Head Boy App Essay Sample

I am composing to you to show my enthusiasm for the postion as a twelvemonth 11 Prefect and besides Head Boy. I feel that Crispin has given so much to me over the past 4 old ages and I would be honoured to have the chance to give something back. I have developed many different accomplishments during my clip here and I truly think that holding the function of a prefect/head male child will let me to develop many more accomplishments. and better accomplishments I have antecedently learnt.

One chief accomplishment I believe I would have if I were given the function of a prefect/head male child would be the leading accomplishments which are critical for the hereafter. Not merely would this assist me to derive leading accomplishments but besides better my assurance massively which is besides critical for the hereafter. This chance would farther be something to set on application letters for occupations. college and universities and this is one of the chief grounds why I feel so strongly about being a prefect/head male child.

I consider myself to be suited campaigner for the functions with my high criterion of uniform. attending and promptness throughout all my clip here at Crispin. I believe that I am a good function theoretical account for the remainder of the school. My attitude for acquisition has ever been of an first-class criterion and I have ever had the will to make good at school. both in primary and secondary school. Prior to the lessons. I along with Taisha run a lunch period Gallic nine one time a hebdomad on a Tuesday. I besides work 4 yearss a hebdomad to fund raise money towards my World Challenge expedition to Morocco. This is merely one illustration of my willingness through my ain pick and I believe this besides gives me the motive to make good in school. Furthermore. I think that I am dependable and responsible ; both of which are of import qualities for the functions of prefect and caput male child. I feel I could go through on these qualities and demo the importance of them to the pupils in the lower half of the school.

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I have non been as involved in school life as I would of hold liked to been. Therefore in twelvemonth 11 I would truly wish to alter this and I felt this would be an excellence drama to make this. I am portion of The Brilliant Club. DOFE. Football. County Handball and many more assorted athletics squads.