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This paper presents the relationship between academic accomplishment and occupation public presentation of working pupils in four different colleges and universities in Intramuros. Manila. Using an FGD affecting working pupils from the Intramuros Consortium. the survey tries to understand how on the job hours affects their faculty members and employment and things that should be covered by the proposal policy. as good for those who are working pupils. The policy will bring out the different positions coming from working pupils who financess themselves for school. Through the usage of Social Capital Theory. this survey hopes to supply an apprehension of the quandary. contradictions. and challenges working pupils face by supplying a policy that could be adopted in the policy-making sphere-the Local or National Legislative organic structure. The consequences reveal that although on the job pupils are holding a hard clip with their working hours they still manage to equilibrate their precedences. But with that. they still need emotional support. counsel and valuable information they need ; we expected to better their state of affairss as persons.

Keywords: Working pupils. Working hours. academic accomplishment. employment larning. policy.

1. 0 Introduction

Education is seen to be the best manner to be successful. though it is non given to everyone. Education has been a privilege. because of some factors that hinder a pupil to prosecute instruction. Because of such. many would prosecute
into portion clip work while analyzing. Students who are non yet capable of making two such serious things at the same clip would happen troubles in equilibrating the viing demands between work and instruction. This analysis on working pupils therefore includes the grounds of holding a portion clip work. In the survey of Oi I ( 2005 ) . The major grounds for holding a portion clip occupation were ‘meeting populating expenses’ . ‘gaining occupation experience’ and ‘earning excess money to spend’ .

Since the on the job pupils are confronting into batch of things in accomplishing their end. they somehow felt defeated about the authorities in action forwards them. Benefits from the local authorities are non normally portion of their end in prosecuting portion clip work while analyzing. yet it is necessary because they are still normal pupils who are merely taking for successful hereafter.

Basically. prosecuting in portion clip work will impact the academic position of a pupil. Having engaged into two committednesss will besides impact their working hours. Therefore. the hours enjoyed by a on the job pupil will impact both the academic accomplishment and employment acquisition of a pupil. What they may larn from faculty members. may besides be the ground for their excellence in employment ( McGaha. 2010 ) . That would be considered as a great consequence for a on the job pupil. if they are utilizing what they have learned in their survey. it will take them to the success in their chosen field of enterprise ( Oi I. et. Al. 2005 ) . Overall. the intent of this survey is to supply benefits for the on the job pupils such as. they should merely be working for 6 hours alternatively of 8 hours per twenty-four hours and every bit much as possible no revenue enhancement. With that. this policy will assist them from resource allotment. Specifically. the aims of the survey are to ( 1 ) find how on the job hours affect the faculty members and employment of working pupils. ( 2 ) understand how employment affects the faculty members. and in conclusion ( 3 ) recommend possible policies for the public assistance of working pupils.

In general. this survey so contributes to growing and fight in instruction and invention. Public disposal has to make with this and the inclusion of working pupils in the docket of the authorities is expected to give favorable consequences.

2. 0 Theoretical Background
2. 1. Theoretical Model

Social capital is a utile theory for understanding the experience of working category. first coevals college pupils ( Moschetti. et. Al. 2008 ) . This theory explains the relationships of web that could perchance be of great support for those on the job category college pupils in a societal state of affairs. and could assist pupils in such curious environment ( Attinasi. 1989 ; Moschetti. et. Al. 2008 ) Social Capital Theory looks into how emotional support. counsel and valuable information service as of import “capitals” of the pupils in such societal state of affairs and curious environment. here in considered as the instruction environment. Students. who have an wholly useful attack to work. and merely work to gain money to fund their societal life. typically gravitate to the occupations in the leisure and retail sectors ( Richardson. 2009 ) . This suggests that a portion clip pupil who works with the usage useful attack is keeping the proper class of action. which will maximise overall felicity. which defines the leisure that they may acquire from their ain net incomes.

Anyone who proposes a new variable to analyze policy execution ( and by analogy public policy in general ) should besides suggest two variables that should be eliminated ( Mejer. 2009 ; Meier. 1999 ) . Policies that are being implemented should ever be good to the citizens. Policy shapers are eager to prosecute such policy that is for their citizens. but non specifically for the future enterprise of the society. such as pupils. Working pupils are the chief focal point of this survey as it tries to suggest a policy for their betterment.

