Four Skills of Language Learning: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Essay Sample

The intent of linguistic communication acquisition is to better the speakers’ four accomplishments of listening. speech production. reading and composing. with the base of big vocabulary and good grammar. but this is non the concluding intent. The concluding intent is to allow talkers be able to utilize the linguistic communication. For case. why do people analyze English? If a adult male is merely good at listening and talking. can people state that he is good at English? No. If a adult female is merely good at reading and composing. can people state that she is good at the linguistic communication? No. In add-on. most of the talkers do better in reading and composing than in listening and talking. They can read and compose. but they can barely pass on. They can barely show themselves with their ain words. We are non able to alter the scrutiny system. but we can better our larning method. So when talkers want to utilize a linguistic communication good. make non bury to cognize all the abilities of the four accomplishments.

Listening. one of the agencies of linguistic communication communicating. is used most widely in people’s day-to-day lives. In add-on. learning the scholars a batch of listening activities is a good manner of enlargening their vocabulary. On the other manus. it besides helps the scholars improve their hearing comprehension. For case. people know that the largest difference between female parent linguistic communication acquisition and foreign linguistic communication acquisition is the environment. For a foreign linguistic communication. we can run into it merely in formal topographic points and categories. Training and practising the unwritten reading is non a day’s work. Practice is of import. Merely through the pattern can the scholars improve their hearing comprehension.

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Following. Speaking is frequently connected with hearing. For illustration. the bipartisan communicating makes up for the defect in communicative ability in the traditional acquisition. Two-way means the relationship of the communicating between the instructor and the pupils at school. This relationship is connected with the communicative activities between two people. It can make a fresh environment for talking linguistic communication. The bipartisan communicating can lengthen the duologue limitlessly. This is its advantage. At the same clip. if the talkers want to give the right response. he has to believe hard. the sentence is non easy bury which is created by themselves through thought. sometimes with the teacher’s intimation. They can speak freely and show themselves every bit good as they can.

Following. Reading is an of import manner of deriving information in linguistic communication acquisition and it is a basic accomplishment for a linguistic communication scholar. There are a batch of reading exercisings in an scrutiny today. But all these readings must be done in limited clip. So scholars are asked to read them right and with a certain velocity. For case. person reads word by word. Person reads with his finger indicating to the words or with his caput shaking. Those are all bad wonts. They should read phrase by phrase. Do non wink eyes so frequently and agitate caput. Just travel the orb. That is adequate. If they want to acquire more word information. there must be a proper distance between their eyes and the reading stuff.

Finally. Writing is one manner of supplying assortment in schoolroom processs. It provides a scholar with physical grounds of his accomplishments and he can mensurate his betterment. It helps to consolidate their appreciation of vocabulary and construction. and complements the other linguistic communication accomplishments. Sentence is the base of an article. So he should get down his composing with sentences. For illustration. interlingual rendition. sentence form interchanging. and text shortening and revising. It helps to understand the text and write composings. It can further the learner’s ability to sum up and to utilize the linguistic communication freely.

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By and large these four accomplishments can non be separated. Peoples frequently say “First hearing and speech production. so reading and composing. ” But this manner of stating is tantrum for the beginning phase. Before they are traveling to hold a new lesson. make reading and composing foremost. So. preparation and practicing helps scholars that raise their ability of linguistic communication accomplishments.