Health Care Solutions Case Study Answers Essay

1. Measure the current scheme of HCOS toward its most critical market ( mid-sized doctor office ) .

The current scheme of HCOS towards mid-sized physician’s offices is to increase their market portion and net incomes by spread outing the operation to the point that HCOS is about everyplace that there are mid-sized physician’s offices. This “increased market portion by expansion” attack has worked for the most portion. They have expanded operations to cover about all chief metropoliss in the United States and thereby acquired a considerable part of the market portion in the third- party ( little to mid-sized ) physician’s office direction industry.

The pillars of HCOS’s attack to geting and retaining clients are to present superior client service along with a high quality of merchandises and services. This was a good scheme in portion. The enlargement scheme has worked by enabling HCOS to derive more clients. However. HCOS has late noticed slowed growing and the loss of new concern at an increasing rate. Their rivals are winning contracts over them. Their client’s feedback is that their one time superior degrees of client service ( competitory border ) have declined.

2. Can you offer any suggestions on how HCOS can better its relationships with bing clients and develop new concern chances more efficaciously?

It is clear that with the enlargement of their operations. HCOS has lost the high degree of client service that they were presenting to their clients when they were smaller. A twosome of theories need to be examined in farther item to come to an accurate decision that can be acted upon. As the physician’s offices have grown they have incrementally required more and more from HCOS’s gross revenues people. It is possible that the current gross revenues force is spread excessively thin to provide to the increased demands of precedence clients along with those of the remainder of the part including new contracts.

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If this is the instance. one possible solution is to engage more gross revenues people to cover the spreads. At this point. HCOS has a solid nucleus of experient sales representative ( more expensive wage ) they can divert from the old hiring theoretical account and hire good gross revenues people that do non hold a health care background ( less expensive wage ) which can be mentored by the bing gross revenues force.

Another theory that needs to be examined is whether or non the experient gross revenues force has merely become self-satisfied doing 80k per twelvemonth on norm and have reduced their attending to client service and to geting new contracts. If this is the instance. the gross revenues people that have become self-satisfied demand to be put on notice by engaging new sales representative and perchance transfering bing histories to those who earn them based on virtue. such as those who get the most new histories within a twelvemonth or those who receive the most awards for first-class degrees of client service from their clients.