This survey has taken into consideration the societal state of affairs of pupils in their curious environment. In relation to the societal capital theory. this survey argues more on the support needed by the on the job pupil. and that will be included in the policy recommended. By helping parttime students’ quandary. as they are provided with emotional support. counsel and valuable information they need. we expected to elate their conditions as persons. This survey focused on the state of affairs of the on the job pupils in the four higher instruction establishment in Intramuros. Those schools are Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Lyceum of the Philippines University. Mapua Institute of University and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Basically. participants in the FGD were based with the undermentioned standards: they should hold upper limit of 15 units load per semester ; they should come from a low income household ( Below 13. 000 Php monthly income ) ; funding themselves. working for a upper limit of 5-9 hours a twenty-four hours and they are 18-22 old ages old.

2. 2. Literature Reappraisal
2. 2. 1. Working Hours of Part clip pupils

The Higher Education Statisticss Agency in UK defines parttime pupils as any pupil non registered on a full-time footing ( Francis. et. Al. 2009 ) . It seems non to be a normal pupil in the sides of their campus. Part-time pupils tend to be unseeable because they study at place or merely attend eventide talks. and are frequently non recognized as representing portion of the pupil organic structure ( Jamieson. et. Al. 2009 ) .

Most of the portion clip pupils working are holding a hard clip covering with their working hours. The figure of hours that pupils work during term clip that is influenced by what motivates them to work ( Richardson. 2009 ; McGaha. 2010 ) . Since they are ever under clip force per unit area. there’s a batch of opportunity that full clip pupils will accomplish more than they could make. It suggests that portion clip pupils will evidently undergo some troubles in equilibrating their allocated clip and resources. Work provides striplings with a figure of benefits. such as professional making. household income. fiscal independency. and feelings of duty ( Mielnik. 1987 ; Breinbauer. 2005 ) . Nevertheless. the literature shows several negative impacts of a excessively early entry into the occupation market. such as hapless educational development and deficient clip for extracurricular leisure and societal activities suiting the age ( Fischer. et. Al. 2008 ) . This explain that there would be a great impact if a pupil has work taken together with survey and societal life. Obviously a non-working pupil has the freedom to hold a long slumber. since they have less commitment than those working.

The sleep continuance of portion clip pupils and full clip pupils is different. A figure of surveies have demonstrated that the sleep continuance of striplings during the hebdomad is 1. 5 H shorter than during the weekend ( Strauch & A ; Meier. 1988 ; Andrade et Al. . 1993 ; Gau & A ; Soong. 2003 ; Teixeira. et. Al. 2007 ) . That could perchance impact their life being a pupil. Previous surveies found pupils who both work and attend school undergo a partial slumber want that accumulates across the hebdomad ( Fischer. et. Al. 2008 ) . Therefore. daytime drowsiness of workers is reasonably higher in the eventide ( Teixeira. et. Al. 2007 ) .

Many pupils from the West that comes from working-class beginnings. come from households headed by working-class grownups. and have attended schools in propertyless communities ( Ballon. et. Al. 2006 ) . It doesn’t needfully intend that public school has a batch of hapless pupils ; they are figure one in holding portion clip pupils. There are a batch of grounds that pupils are taking portion clip work while analyzing. some survey discussed that it is for the student’s experience merely. so that they may hold new larning that can be applied into their pattern of profession. and assurance for taking a place ( Hoy. 2011 ) .


This paper does non reason with the slumber that a on the job category pupil should and could hold in their full committedness with work. survey and society. Rather. it argues that working hours of every portion clip pupil affect everything they have in their life. Time direction is truly a difficult thing for them to set up. Social capital as mentioned earlier in the theoretical model is really utile. One illustration is that. pupils will hold a truly difficult clip to pull off their clip and resources. with those emotional support. valuable information and counsel will help pupils. in this affair. It is really utile to cognize what clip direction could lend to the acquisition that a portion clip pupil engaged in employment will hold.

An efficient manner in reacting to the state of affairs of portion clip pupils requires action by both universities and the legal profession. This paper argues that. if other states from the West are giving importance to those who are in working category. why won’t Philippines implement a policy in a Local Government Unit. This survey focuses on the grounds of why working category should obtain advantages in signifier of a policy from the Local authorities. every bit good as the penetrations of the pupils as respects to their balance of clip. survey. resources. and societal life.

