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We would wish to show our gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to finish this thesis. We want to thank Mr. Dominic Gross saless for giving us the permission to get down this thesis in the first case. to make the necessary research work and to utilize departmental informations. Thankss to Mr. Dominic Gross saless at the concluding version of the thesis for English manner and grammar. rectifying both and offering suggestions for betterment.

Our former co-workers from the Trent Information First Technical Career Institute supported us in our research work. We want to thank them for all their aid. support. involvement and valuable intimations.

Thankss to our Family. for supplying us with the tools to detect and research the of all time stimulating and absorbing universe of computing machine scientific discipline! I appreciate all that you have done to me.

And eventually. to our Almighty God who continue to steer us and bless us in our mundane life. for giving protection. cognition and wisdom.

We. Remel Bolanos. Sarah Jean Rafael. Alyanna Iglesias. Jessa Mae Coronado. Joy Anne Mariano undergraduate pupil of Colegio De Sta. Teresa De Avila Foundation Inc. Novaliches Quezon City. batch 2013-2014. taking up Bachelor of Science in information Technology. presenting our thesis proposal. entitled. Browser based Grading System for Colegio De Sta. Teresa De Avila. Computerized Grading System for Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School was developed to decrease the load and paper plants of instructors. The school is located at Taytay Rizal. There are certain jobs that the school brushs. the school are still utilizing a manual procedure in footings of calculating the classs. which is clip devouring. There is a slow tempo of services that result to parents waiting to cognize the classs of their kid. Because the school instructors can non track or non yet done calculating the classs. Coevalss of studies are done manually. The advocate aims are: to develop package that is able to salvage clip. minimise work load of forces involved. To develop and plan package that is able to bring forth an accurate study. This undertaking examines the issues related to Automated Grading System that implements a local based application of rating system.

This would make a system of dependable and accurate to calculate class in all different topics. A relatively fast entree of information of classs: generates studies and information of the input of instructors. This will be designed with the purpose to bring forth study. It helps instructors to minimise clip consumed in calculating classs of the pupils utilizing manual method. The advocate used the Descriptive. Developmental. Library. Creative and Internet Research methods to assist them to garner information unusually needed and of import in the development of the said survey. Different informations assemblage instruments are besides used. These study and interview. DFD. ERD. HIPO and Program Flowchart are used as analytical tools. The programming Language to be used is Ocular Basic 6. 0

Today. most people don’t need to cognize how a computing machine works. Most people can merely turn on a computing machine or a nomadic phone and point at some small graphical object on the show. snap a button or swipe a finger or two. and the computing machine does something. An illustration would be to acquire upwind information from the net and show it. How to interact with a computing machine plan is all the mean individual needs to cognize.

But. since you are traveling to larn how to compose computing machine plans. you need to cognize a small spot about how a computing machine works. Your occupation will be to teach the computing machine to make things. Basically. composing package ( computing machine plans ) is depicting how to make something. In its simplest signifier. it is a batch like composing down the stairss it takes to make something – a procedure. a process. The lists of instructions that you will compose are computing machine plans. and the material that these instructions manipulate are different types of objects. e. g. . Numberss. words. artworks. etc…

So. composing a computing machine plan can be like composing music. like planing a house. like making tonss of material. It has been argued that in its current province it is an art. non technology.

An of import ground to see larning about how to plan a computing machine is that the constructs underlying this will be valuable to you. regardless of whether or non you go on to do a calling out of it. One thing that you will larn rapidly is that a computing machine is really dense but obedient. It does precisely what you tell it to make. which is non needfully what you wanted. Programing will assist you larn the importance of lucidity of look. Nowadays. in a extremely technological society. human productiveness is made more efficient through the development of electronic appliances. Now. with the coming of such modernisation in instruction. one manner to globalise the procedure of research is to recognize that engineering is progressing at an improbably fast stage. Computers are non confined to being used for amusement but its function in instruction is besides huge.

Rating is one of the most of import activities a module member does. Many jobs in learning arise because of rating issues.

We can state that this sort of invention aid each and every one of us uses to see a comfortable life. Therefore. we pupils besides need to utilize different appliances. devices or modern engineerings in order to hold an easy traveling life at school. A manual calculation in a school won’t give us a speedy calculation. Grade is the primary demand in every school all over the universe.

