguish between a scientific and a non-scientific survey of linguistic communication. First. linguistics is nonsubjective. that is. it considers all linguistic communications to be equal. For a linguist. there are no ‘primitive’ . ‘pure’ . ‘beautiful’ . ‘cultural’ . or ‘sophisticated’ linguistic communications. Objectivity is hard to achieve because linguistic communication is so familiar to us that we can barely disassociate ourselves from it. The nonsubjective survey of linguistic communication is hindered by assorted cultural. societal and historical misconceptions about certain linguistic communications. Linguistics has demonstrated that any linguistic communication. nevertheless ‘primitive’ . or ‘underdeveloped’ its people may be. is as complex and extremely organized as any other linguistic communication spoken by a ‘civilized’ people. There is no per se ‘richer’ or ‘purer’ linguistic communication. because each linguistic communication serves the maps needed by its talkers. The linguist trades with all linguistic communications every bit with the purpose to build a general theory of the construction of the linguistic communication.

Second. linguistics is fundamentally an empirical. non a bad or intuitive. subject in the sense that it examines specific informations ( e. g. address and composing ) . and returns by verifiable and justifiable operations. It relies on observation and experiment. and uses formalized rules and a theory capable of preparation. It aims to analyse the information and do generalisations about the regularities encountered in the lingual phenomena under survey.

Third. linguistics obeys the undermentioned canons of scientific discipline: exhaustiveness. consistence and economic system. Linguistics trades with all relevant informations. i. e. . it analyzes all the facts of linguistic communication that autumn within its range. and surveies consistently every lingual component from all angles. It allows no contradictory statements and requires that all parts of analysis be consistent with the whole. Repetition is non allowed either. and more economic statements incorporating fewer constructs or symbols are preferred to longer 1s.

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Therefore. we can province that lingual is a societal scientific discipline which can be subsumed under the empirical scientific disciplines. It deals with. among other things. how people behave and interact with each other in society by agencies of linguistic communication. Linguistics is non every bit accurate as the natural or ‘hard’ scientific disciplines like natural philosophies. chemical science or biological science. whose scientific position is established and irrevokable possibly what makes linguistics less precise than the natural scientific disciplines is the fact that its capable affair ( spoken or written linguistic communication ) is portion of the human behavior in general.