H1: Employment acquisition and Academic accomplishment is affected by the working hours and academic hours of a Part clip pupil.

2. 2. 2. Employment Learning

The reliable workplace experiences of paid parttime work were identified as helping in procuring a scope of educational intents associated with students’ larning about work. the universe of work and post school options and way ways ( Billet. 2007 ) . Study has found that every portion clip pupil was covering with their acquisition through being employed as a portion timer. It is how employment ( e. g. . occupation satisfaction ) . applied academic ( e. g. . math and literary accomplishments ) . and extracurricular ( e. g. . athleticss. books. volunteerism ) factors contributed to aspiration ( McGaha. 2010 ) .

Part clip work contributes to the socialization and development of striplings. through which they begin cognizing how the universe of work is organized in order to ease calling determination devising and occupation passages ( Billet. 2007 ) . Western states like UK. US and Scotland conducted several surveies that give reconciliation of clip and committedness a decision that it is possible to value larning in employment. ( Reference )

This survey argues on what consequence does go toing school while keeping a occupation have on work public presentation? If analyzing and working at the same clip has a negative consequence on either or both of these activities. so both employers and educational establishments may necessitate to alter so that any negative effects are mitigated or alleviated ( Pereles. 2007 ) . Several surveies from the West conclude that larning through employment is profoundly possible. somehow put them in a negative state of affairs of pull offing their resources while in between of their distinctive feature in work survey environment ( Wooden. 2008 ; Vickery. 2008 ; Gorlewski. 2007 ) .

H1A: Employment acquisition and Academic accomplishment are affected by the on the job hours of working pupils

2. 2. 3. Academic Accomplishment

Many pupils identify academic accomplishment as an of import value ( Robbins. Wallis & A ; Dunston 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Dounay ( 2006 ) . one in three persons obtains a college grade. It is possible that math and literacy accomplishments are positively associated with college aspirations. Similar to occupation preparation. skilled persons might see the value of instruction in their calling success ( FitzPatrick. et. Al. 2010 ) .

Having a parttime occupation can convey fiscal wagess. more pattern at managing money. a path record of successful experience. designation of occupation involvements. clip direction and interpersonal accomplishments. and greater apprehension of the universe of concern and assurance. all of which are advantageous to their academic surveies ( Oi I. et. Al. 2005 ) .

Another thing is the educational aspirations. this make sense for those portion clip pupils. There is no unreasonable thing to suggest that every portion clip pupil like in Texas. educational aspiration as their motive in working while analyzing. If asked to explicate why educational accomplishment is used to choose workers to engage. employers will react that the more instruction one has. the more productive a worker is-a decision besides supported by research ( Pereles. 2007 ) .

This survey focused on how the on the job hours affect academic accomplishments of portion clip pupils. Is it harmful to the thought of deriving accomplishment in academic while working? It is of import for those portion clip pupils working to cognize how they will equilibrate their committednesss. It’s a serious thing that portion clip pupils while engaged into two or more committedness. still manage to hold academic accomplishment. This is another ground for the policy shaper take in charge in giving them benefits upon working barely but non reasonably.

H1B: Employment larning affects academic accomplishment

2. 2. 4 Policy

Working pupils are seen to be vulnerable to employment development. There are some factors that hinder their early sequence: they have limited work accomplishments. they have high unemployment and underemployment. and in conclusion they have hapless cognition about their rights ( Nyland 2009 ) . Few qualitative surveies of undergraduates from similar socioeconomic fortunes have since been published therefore much remains to be known about such pupils and which plans. policies. and institutional patterns enable them to entree peculiar sectors of postsecondary instruction ( Harper. et. Al. 2011 ) . Emphasis most frequently is placed on researching barriers instead than facilitators of college chance for lower-income and minorities populations ( St. John et Al. 2011 ) .

There has been a instance in Slovenia wherein the Student’s Association of Slovenia held a mass meeting in Ljubljiana on May 19th to protest against the addition of pupil employment’s revenue enhancements and limit the figure of hours that pupils are allowed to work. As an assistance for the adversities of working pupils. the authorities should concentrate on their benefits. “General understandings that pupils can profit financially and academically from portion clip employment. but 15 hours per hebdomad is a critical point beyond which students’ surveies and wellbeing are likely to endure ( Neill. et. Al. 2004 ; Nyland. et. Al. 2009 ) . Given the desperate state of affairs of those on the job pupils. they should go a portion of politician’s argument in making a good policy.

