Homeless to Harvard Movie Review – Essay Sample

Homeless to Harvard. written by Ronni Kern. directed by Peter Levin. and released in 2003. Tells the compelling narrative of one woman’s battle to get the better of enormous personal obstructions. Golden Globe nominee Thora Birch stars in non merely this gesture image but besides many others. which include Ghost World and American Beauty. Birch plays the function of Liz Murray upon which this true narrative is based.

This movie is rated TVPG and is suited for all ages. The specials effects are unbelievable and the music fits absolutely. It feels like you know Liz Murray after you have watched this movie. The manager spared no sum of grit or dirt in stating Murray’s unfortunate life narrative.

From movie review on Homeless to Harvard we find out that it tells the traveling narrative of a immature adult female raised in terrible poorness by loving. yet dependent parents. Liz’s female parent was a cumulative drug user and she had AIDS. There was no nutrient in the house because Liz’s female parent had spent it all on drugs. Liz was invariably seeking to rectify her parent’s state of affairs. When her female parent and male parent could non take attention of her anymore she found her life traveling in a downward spiral. She was entirely and populating on the streets. Profoundly affected by her mother’s AIDS-related decease. Liz is forced to look at her hereafter and do some important alterations. She is able to turn her burdensome life around by acquiring off the streets and traveling back to high school. After gaining her sheepskin in merely two old ages. Liz wins a New York Times scholarship for destitute pupils enabling her to go to Harvard University.

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Liz is an inspiration to all people who feel trapped in a universe they fear they can ne’er get away. She understood that instruction was the key to raising herself out off her desperate state of affairs. Through her ain personal finding she achieved her impossible dream. Liz is a genuinely alone individual and I feel she has touched the Black Marias of those who have heard her narrative. How did this immature miss overcome so many obstructions? Watch as her life unfolds. This film is amazing! You will non be disappointed.