Some schools are utilizing a manual calculation of classs of each pupil. which is the traditional usage when engineering is non yet developed. Manual calculation is really prompt to put on the line for any fortunes. It is clip devouring in footings of entering classs. calculation utilizing of reckoner. If some records are lost. they ne’er retrieve it in instance of unexpected catastrophe. Accuracy and security is non been so defined.


On the continues operation of Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High
School there is still a reverse sing on their Scaling System. Specifically the survey sought to happen solution to the undermentioned jobs: 1. The manual calculation of classs the Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School. 2. Submiting rating sheets contains clip devouring to fix High School Card to present to Parents during Card Day. 3. Student’s records are sometimes lost and can non be retrieved in instance of any fortunes.

The chief intent of the survey is to:
• cut down the clip
• cut down the ability for losing or damaging the paperss

General aims: Develop a computerized scaling system for Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School that is dependable. fast and efficient usage.

To develop a system that will replace the current Grading System in the province which is extremely manual.

Specific aims:
• to place the bing system
• to recite the jobs that brushs

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This survey will concentrate on a proposed Grading System of a certain school. On this portion. the proponent intends to carry on the survey in Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School the proposal is concerned itself in computerising the Grading System needed by the school which is still done manually. Application Database System will do record maintaining extremely accurate. well-organized. tightly unafraid and easy entree. This will supply a user-friendly application that will assist the company/school to do work easily. The proposed system has a login and watchword it will restrict unauthorised entree to the system.

This will supply a user-friendly application that will assist the school to do their work easily. The proposed system has a login and watchword it will restrict unauthorised entree to the system.

The topic of concentration includes the survey of its manual system. the processs and procedure that are done in their office which provide all the information about the classs of the pupil and how will the proposed system will function as the key to the development and promotion of the school.

The survey does non cover expert system. but are certainly capable of supplying information for rating system. The proposed system will besides function as an information system because all the information needed by the pupil about their classs can be entree and position utilizing this system.


Computer- A device that computes. particularly a programmable electronic machine that performs high-velocity mathematical or logical operations or that assembles. shops. correlatives. or otherwise processes information. One who computes. Setback- An unforeseen or sudden cheque in advancement ; a alteration from better to worse. Programs- A set of coded instructions that enable a machine. particularly a computing machine. to execute a coveted sequence of operations. An direction sequence in programmed direction. Critical goal- Goal scene is an of import tool for life planning. If you have a clear thought of where you are traveling. it will go easier to acquire at that place. Identifying long-run and short-run ends can supply an easy manner to work out jobs and voyage through life. Using end scene will help you in making success in your life. Swipe- To hit with a sweeping gesture. To go through ( a swipe card ) through an electronic reader Laborious- Marked by or necessitating long. difficult work. Hard-working ; hardworking. Manipulate- To travel. arrange. operate. or control by the custodies or by mechanical agencies. particularly in a adept mode. Proponent- One who argues in support of something ; an advocator.
Prompt- To help with a reminder ; remind.

Vast- Very great in size. figure. sum. or measure.
Pace- The rate of traveling.
Cope- To meet ; to run into ; to hold to make with. to fit one’s ego against. Crave- To want strongly ; to experience an insatiate yearning ; as. a hungering appetency. Tedious- Involving boredom ; tiresome from continuation. prolixness. awkwardness. wearisome. Proficient- The quality of province of being adept ; progress in the acquisition of any art. scientific discipline. or cognition ; patterned advance in cognition ; betterment ; adeptness ; as. to get proficiency in music. Consumption- The province or procedure of being consumed. wasted. or diminished. Reliable – a dependable beginning of information. conforming to fact and hence worthy of belief. Efficient- acting or operation in the best possible mode with the least waste of clip and attempt. Secure – in safe detention or maintaining.

Manual – Controlled or manipulated by a human operator.
Retrieved – To acquire back ; regain. revive or restore.
Fortunes – A status or fact that determines or must be considered in the determining of a class of action.

Significance OF THE STUDY
The mere importance of the survey is to decrease the load of the instructor to calculate the classs of the pupil.

Educational Significance:

The package will function as a usher to better cognition of the school module. To larn and develop their professional attitudes towards work. The system will function as a guiding tool for the member of the module. This will assist them to decrease their work and do it easy to calculate classs of every pupil. It will besides give them knowledge about computing machine in footings of operating system.

