Global Competitiveness Essay Sample

The relevancy of the statement “Remind yourself…nobody is built like you. you have designed yourself. ” in today’s globally competitory environment where accomplishments are altering and occupations are germinating is that a individual ; given a certain state of affairs or a certain occupation. may be able to accommodate easy and encompass the work or state of affairs he is given and is able to do the most out of it. In this chance. accomplishments and occupations go manus in manus. When using for a occupation. one does non travel around looking for occupations that doesn’t tantrum in with his accomplishments. He looks and applies for a occupation that is well- suitable and compatible with his accomplishments. And with today’s globally competitory environment. holding the advantage of being able to larn many accomplishments is a must.

As a pupil. larning the rudimentss of computing machine scheduling and being able to hone my accomplishments while making so is an chance to dispute myself and see how far my bound goes. It is the same with other people. To be able to force one’s ain bounds and larn different accomplishments at a clip is a immense advantage to others who merely knows one or two. It makes for a flexible occupation chance because one will be able to happen occupations more easy. It is up to an person on how we make the most out of our given accomplishments or abilities and if one is willing to travel beyond boundary lines to spread out what he already knows to be able to larn something new.

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While accomplishments are altering. occupations are besides germinating. Therefore. it is about a demand to larn another accomplishment even if one already knows one accomplishment. It is because what current accomplishment one has might non be utile in the following four old ages for the person to happen a well-paying occupation ; as occupations are besides non changeless. With this in head. an single is already different in his ain manner. But he still has the option to step out of his comfort zone and purpose high while catching chances to “design” himself.

In today’s globally competitory environment where accomplishments are invariably altering and occupations are ever germinating. it is ever a good thing when 1 is alone and unlike any other because we are who we are because of the things we do and the picks we make mundane. With every passing twenty-four hours. we find ways to break ourselves and larn new things with the experiences we encounter in our daily life. We all have innate accomplishments and mind that makes us different from others and this is our arm non merely in today’s society but besides in our globally competitory environment.

With planetary fight intensifying to new highs. it is non plenty for one to hold multiple accomplishments and great intellect…one must besides believe in himself. He must hold the bravery to weather the obstructions in his manner and he must besides hold the assurance to confront the universe. He should be ready for whatever life throws at him and dodge these easy without interrupting a perspiration. He should be driven with the desire to stand out. and with a hungriness for success. And most of all. he should be God-fearing and give all that he has done for the Almighty.

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As persons. we are all alone. We are all different from each other. But we all have dreams for a bright hereafter. We all want peace. We are united as brothers and sisters as household. and as fellow countrymen.

God created us with His perfect design and after His ain image ; but our head and our organic structures are merely tools to make our ain individuality in a fast-paced universe where endurance of the fittest still applies. It is up to us on how we make good usage of our abilities. accomplishments. endowments and mind to bring forth a well- rounded person who. when he steps out into the universe. is ready to confront it.