H2: Working hours and academic hours. Employment acquisition and Academic accomplishments are covered by the policy recommended for portion clip pupils

2. 3. Conceptual Model



3. 0 Methods

The current survey approached the capable affair qualitatively to depict the effects of working hours in the employment acquisition and academic accomplishment of working pupils. . The survey used descriptive method via focussed group treatment ( FGD ) .

This survey concerns working pupils in the Intramuros Consortium. since the Social Capital Theory states that there should be a web that could perchance be a great support in implementing a policy. The participants came from a low income household ( Below 13. 000 Php monthly income ) ; funding themselves to school. holding a upper limit of 15 units per semester. working for a upper limit of 5-9 hours a twenty-four hours and they are 18-22 old ages old. On the FGD. the research worker invited 3 or more participants from each school. Participants from the FGD answered inquiries like “Will they want to hold a policy for them? ” . “What are the negative and positive effects of the on the job hours of a portion clip pupil? ” and “How does it impact the employment acquisition and academic accomplishment of a portion clip pupil? “

Datas gathered from the interview was used in analyzing the common replies of the respondents harmonizing to how they handle resources such as working hours. employment acquisition and academic accomplishment. The FGD was analysed thematically sing common subjects and tendencies like the advantages and disadvantages of working pupils. besides the allotment of resources.

4. 0 Consequences and Analysis

4. 1. Emotional Support as Capital

Since working pupils are holding trouble covering with their committednesss. they need emotional support as their capital. This support is the understanding attack that the authorities should hold for them. There are a batch of effects in the employment and faculty members of working pupils. One of the participants from the FGD emphasized their demand for emotional support as “…There are Profs that are non considerate plenty to allow working pupils feel that they are being understood by them so. as with our willingness to analyze. But there are professors who will give us to take between work and survey. “

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Participants from the FGD stated that holding a portion clip work while analyzing can impede their early success. It will certainly protract their stay in college because of the limited figure of units that they can afford to take per semester.

“I have few units this semester because of work. Usually we are taking 24 units or more but now I merely took 15 units. Alternatively of 4 old ages in college. I will hold one more twelvemonth and what more if I fail topics? “

Most of them agreed that they are sing drowsiness during their categories because they lack sleep. They besides agreed with the idea of one of the participants. who considered taking work over their survey. As explained in the theoretical model. pupils who have an wholly useful attack to work. and merely work to gain money to fund their societal life. typically gravitate to the occupations in the leisure and retail sectors ( Richardson. 2009 ) .

“Sometimes. I use to believe that working entirely is much better than analyzing besides because of money. But I know it isn’t right to believe that manner. It’s merely I don’t have fiscal jobs anymore”

The participants were besides asked about the alteration on behaviour that they have acquired from being employed and they agreed with the same point. saying that they became more responsible as persons

“…I have learned how to budget my money. Before. my parents used to state that I should maintain my money budgeted and 100php isn’t plenty for me. After I enter working. I realized that gaining money is ne’er an easy occupation ; 100php has been 1000php in my point of position. “

As respects to their employment. most of the participants said that they have experienced different effects in their offices. Part of these effects was the favoritism that they got from their colleagues who tend to degrade them every clip.

“I have experienced when I am new employee of that company they used to mistreat me. It’s the feeling of they are degrading me…It seems that they don’t have consideration. they give excessively much orders and I can non state no to. “

Most of the participants were cognizant of the employment development based from their ain experiences. They thought about the exposure of working pupils in footings of ill-treatment. They besides experienced favoritism because of their state of affairs.

“For me. they are non taking things into consideration because I’ve learned from my past lesson. that there are three degrees of an organisation. the top direction. the in-between direction and the lower category. And we belong to the lower category. staff and being a staff member. intend that you should follow the orders from the top direction every bit good as the in-between direction. I’m cognizant that it is my duty to follow orders from the top. “

This has been the spread between the undergraduate workers and professionals. But most of the on the job pupils in fast nutrient ironss that the research worker asked. agreed with one another that they did non see ill-treatment from their work. Since they have said that McDonalds knew that they are working pupils. considerations were given. There are a batch of companies who choose non to engage on the job pupils because of their exposure. that’s why some on the job pupils did non state their company that they are analyzing while working in order to maximise working hours to prolong their educational demands. The last subject below will explicitly demo informations gathered from the three set of FGD sing the benefits of the recommending policy.

