Gerontology Conference Presentation Essay Sample

Gerontology is the survey of the aging procedure. “It includes the survey of physical. psychological and societal alterations in older persons and the probe of social alterations ensuing from the ripening of the population” ( What is Gerontology? 2015 ) This field is besides concerned with the usage of this cognition to policies and plans. Current population tendencies in the U. S. show that people are populating longer and the figure of older grownups is increasing rapidly.

Foundational Concepts of Gerontology
 Biology
 Psychology
 Sociology
 Economicss

Field of Gerontology is Multidisciplinary
 Studying physical. mental. and societal alterations in people as they age
 Investigating the biological ripening procedure itself
 Investigating the societal and psychosocial impacts of aging
 Investigating the psychological effects on aging
 Investigating the interface of biological aging with agingassociated disease
 Investigating
 Using the effects of an ageing population on society this cognition to policies and plans

Major Theories
 Biological Theories Wear and Tear Theory Auto Immune Theory
 Sociological Theories
Disengagement Theory
Activity Theory

Behavioral Theories
Socioemotional Selectivity Theory
Cognitive and Aging Theories


More spiritual

 Lonely
 Golden Old ages
 Dependence
 Frail

The survey of geriatrics is of import for understanding one’s ain wellness every bit good as the public wellness issues faced by a society of the aging population. With an apprehension of geriatrics. an single can do programs for her or his ain life class and demands. With an apprehension of geriatrics. communities and legislators can do necessary public policy picks. “Public policy determinations are critical because the growing of our population aged 55 old ages and older is
turning quickly” ( Diggs. J. 2008 )

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