Technological Significance:

Computers are widely used in today’s engineering. Almost everything are manufactured and develop with the used of computing machines. It seems to be the reply to do man’s life easier and more productive. The present method which is manual system of the school is still manner behind with the engineering we are holding right now and this system will assist the instructors every bit good as school to easy operation of the office process. The survey gives manner to accommodate to the engineering that is soon available and widely used and accepted in any other constitution. The survey can function as one of the footing for a faster and easy work of every instructor.

Economic Significance:

One of the primary concerns of this system is the economic relevancy. The proposed package aims to assist the school instructors to minimise their operation cost by ingestion lessening in office supplies. Using the proposed package. the instructors may besides salvage clip. attempt and many in composing. bring forthing and maintaining records. It may better the operation flow as it lessen the work load of the instructors because the staff may now concentrate on instruction and doing their lesson program without worrying for calculating the classs of the pupil.

Chapter II
This chapter presents a study of related literature and surveies conducted that will assist the research workers in set abouting the survey. Here. the research workers relates to the old surveies that are discussed further to give the writer more thought in prosecuting the survey. The thorough reappraisal of literature is required to supply deeper penetrations in explicating conceptual model. choice and application of methods of research with the terminal in position of explicating generalisation or rules. which the research workers could lend to the fund of cognition. This reappraisal includes some articles. books. magazines and cyberspace in order to better the proposed package and be more proficient in its design. other unpublished thesis besides helped to supply cogent evidence that this survey is originally and its treatment of fact were besides based on recent surveies in making more beginnings of related information. Related Literature

A System attack is necessary to increase productiveness and maintain consistence and quality since information is an of import trade good for concern and constitution. a computerized storage is really of import within the organisation. Harmonizing to Caridad. Melody ( Computerized Billing System for Jet Delivery Services ) .

“In order for us to keep consistence and quality. we must do usage of the new engineering that is non widely used by different states. which is computing machine. As we see. information engineering. the application of computing machine and related engineerings have accompanied information age to coevals and communicating of information. ” Information engineering has enabled signifiers to automatize their processing of informations and verification. so that most processing is performed without the direct engagement of human. Hicke. James stated in his book entitled “Information System in Business that. “The Computer age has become the information age. Business people who successfully apply computing machines are non chiefly interested in computing machine. They are non concerned with their demand for information and how to construct a computing machine based information system. To meets those demands. A bourgeois who does non hold basic apprehension of the tools and techniques for finding his/her information demands and how to transform this demand into computing machine package will ne’er use computing machine successfully.

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Business people are interested in how to set the computing machines to work. how to construct and utilize Information System. ” Interests in information system has increased during recent old ages non merely in the universe of concern but besides in all countries were resources are managed. Computer based information system are in most concerns today and computing machines are found in many houses. In fact. many houses even little 1s concerns are using computing machine based information system to derive advantages over their rivals. An information system provides information for doing determination. In the book entitled “Computer Programing in Basic with Business Application” . George Ten Chou cited that. “Electronic Computers are originally developed to supply a computational tool to assist execute. clip devouring. boring undertaking and computations are of import tools in job resolution and determination devising. As they become progressively abundant and readily available. the ability to utilize a compiler decently besides becomes a critical accomplishment in our society. This in bend requires familiarisation with computing machine system and the recognition in programming. ” Many people today have some apprehension of computing machines purpose. A computing machine helps people equilibrate the work in footings of calculating classs. If you want to get down programming you have likely used a computing machine for some clip. However. as a future coder possibly you should reexamine some cardinal calculating constructs before get the hanging the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of a new computing machine linguistic communication.

