Historical Perspective Essay Sample

In the nursing profession there are so many research workers in history that have had a important impact on nursing and the go oning research. A nursing research worker and theoretician who changed the position on nursing and continues to act upon the nursing profession is Jean Watson. During the completion of my Bachelor’s plan and analyzing several theoreticians. Jean Watson has been the focal point of my pattern and an influence. The American Holistic Nurses Association ( AHNA ) recognized Jean Watson for the accomplishment of holistic nursing. Between 1975 and 1979 Watson developed the expansive theory of Transpersonal Caring. the name was changed and was called the theory of Human Caring. Through the old ages this theory has been germinating and was revised in 2008 into Nursing. The Doctrine and Science of Caring. This was an extension of the original theory and is soon in the latest signifier incorporating the 10 Carative factors ( AHNA ) . The Ten Carative Factors contained 10 elements:

1. Humanistic-altruistic system of value ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
2. Faith-hope ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
3. Sensitivity to self and others ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
4. Helping-trusting. human attention relationship ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
5. Expressing positive and negative feelings ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
6. Creative problem-solving lovingness procedure ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
7. Transpersonal teaching-learning ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
8. Protective. supportive. and disciplinary mental. social. physical. and religious environment ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
9. Aid with human demands ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .
10. Existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces ( Watson. 1988. p. 75 ) .

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Dr. Jean Watson as the Dean at the University of Colorado established the Center for Human Caring ( AHNA ) . In 2007 Watson founded the non-profit-making international organisation. Thomas augustus watsons Caring Science Institute. which was formed to reconstruct the nature of lovingness and healing. to back up the system of nature. and to retain the competent. caring professional nurses who are a cherished resource in current health care ( AHNA ) . Watson’s theory of transpersonal lovingness is a qualitative research and considered to be more of a guideline for the nurse patient interaction. The theory provides a model for patient-centered nursing attention ( Neil & A ; Tomey. 2006 ) . Watson’s transpersonal lovingness can be applied to the nursing profession by giving a usher for supplying comfort steps. relieving emphasis. agony. and hurting. Watson’s theory can besides supply publicity for mending and well-being by continuing human self-respect. assists the patient in happening a significance to the unwellness and agony and aid reconstruct the individual to harmoniousness.

Neil. R. M. . & A ; Tomey. A. M. ( 2006 ) . Jean Watson: Doctrine and scientific discipline of caring. In A. M. Tomey & A ; M. R. Alligood ( Eds. ) . Nursing Theorists and Their Work ( 6th erectile dysfunction. . pp. 91–115 ) . St. Louis. Moment: Mosby

Schoner. A. American Holistic Nursing Association ( AHNA ) . The American Holistic Nurses Association Honors Dr. Jean Watson RN. PhD. FAAN. AHN-BC with the Holistic Nurse of the Year Award. June 24. 2010. Retrieved From hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ahna. org/Home/News-Room/HNY-Award-2010. Watson. J. ( 1988 ) . Nursing: Human Science and Human Care. A Theory of Nursing ( 2nd

printing ) . New York: National League for Nursing. ( Original work published in 1985. )

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