Functionalist Perspective Essay Sample

Everyone has a ‘function’ within society The pink arrows represent that everyone must set something into society. eg work. analyze etc Society The blue arrows show that if you put something into society so you will derive something back. eg instruction. wellness attention. security etc Functionalist Perspective The stick people represent different systems and subsystems within society. eg private industry. the constabulary. schools. infirmaries etc. Within each system and subsystem people must carry through their map to prolong society. Society The ground the stick people all look the same is because the functionalist position does non take into history individualism. The positions of the people are non of import to a functionalist. every bit long as they fulfil their map in their peculiar country.

The functionalist position assumes that everyone has the same end for society and a shared apprehension of what they are seeking to accomplish. Society Is this true? Do we all want society to be the same thing? How would a functionalist explain offense or fox-hunting protests or anorexia? This is Alice Functionalist Perspective Alice has a portion clip occupation at the Co-op. She uses the money she earns to purchase apparels. coffin nails and for darks out. Alice is 18. she is on a BTEC class at college Society analyzing Public Services. She wants to be in the ground forces when she leaves college Alice lives with her parents ; she doesn’t wage for nutrient or

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