Fundamentals of Information System Security Essay Sample

1. What is the application Zenmap GUI typically used for? Describe a scenario in which you would utilize this type of application? Zenmap is the official graphical user interface ( GUI ) for the Nmap Security Scanner. The application is a multi-platform. which feature an free and unfastened beginning application. It is fundamentally design to do Nmap easier to utilize for novices which on the other manus it is supplying advanced characteristics for experient Nmap users.

2. What is the relationship between hazards. menaces. and exposures as it pertains to information systems security throughout the seven spheres of a typical IT There are seven spheres of an substructure. user. workstation. LAN. LAN to WAN. constituents. distant entree. and system/application. We all know that the user is the weakest nexus in security which are vulnerable to menaces and may do hazard in the hereafter. When believing Hazard we assume that something could go on now or down the line. When we think about Threat we assume the action that could damage an plus. and do our system exposure. which is the failing that allows a menace to be realized. Risk extenuation must include determination and extinguishing exposures and feats substructure.

3. Which application is used for Step 2 in the hacking procedure to execute a exposure appraisal scan? Nessus exposure appraisal scanning package.

4. Before you conduct an ethical hacking procedure or incursion trial on a unrecorded production web. what must you make prior to executing the reconnaissance. examining. and scanning processs? You must hold written permission. You must obtain written mandate to execute an intrusive Penetration trial or exposure assessment scan on a unrecorded production web.

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5. What is a CVE listing? Who hosts and who sponsors the CVE database naming web site? CVE is a publically available and free to utilize list and lexicon of standardised identifiers for common computing machine exposures and exposures. CVE is sponsored by US Department of Homeland Security. The web site is sponsored and managed by the MITRE Corporation

6. Can Zenmap GUI detect which runing systems are present on IP waiters and workstations? What would that option look like in the bid line if running a scan on 172. 30. 0. 10?