Health and Safety Inspection Essay Sample

This Report covers Health and Safety review of the Logistics Base. The Logistics Base supplies offshore Oil and Gas industry.
The figure of employees is 250. There are 5 directors and 16 line supervisors. The Base operates 7 yearss per hebdomad and 24 hours per twenty-four hours.
The installation consists of warehouse. unfastened country. diesel intervention and storage country. pipe pace. research lab. quayside and office including public assistance installations. The review took topographic point at the warehouse. unfastened country. diesel intervention and storage country. pipe pace. office including canteen. research lab and mechanical workshop.

Executive Summary
No serious incident happened at the Base since it started to run. However there are some findings which are recommended to implement. The execution of these findings will cut down hurt to the work force and prevent chronic occupational unwellnesss. beside that it may forestall possible unsafe accidents. The carry throughing the recommendations will protect work force and satisfy international criterions and conventions such as the Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management System ( ILO-OSH2001 ) and the ILO Occupational Safety and Health Convention ( C155 ) and the Recommendation ( R164 )

The most serious concern is absence of earthing of route fuel oiler and diesel storage armored combat vehicle. plus storage of gas and oxidant cylinders at the same topographic point. These findings addition hazard of fire and detonation. Other countries of concern are:

1. Lack of effectual instructing of work force anterior displacement by line supervisors
2. Lack of coverage of insecure conditions and Acts of the Apostless
3. The presence of faux pass. trips and manual handling jeopardies
4. Inadequate agreements for emptying in instance of fire
5. Lack of noise. quiver and chemical substances exposure appraisal. Generally it is recommended to transport out frequent review of work country by line supervisors and better coverage of any insecure Acts of the Apostless or conditions by employees. These betterments with those listed below as recommendations will able to protect work force from hurts and occupational wellness unwellnesss.

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Main findings of the review
A batch of good patterns were discovered during the review. However some jeopardies with important hazards were identified excessively. which need to be addressed by the direction in order to forestall hurts and occupational unwellnesss.

1. Management of wellness and safety
Many of ascertained failings are consequences of unequal supervising. deficiency of teaching the work force by the line supervisors during the pre-shift conversation Sessionss. There are besides unequal hazard appraisals. and the coverage of insecure conditions is non good established. Many of the concerns are required by the Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems ( ILO-OSH 2001 ) and the ILO Occupational Safety and Health Convention
( C155 ) and the Recommendation ( R164 )

2. Fire and exigency agreements
The agreement for fire and other exigencies are unequal and do non run into in full the demands of the Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management System ( ILO-OSH 2001 ) and the ILO Occupational Safety and Health Convention ( C155 ) and the Recommendation ( R164 ) .

There is a potency of fire at Diesel Storage Area. The hazard appraisal and agreements to forestall fire must take topographic point every bit shortly as possible. In add-on the cylinders with gas and oxidant are kept at the same location which is non acceptable and increases hazard of fire. During observation obstructor to fireextinguishers were observed. There are besides some exigency issue doors falsely locked. which may hinder flight during fire exigency.

3. Manual handling issues
During review of mechanical workshop and canteen country inappropriate manual handling was observed. which may ensue in back hurts. This job requires transporting out manual handling hazard appraisal and upon demand to implement the usage of mechanical devises to help manual handling.

4. Wild animate beings at the Base
There are wild Canis familiariss at the Base which may assail work force and infect them with hydrophobias. 5. Other issues
Insufficient lighting was observed at the warehouse. this job requires installing of extra lighting agencies. There is besides necessity to carry on study to mensurate exposure to resound. quiver and vaporised chemical and behavior relevant hazard appraisal. The demands above are required by the ILO Code of Practice Ambient Factors in the Workplace.

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There are few issues covered below in the recommendations which need to be covered. The transferring of fuel from route oiler to storage armored combat vehicle must non go on unless hazard appraisal taken topographic point and steps to forestall constructing up of inactive electricity are implemented by the competent individual.

The direction of the Health and Safety should better in order to cover all work related jeopardies and hazards during pre-shift conversations. Plus review of workplace and coverage of disclosed lacks must be improved.

All recommendation covered by the safety review require minimal fiscal attempt. But at the same clip their execution will better wellness and safety of the work force and eventually will do the company profit economically by bar accidents which happenings may ensue in important fiscal losingss. disregarding the mentioned jobs will take to none conformity with legal demands and interruption of moral issues.

Recommendations – include as a tabular array in the undermentioned format: Recommendation
The fuel reassigning from the route oiler to storage armored combat vehicle must ceased instantly until hazard appraisal is carried out and proper steps will be implemented to halt inactive electricity to construct up which may be the beginning for fire and detonation. The gas and oxidant cylinders should be segregated. New storage should be build up. Likely resource deductions The installing of equipment for earthing of inactive electricity and/or adhering the route oiler and storage armored combat vehicle. The equipment is non expensive This work may necessitate 3 hour of activity. Building storage will non necessitate a batch of fiscal investing.

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The work will take 2 yearss High At the warehouse the range trucks are being charged indoors. In instance of fire. it may easy distribute and do forces difficult to get away. The fire doors must be free from tire-ups and bolts need to be installed. It is recommended to travel the bear downing country outdoors. This work will necessitate installing of overhang and sockets. The stuffs are non expensive and will necessitate about 2 twenty-four hours work There are 2 bolts required to be installed. It will take merely 2 hr work. The bolts themselves are non expensive. To bespeak Veterinary service to transport out this undertaking. The fee is low. High Medium Immediate to cut the tire-ups and 1 hebdomad to put in bolts 1 hebdomad These steps may be carried out by Hygiene State Agency. Their service is non expensive.

Medium 2 hebdomads.

The devise is non expensive. Installation will necessitate 2 hr work. Medium 1 hebdomad The issues of pre-shift will take merely extra 5-10 proceedingss before work starts. The preparations will take maximal 1 hr and may be conducted by internal competent individuals. High Immediate. The country should be cleaned from Canis familiariss. They may assail the work force and infect them with hydrophobias. It is necessary to make appraisal to mensurate degree of noise at the base. degree of chemical vapor in the air at the research lab. There is a demand to buy mechanical devise to assist raise heavy parts in the mechanical workshop. There are many insecure conditions or insecure Acts of the Apostless which need to be covered at the pre-shift Sessionss. plus there may be necessity to carry on extra preparations for the staff.



Target day of the month

Immediate to segregate cylinders 1 month to construct up new storage 2 months

Conduct preparations quarterly