Houston Fearless 76: The Sales Incentive Plan Modification Proposal Essay Sample


This study focuses on the gross revenues map and incentive systems of Houston Fearless 76. Inc. ( HF76 ) . First. some background information and strategic aims of the company will be provided. Then. analysis will be made on the current gross revenues inducement program and the proposed new inducement program along with some recommendations on execution of the new program and other managerial issues.

Company Background

Houston Fearless 76. Inc. is a medium size fabrication company that provides planing. fabrication. selling. and service of high quality micrographic and photographic merchandises. Customers range from companies in banking. health care. and film industries to authorities entities.

HF76 has different strategic aims for different merchandises. For merchandises in the emerging and turning markets. gross revenues force should place new clients and new markets. For merchandises in the mature phase. gross revenues force should use the company trade name name and maintain gross revenues in the niche market.

Even though HF76 has approximately $ 15 million in gross revenues yearly. its net income border has declined over the old ages and the direction is really concerned. The direction realizes that the chief cause of this job is the mismatch between company aims and gross revenues force inducements due to inappropriate public presentation step and different compensation constructions for different merchandises.

The Old Gross saless Incentive System

The old gross revenues inducement system uses a combination program – a base salary plus committee – to pay sales representative. The base wages range from $ 40. 000 to $ 60. 000. while the typical committees earned are about 50 % of base wage. A fillip system is besides in topographic point for gross revenues helpers for making the overall gross revenues end.

The thought of utilizing a combination program is good since it provides flexibleness by associating inducements to accomplishment of less quantitative aims. such as client satisfaction. every bit good as gross revenues volume. It besides provides sales representative with a more stable income.

However. there are some drawbacks with this system. First. the committees earned are based on gross revenues instead than profitableness. Therefore. end congruity can non be reached as sales representative merely concentrate on forcing out any merchandises irrespective of the net income border earned. Consequently. sales representative will chiefly concentrate on gross revenues volume instead than being aggressive in accomplishing other aims such as developing new markets. spread outing bing markets. or happening synergisms among merchandise markets. The deficiency of end congruity besides makes it difficult for gross revenues helpers to acquire fillips since they do non see a clear relationship between their occupation description and the fillip. Furthermore. the fact that committee rate is different across sales representative based on merchandise features and market state of affairs has led to employee dissatisfaction.

The New Gross saless Incentive Plan and Unsolved Problems

The direction has come up with a new gross revenues inducement program that might work out the old jobs ; nevertheless. the new gross revenues inducement program has produced a quandary while go forthing some jobs still unsolved.

The new program focuses on supplying committee based on the products’ gross border with accurate prognosis as eventuality. Such program does work out the job of worsening net income border of the company ; nevertheless. the sales representative will seek to avoid selling low or negative border merchandises. which may hold strategic importance to the company.

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One cause of the company’s higher than mean cost construction is the prediction job because much of the production planning procedure involves gross revenues prognosiss from the gross revenues forces. However. many sales representatives do non set much attempt in calculating as they think gross revenues are unpredictable and there is no answerability for inaccurate gross revenues forecast. Even though the new inducement program does promote salespeople to calculate earnestly. it does non give any punishments for inaccuracy. Therefore. the sales representative will still non be aggressive plenty in calculating accurately.

HF76 besides faces other troubles in alining company objectives to single inducements such as researching new markets. better sales/operations coordination among salespeople and fabrication section. These troubles are non addressed by the new inducement program.

Suggested Alteration to the New Gross saless Incentive Plan

On the corporate degree. a successful gross revenues incentive program should be a tool to back up corporate scheme and aims for merchandise direction. On the single degree. the gross revenues end should be disputing and realistic. and designed for the occupation instead than for people. Besides. it should imply a simple machinist. supply wagess that adequately impact the behaviours. and encourage people to overachieve. Since the company’s chief aim is non merely about doing the gross revenues volume or gross border. net income border is non an effectual index to cipher salespeople’s pecuniary wages above basic wage. Alternatively. a point based system is more appropriate to honor the sales representative for carry oning behaviours that are aligned to company aims.

Since HF76 has different strategic aims for different merchandises. and the net income borders vary greatly among different merchandises. it is hard to find the committees for merchandises that have low or negative net income border even though it is the company’s strategic involvement to sell them. Therefore. the company should delegate points to different merchandises. and merchandises with higher strategic involvements to the company should be assigned with more points. Consequently. sales representative will concentrate on selling the merchandises with higher points. Such method wagess the sales representative for selling merchandises that have higher strategic importance instead than the most expensive 1s.

For the gross revenues prognosis. a truth bring oning incentive system should be adopted because prognosiss greatly affect the company’s stock list and production planning procedure. In other words. successful prognosis leads to honor while bad prognosis leads to punishment and sales representative should be rigorous about their appraisal. Therefore. if the salespeople’s anticipation is within +10 % or -10 % of the existent gross revenues. positive points will be given for the truth. In contrast. negative points will be assigned into the computation to punish the sales representative if the prognosis is beyond +10 % or -10 % of the existent gross revenues. As the divergence becomes greater. more points will be deducted ; as a consequence. sales representative will seek to supply higher truth.

Unlike the gross revenues volume and gross revenues prognosis. MBO targets focus more on positive behaviours. Therefore. a balance scorecard. a tool that evaluates both quantitative and qualitative public presentation. should be in topographic point to allow the salespeople aware of company’s aims and to warn the gross revenues director of unequal public presentation of his subsidiaries. A balance scorecard is chosen because it provides the model to unite the work force around common ends and gives an rating on employees’ behaviours. Furthermore. it communicates the cause-and-effect relationships for cardinal strategic enterprises and delivers grounds that these enterprises are lending to the organization’s aims. Different aims should be assigned with different figure of points to reflect their importance and management’s precedence.