4. 2. Guidance as Capital

Most of the on the job pupils in the first set of FGD answered that they are truly holding a trouble covering with their working hours. On the 2nd set of FGD conducted. bulk answered that they are non holding a hard clip covering with on the job hours and on the last set of FGD. merely one said that she’s holding a hard clip covering with her working hours. Most of the on the job pupils were sing battles due to the restriction of their agenda. It is either they are late in category due to the on the job hours or they are late in work because they had to make things refering their academic activities. Here’s one statement from a working pupil in Mapua

…after being late in category your professor will so inquire you sing the tardiness and you’ll answer them that you’re a on the job pupil. but right after that they will sleep together you and neither consideration nor understanding will be given to you.

The participants from the FGD were non able to understand the side of their professor because of emphasis from work and survey. Though it is non an alibi for most of the professors. the on the job pupils are still appealing their side. We can’t conclude that working in short clip units will take to academic success and that the successful pupils do non necessitate to work in long clip units.

Time direction has a batch to make with the lives of working pupils. Participants from Lyceum of the Philippine University largely work in McDonalds. Bayleaf Hotel. It is an establishment clear for cooperation with the work and survey agendas of the on the job pupils. That makes the difference between the working pupils on other fast nutrient ironss and call centres. Despite their battles with their working hours. they still continue working for the interest of their instruction.

“The constitution wherein I am employed. they used to repair my sched and they’re being considerate plenty in equilibrating my working hours and analyzing hours. I still have allowance in clip because I can pull off it. “

Most of them agreed that the major consequence of their work hours is sleepiness during category hours. Thus work hours affect the full life as on the job pupils. even if the displacements are between 5 to 8 hours. it does non count. They tend to be more responsible to equilibrate things so that they will come up with a public presentation that will fulfill both committednesss. And with respects to their promptness. they should besides be guided by their agenda in order to execute good in category and in the workplace. Due to the rigorous agenda of the participants. they frequently come tardily in category or sometimes in work.

“There. I’m ever tardily because of little period of clip in repairing myself before traveling to school…Sometimes I’m tardily at work because I have undertakings or assignments in school that should be done within the twenty-four hours or that peculiar clip. so I need to give. I need to remain longer clip at school. I’m non used to pull off my clip expeditiously but I am bettering. “

Working pupils are more prone to sickness than those working or analyzing entirely. Because they have rigorous agendas and work committednesss at the same clip. there is a greater possibility of being ill. As portion of the counsel that working pupils must hold. wellness should be considered as a precedence. Participants are inquiring for wellness benefits. because if they are traveling to be deprived with such benefits. it will impact their public presentation. promptness in peculiar. If there will be proper counsel given to these working pupils. they will be satisfied with the service that the authorities can help them with. The following subject will supply other things related to the emotional support and counsel that every working pupils need. 4. 3. Valuable information as Capital

Most of the on the job pupils engaged in different occupations admitted holding an border over their opposite number. because they have chosen portion clip occupations that are in line with the plans that they are taking up in college. There is this one participant who used the occupation to heighten his accomplishments in add-on to the acquisition he gets from the school.

“I’m a Mass Comm pupil. in my work I am used to pass on with people and the sweetening of my speech production accomplishments. “

Participants are larning from employment and it is utile in their lives. These things that they have learned from employment became valuable information that will do them cognizant of things that they should cognize. like for illustration. the things they have learned that are related to their plans. it shall withstand their advantage as on the job pupils.

“It’s the learning portion and I’m holding a bravery that would do you recognize that after graduation this will be my universe. Having a portion clip occupation will give a batch of cognition. “

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There are several subjects under this variable. These are revenue enhancement freedoms and working hours. as it is proven that working hours truly affect their faculty members. they all agree that it has to be lessened. With respects to the revenue enhancement freedom. they were asked if they agree. bulk answered yes. they were but two participants disagrees.