Larry and Nancy Long n the book entitled “Introduction to Computer and Information System” . stated that ; “We talk to computing machine within a model of a peculiar Programming Language. There are many programming linguistic communication. most of which have extremely structured sets of regulations. The choice of programming linguistic communication depends on who is involved. And the nature of the conversation. Each scheduling linguistic communication has an instructions set with several instructions in each of the undermentioned instructions classification input-output. calculations. control. assignment and formal instructions. Program Development is the of import portion after specifying the computing machine and programming linguistic communication to utilize. It includes the existent scheduling. debugging. proving. and execution. Harmonizing to Awad. Elias ( Business Data Processing ) . “Until the 19th century people found concern computation a really complex occupation because they have to be done” . Writing stuffs were really scarce hence expensive to utilize for ordinary intent. “

He besides stated that. “Many professional such as physicians. attorneies and applied scientists use computing machines in their field of work. Computers are coming into schoolroom of non lone colleges but class schools and high schools every bit good. Thousands of people have their computing machines in their place. ” It is by and large recognized. nevertheless. that the debut of the computing machine in the twentieth century. followed by the innovation of the incorporate circuit during the sixtiess. radically changed the procedure. although its impact on the media was non instantly evident. It now became possible to unite 1000s. ulterior 1000000s. of single transistors on a individual bit. Computers became smaller and more powerful. They became “personal” excessively. every bit good as institutional. with memory and storage increasing and show going crisper. They were thought of. like people. in footings of coevalss. with the distance between coevalss much smaller. Related Survey

It is the true that today’s digital engineering can reassign your production procedure specially on concern intents. methods detaining dealing and clip devouring digital procedure makes the workers easy to consider. understand a productive work and give them extra cognition. The company does non necessitate extra office supplies and digital processing and give accurate informations. An editor in Philippine Daily Inquirer ( September 2001 ) stated that. “The rate addition of the treating power of computing machine hardware and the go oning edification of package is reeling. Computers that would full wings of universities and that map as little more that adding machines have been replaced by engineering that fits on desk in most office. ” CHAPTER IIIMETHODOLOGY

In this chapter. the advocate will discourse the methods of research that was applied in the survey. The ways of this survey was facilitated with the assistance of assortment of ways through which research is being completed. To do the package become successful. the advocate must utilize some methodological analysis for efficient agreement. Proper methodological analysis can assist the advocate make the full development of the proposed package.

A combination of theory and experimentation directed toward happening scientific accounts. It is concerned with happening solutions to jobs of societal importance. In this survey the advocate used different methods of research to be able to happen some logical account that will assist in the development of this survey.

Descriptive Research
This method is used to analyse. interpret and describe the present status of the bing system. This method of research will be applied by the research worker to garner informations and utilize them as footing for justification of the survey.

Harmonizing to Mateo. Tiffany D. . “Accounting System for D & A ; R General Merchandising. Incorporated. ” The followers should be done in carry oning the preliminary probe: * Obtain a missive of presentment and authorization.

* Conduct interview to obtain the necessary information. * Review the system’s papers to the extent necessary to understand the operations of the current system. * Correlate the information obtained

* The interview is an of import fact happening activity and should be approached every bit logically as computing machine scheduling. She besides makes usage of the undermentioned measure in interviewing:
* Determine whom to interview.
* Set aim for each interview.
* Define specific inquiry to be asked during the interview. * Be certain to do assignments prior to interview.
* Record and measure the interview.

The advocates will carry on developmental method. The focal point is on happening a more suited instrument or procedure that has been available. The advocate is utilizing modern programming application. The advocate will do usage of some analytical tools that the proponent’s thinks will assist them in developing the proposed system. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH

A process affecting the control of status for the intent of analyzing the comparative effects of assorted interventions applied.
This method will necessitate all the information about the success of the proposed subject. The basic intent of experimental is to detect the influence of one or more factors upon a status. group or state of affairs. intent of which is to detect “what will be. ” Through this method the research worker can besides garner plenty cognition. thought. techniques. approached that will assist a batch to come up with the of import factors upon a status. This method is fact happening with equal reading.

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This refers to any research that needs the installations of the library. This method provides the research worker a great aid to a broad scope of information about the survey. It was used to garner informations or information from different literature and surveies that are related to the survey. CREATIVE RESEARCH

This method is used in the design and development of the package. Under this method the research worker has the chance to use the survey of computing machine surveies peculiarly the rules of package technology and system analysis and design. INTERNET RESEARCH

The research worker used this method for the aggregation of the universe broad needed information. World Wide Web is a library of resources available to computing machine users through the Internet. It enables users to see a broad assortment of information. including magazine archives. public and college library resources. and current universe and concern intelligence. World Wide Web ( WWW ) resources are organized so that user can easy travel from one resource to another. The WWW links exist across the Internet. organizing a big -scale. distributed multimedia cognition base through related words. phrases. and images. Smaller-scale executions are present on the endeavor Internets used by concerns. METHODS TO BE USED IN DATA Gathering