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For illustration. acquiring new clients and organizing good with production are of import company aims under the client position ; therefore. a high point would be rewarded for accomplishing this aim. In contrast. acquisition and utilizing Microsoft Office is an nonsubjective under invention and larning position. but this aim will be assigned with less point because it is less of import.

In add-on to the MBO marks. there will be a team-based compensation strategy. where both the sales representative and his/her helper will be given a $ 1000 fillip for achieving a high mark in the balanced scorecard. Team-based compensation strategy helps employees to work hand in glove. Some aims in the MBO marks such as web with professional associations. better communicating through electronic mail. and utilize Microsoft Office can be alleviated by the gross revenues helpers. By honoring as a squad. undertaking redundancy can be greatly reduced and sales representatives are able to concentrate on nucleus competence such as doing gross revenues while allowing the helpers do the clients followups and use the necessary proficient abilities. Furthermore. the gross revenues helpers will go cognizant that there is a correlativity between their public presentation and compensation.

The New Formula

Compensation = Basic Salary + Gross saless Reward + Forecasting Reward/Penalty + MBO wages

Basically. the salespeople’s entire compensation is the collection of the basic wage. gross revenues of merchandises. prediction undertakings. balance scorecard rating. and fillip for working good as a squad. Below is a typical compensation study for sales representative.

The compensation strategy:

Base Salary $ 3500

Points from gross revenues 13

Points from prediction ( 5 )

Points from MBO $ 3500 9

Entire Points 17

Points until higher Bonus 3

Bonus from Points $ 3000

Team Bonus from MBO $ 1000

Assistant: Eva Colton

Entire Salary $ 7500

With this system. sales representative are induced to accomplish undertakings that are of import to the company yet they are encouraged to overachieve. Furthermore. the system is easier to understand because the measuring method is consistent across different classs ( i. e. the point system ) . Compensation and punishment at each degree are important as portrayals in the illustration above ; therefore. sales representative will stress on gradual public presentation betterment instead than fringy.

Successful Execution of the New Incentive Plan

In following any incentive plan. direction would be probably to confront obstructions in the execution procedure. Some important hindrances include communicating job. direction committedness. costs. organisational civilization and employees’ perceptual experience.

To accomplish the coveted consequence of an inducement program. troughs must be effectual and consistent in pass oning coveted public presentation. supplying feedback to the gross revenues crew. and encouraging coveted behaviours. These may non be easy to carry through. given that the frailty presidents. directors. and gross revenues people are geographically dispersed across the state. Hence. effectual communicating mechanisms must be in topographic point. For illustration. the organisational construction may be changed to heighten efficiency. truth. and efficacy of communicating between top direction and lower degree employees. Besides. more accent will be placed on team-based compensation since it provides more positive impact by promoting cooperation between staff.

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Since the magnitude of the alteration in inducement program is big. sales representative may non be able to accept those alterations easy. Thus. direction commitment becomes peculiarly of import. They need to demo the sales representative that they are actively and systematically committed to the new public presentation demand in order to do the alteration attempt win.

Under the new inducement program. direction is likely to pass more on entire compensation to guarantee salespeople’s easy credence of the alteration. Training would besides necessitate to be provided to educate gross revenues forces on how the new plan plants and how to maximise their wage. In order to accomplish company objectives more easy. sales representative would besides necessitate to achieve more cognition on merchandises and local clients through preparation. While this can assist HF76 salvage costs by cutting down the figure of traders and reps. big sum of costs in compensation and preparation would probably to be incurred. Therefore. direction needs to make precautions. For case. they can set up a regulation that if entire award payments exceed one-third of pre-award net income. each award is proportionally reduced by the per centum that tierce of net income is less than the entire computed payment.

Finally. it is really of import that HF76’s civilization displays trust. regard. and willingness to work together toward common ends. Furthermore. the gross revenues staff needs to comprehend the new inducement system as just. understand the intent of it and acknowledge the links between inducements and single and corporate public presentation. After all. the program will non work without employees’ support.

Other Issues

To guarantee that the proposed new inducement program will be successful. it is necessary for HF76 to alter its organisational construction. or more specifically. its departments’ relationship with one another.

As indicated in the above diagram. sales representative should describe to the selling section every bit good as the operations section in order to cut down the sales/operations clashs. Furthermore. gross revenues helpers should describe straight to the sales representative since they are supplying support to the sales representative. At the same clip. gross revenues helpers should besides collaborate with the client service section as they besides deal with the clients during the followup after a sale has been made.


To sum up this proposal of alterations in inducement program. HF76 should follow a point-based inducement system. Entire award payout should be classified into four classs: gross revenues of merchandises. truth of gross revenues forecast. balance scorecard. and team-based fillip. The sum of money that a sales representative receives would depend on the figure of points he or she scores in each class.

Although HF76 would probably meet some hindrances when implementing this proposed inducement program. the benefits of execution outweigh its costs. This modified inducement system helps to actuate HF76’s employees to sell merchandises that are more strategically of import to the company. to do gross revenues calculate accurately. to execute more positive behavior that benefit the company. and to collaborate with each other to make ends that are congruous to company aims. These benefits show that the program is long-run focused since they are all aligned with company’s ends. Therefore. the costs incurred from execution are likely to be offset by the long-run net incomes that this inducement program will convey.