“No. because I think. being a Filipino citizen it is our portion it is our duty and we are working and at the same clip gaining money. we should be responsible citizens. We should make this to assist the Philippines to glow. Youth are the coat of our fatherland. I think if we could get down non paying revenue enhancement. there’s a possible that we will mistreat it earlier. “

Hence. that they agreed to decrease the revenue enhancement alternatively of holding none at all. Participants besides wanted to inquire for wellness benefits for them. Because working pupils struggle with their undertakings and working hours. they besides have limited hours of slumber. they become more prone to sickness. which is why they are besides inquiring for wellness benefits. When they were asked about the benefits that they wanted to be portion of the policy to be recommended. here are their responses

“lessen the revenue enhancement. I think that’s a better manner the authorities would assist us. Like what I have said. it’s our duty to pay revenue enhancement. it is our duty. But authorities can assist us if they will let us to hold less revenue enhancement. as we are working to prolong our instruction. so I think that’s the best manner. “

The respondents exercised their freedom of look as they all answered harmonizing to their perceptual experience sing the affairs that involved their work and surveies. The information explains everything that will be considered to bring forth such a policy. Therefore. it involves the effects of working hours for both faculty members and employment that will shortly come up with explicating a policy based on the thoughts and positions given to them by their experiences.

5. 0 Discussion
This survey attempted to find the effects of working hours of portion clip pupils who are working in their academic accomplishments and employment acquisition. Thus it follows the participants’ position on the policy being recommended. Unusually. in great state of affairs beliefs like in the Philippines. working college pupils struggle since it is non normal in our civilization to work while analyzing. The places of the participants from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Lyceum of the Philippines University. Mapua Institute of Technology and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila sing the effects of their working hours are wholly related with each other. Based on their battles and successes. they came up with one ground. that working hours affected both their faculty members and employment. The former affects the later in a sense that both have this similar crisis on clip direction.

Working hours affects the academic accomplishments of a on the job pupil because he can non pull off his clip professionally. The exposure of the pupils when it comes to clip direction has ever been their quandary in employment development. Their capablenesss are non plenty to fulfill their employers. Participants who work in call centres are more prone to favoritisms unlike those who work in fast nutrient ironss. However. all of the participants from the three sets of FGD were certain with their replies that their plants contribute to their success. However. holding limited units per semester does non impede their early success but in fact train them to be more rational.

Harmonizing to the Social Capital Theory ( Moschetti. et. Al. 2008 ) that explains the relationships of web which could likely be a unbounded support for those working college pupils in a societal state of affairs and could assist pupils in a unusual case. Participants from the FGD were chosen based on the set standards: working while analyzing under the four schools in the Intramuros Consortium. coming from a low income household ( below 13. 000 Php monthly income ) . funding themselves to school. holding a upper limit of 15 units per semester. working for a upper limit of 5 to 9 hours a twenty-four hours and runing from 18 to 22 old ages old. Most of the participants are seeking wellness benefits as they tend to be more vulnerable than the full clip workers for they have two committednesss at the same clip.

Hence. the importance of this survey is to discourse and understand the experiences of working pupils which will demo their demand for a policy and to give them emotional support. counsel and valuable information that they need. With the aid of the parametric quantities used taken from the participants. the research worker was able to explicate a conclusive thought. There’s this Particular Program for Employment of Students or SPES that provides helpful chances for those pupils who would wish to work during summer season and Christmas season. The chief aim of the plan is same with the purposes of this survey. in which to develop the rational capacities of kids of hapless households and tackle their potencies for the country’s wellbeing.

Specifically. the Program purposes to assist hapless but meriting pupils prosecute their instruction by supplying income or augment their income through promoting their employment. But the difference is that. this proposal shall take consequence throughout the twelvemonth. This survey will assist readers to understand the battles of working pupils satisfied by their demand of a policy. The concern for equity must be extended to all eligible pupils in an attempt to guarantee the state of an educated. capable work force into the foreseeable hereafter ( Moschettie. et. Al. 2008 ) . Merely as shown in this survey. the recommendation policy is good in working. Since working pupils does non hold any portion in the Labor Code of the Philippines. this paper shall be patterned to the SPES. but it shall be effectual for long clip non for seasonal. This policy shall concentrate on the low revenue enhancement for the advantage of the future enterprise of our state. less figure of working hours from the needed 8 hours to 6 hours merely and more wellness benefits like giving wellness cards and free monthly check up for working pupils.


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Shiela Marie E. Morao graduated her high school at Siena College of San Jose. She lives in San Jose del Monte City. Bulacan but she resides in Manila for her College. She will be completing a grade on AB Political Science at Colegio de San Juan de Letran this March 26. 2013.