The followers are the techniques used in developing the research. in geting every bit much as possible as dependable information needed for more scientific probe of the package to be implemented. The advocates will utilize different informations assemblage instrument necessary for the completion of the research. Interview

Interview is a major technique in garnering informations or information. It is defined as a purposeful face to confront relationship between two individuals. one to whom called the interviewer who ask inquiries to garner information and the other is called the interviewee or respondent who supplies the information ask for. The advocates will utilize this method in order to roll up thoughts from some concerned people involve in this peculiar survey. It helped the advocates how the bing system operates and how they tacked in their office everyday. By making this. the advocates found out and clarifies what is lacking and what should be done to better the present system. It will be used as a agency of measuring the proposed system. This will steer the research worker in bring forthing information that can assist in the development of the system. The acquired cognition will be helpful in planing and doing the system efficient.

Observation is a agency of garnering information for research may be defined as perceiving informations through the senses. The advocates will necessitate to detect the ways and he motion of the bing system. It is where the advocates will see and look personally the existent system being performed by the forces involved.

It is a agency of happening out information by presenting inquiries of persons or organisations. Telephone or personal interview may transport out study. Most studies merely involve a sample of respondents. The advocates will utilize this method to be able to cognize if the Target School is willing to buy the proposed system.

Software design and development is the phase by which the advocate put up together the of import parts of the proposed design and package flow were used to hold wholly sufficient package. In the development of the proposed package. there are factors to be consider. they are the undermentioned: Problem Analysis

It can be considered as the most hard stage. The life of the package depends so much in this phase. To guarantee that the package will run into the demand of the user. the research worker will carefully and clearly analyze and analyze the package. In this phase. the advocates must be able to analyse why there is a demand to suggest a new system. The undermentioned tools will be used to analyse the job that this survey sight to see the reply and to
be able to fix a format for this system design.

HIPO ( Hierarchical Input Process Output ) . It is analytical tools that present the analytical order of precedency of the subdivisions of the plan in a hierarchal signifier provides a map that allows the reader to turn up a plan faculty within the chief system. This is a skeletal construction of the system.

DFD ( Data Flow Diagram ) . The Data flow diagram is the logical theoretical account of a system. The theoretical account does non depend on hardware. package and information construction or file organisation. The diagram shows graphical images of logical system. It tends to be easy used for even non-technical users would understand it and therefore serves as an first-class communicating tools. Because this diagram. the research worker will be guided on how to cover with informations on manus.

FLOWCHART. It is a consecutive diagram employed in many Fieldss to demo the step-by-step processs used in executing a undertaking. as in fabrication. or work outing a job. as in an algorithm. Flow charts are normally used in the designing of computing machine plans. Flow charts is usage to hold an overview of the activities the plan will execute and to demo the logical construction of the system plan.

Plan Design
Program design is the definition of faculties and intermodular interfaces so that each faculty of the system design corresponds to a new set of faculties incorporating plan specification. This is where most of the majority of the survey was concentrated. The advocates will be confronting the undertaking of making a plan that will help the user in utilizing the proposed package. It comes with a simple design adequate to make the undertaking. Because effectivity and user-friendliness. the user or donees of this is accepted to larn everything of its characteristic by merely pressing a key in a keyboard and snaping a mouse.

Program Execution
Modern scheduling linguistic communication provides many characteristics that help the coder
to hold a quality beginning codification and characteristic more design. It besides involves design specifically into beginning codification and debugging certification and testing of the beginning codification. The systems will use this engineering to do classs easy.

Programing Language. Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 is the fastest and easiest manner to make applications for Windows. It provides you with a complete set of tools to simplify rapid application development. Ocular Basic’s scheduling linguistic communication is reasonably simple and uses common English words and phrase for the most portion. Ocular Basic is more so a linguistic communication it is a complete scheduling environment. and one of the number ones that is still greatly in usage today.

In a system development procedure. testing is the most critical portion. Software proving would chiefly take to debugging or mistake checking. It would get down in observing the mistakes and eventually to some action that would renew it into on mistake free system. Entity Relationship Design and Database