Character Analysis of the “Greyhound Tragedy” by Richard Brautigan – Essay Sample

The short narrative “Greyhound Tragedy” written by Richard Brautigan is the relation of a adult female with an individual dream. In this short story summary you’ll find out that the protagonist’s name is never given throughout the short narrative. The women’s life has ever been a really epicurean life manner granted her parents wealth and love for their kid. However she is really bored in the little town that she was born and raised in, and the lone thing that occupies her is reading film magazines. Movie magazines are as a faith to her. Her biggest dream is to travel to Hollywood and go through off as a film star, but she doesn’t have adequate bravery to face her dream. She hasn’t even adequate bravery to inquire how much a ticket costs. In the terminal she stays in her place town Oregon, and marries the immature Ford salesman and in add-on has two kids. The protagonist’s life is really dull, all she does is to sit place and read her film magazines and believe about the coach station and smartly seeking to construct up bravery to calculate out how much a ticket will coast to Hollywood.

Since she’s spoiled by her parents. she isn’t able to take opportunities or take her ain life. A characteristic trait for the adult females could be self-consciousness. understood in the manner. that if she had a strong character. she could confront her long permanent dream. In due class she decides to take herself into a life. which does non correspondent with her vigorous dream. Her whole life fixated around Hollywood. which in the terminal fails to go a realisation due to her self-realizing it would ne’er go true. When she gets to this point her life is unequivocal worthless and has an internal dislocation. Previously she would ever do up alibis. so she wouldn’t have to get married the Ford salesman. because if she marries him. she could ne’er see to carry through her durable dream.

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But now she agrees to get married the salesman. although she doesn’t love him. Qualifying the supporter would be to state that she is a bit naif. Her dream is become a film star in Hollywood. although she has no experience in moving and has merely read about it in magazines and watched it in the telecasting. It would look that she has false perceptual experiences about Hollywood and the world of it all wouldn’t letter writer with the dream that she has. The fact that she still blushes old ages after. indicates that she hasn’t accepted the result.

The protagonist’s parents themselves believe that they know what’s best for their girl. They had planned thoughts on how she should populate her life. but fail to recognize that their girl had a wholly different thought and dream. She failed to unplug from her parents and take control over her ain life. By get marrieding the salesman she breaks her ain dream and fulfils her parents wish. Possibly if she had unfastened up and shared her dream with anyone she could hold received support and so possibly acquire the bravery to confront her dream. The one thing that stands in between her old boring cheerless life and her dream to go a Hollywood film star is the coach station. which is depicted as cold and unromantic. The coach station symbolizes the women’s dream. If she were to step on the coach her life would make a turning point. One could state that she stands on this turning point every clip she goes to this coach station.

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This is the last measure from her every so dull life. to a life that fulfils her dream. But she doesn’t have adequate bravery to even inquire for the award of the ticket. The ambiance when she walks to the coach station is set to be as a warm twilight. which implies tenseness. The two old people could typify something similar to the adult females. understood in the manner that they might hold a dream that they haven’t jet faced or ne’er realized. While she couldn’t find the bravery to inquire how much a tick to Hollywood would be. the walk place through the warm gentle Oregon dark. gave her comfort. which she ne’er received from her parents.

The fact that no air current was blowing on her manner place. indicates that she has given up her dream. One of the subjects of this short narrative could be mercenary. The fact that she comes from a affluent household and fundamentally gets everything she wants and being married to a Ford salesman. which makes her able to drive a new auto every twelvemonth. The message could be interpreted to happening our ain manner and don’t act how other people would wish. One must take control and follow the passion that flows though the head of one ego. Richard Brautigan said in the short narrative “The old ages passed like the subscriptions to her magazines” . These similarities Brautigan used a batch to demo everything has something to make with magazines and film. to clarify the importance of these footings are to her.

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Metaphors are something Richard Brautigan use a batch in his short narrative. One of them is that he uses the word Bible for film magazines which indicates the importance of these magazines for the adult females. Another “Time was running out like the Zea mays everta at a Clark Gable image. ” which tells that clip goes really fast. Third “He begun to believe of her as a bump on a log. “