Group Communication Theories Matrix Essay Sample

Instruction manuals: Complete the undermentioned matrix by make fulling in the box for each of the five communicating theories with the following four points: the theory definition. the chief rules of the theory. a real-world theory illustration. and an application of each theory to practical communicating.

Theory definition
Main rules of the theory
Real-world theory illustration
Application of each theory to practical communicating
Social Exchange Theory
Theory that attempts to explicate human behaviour in footings as behavioural psychological science. The chief rule of this theory is societal relationships are the result of an exchange procedure with the intent of maximising the benefits and minimising costs. An illustration of this theory is inquiring person out on a day of the month. but you dislike the fact that he/she lacks money or good expressions. but he/she is caring and merriment to hang out with the therefore you go because the benefits outweigh the cost. The wagess of practical communicating include freedom from the restraints of clip and infinite but the costs is the possibility for misconstruing when we are non able to see each other’s facial looks or tone of voice.

Systems Theory
Systems theory is an unfastened system of mutualist elements. using input variables and procedure variables to give end product. The chief rule is to have input. procedure input and give an end product An illustration would be in a group you jointly develop a undertaking from input and expect productiveness as a end product. Connection through the cyberspace can change forms in many ways doing the system more unfastened. Symbolic Convergence Theory

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Theory of communicating that explains how certain
types of communicating form a group’s individuality and civilization. which in bend influence other kineticss. Share group phantasies create symbolic convergence. In a concern symbolic convergence is used to find what the clients like about the concern and that allows the concern to provide to the client. In. practical communicating the possibilities for ocular. verbal. or audile communicating can do new avenues for phantasy subjects and group individuality. Structuration

Theory that provides a general model
and explains how people construction their groups by doing active usage of regulations and resources.

The chief map of this theory is to concentrate attending on individuals’ behaviours in groups instead than on kineticss of groups. Basketball squad is a illustration of structuration theory. because it has construction and regulations that all members must follow. The manager is the leader and implements the regulations for the squad to follow. usage of computing machines. electronic mail. and the cyberspace as resources can spread out the repertory of constructions available to group members. Functional Theory Communication in groups that maps to advance sound logical thinking. prevent mistakes. and build relationships among all members. Focus on consequences and results of group behaviours and construction. In a group where members use this theory to do determinations and to work out jobs. Use of practical group communicating to heighten countries of group interaction by widening duologue beyond a meeting room.