Food Insecurity and the Absence of Livelihood Opportunities

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005


The jobs of nutrient insecurity and under-nutrition are closely linked with those of poorness and unemployment. Therefore, programmes such as MGNREGA might non be nutrition specific intercessions but certainly are nutrition sensitive intercessions. MGNREGA intends to hold an impact on bettering nutrition through a safety cyberspace attack that encompasses societal protection and societal transportations and looks at bettering the handiness of nutrient through employment coevals steps. MGNREGA, which is non merely a strategy but besides a jurisprudence, ensures handiness of buying power in the custodies of rural hapless to enable them to buy nutrient throughsweetening of livelihood security of the families in rural countries of the state by supplying at least one 100 yearss of guaranteed pay employment in every fiscal twelvemonth to every family whose grownup members volunteer to make unskilled manual work and for affairs connected therewith or incidental thereto.Therefore, by bettering the physical capacity of the population and sweetening of the span of working life, it indirectly improves nutritionary position and life criterions of the hapless.

The nexus between nutrient insecurity taking to nutritionary want and absence of support chances can be substantiated by the Report of the Famine Commission appointed by the Colonial Government in 1859 which stated that “Indian dearths are non dearths of nutrient, but of plants ; where there is work there is money and where there is money there is nutrient.


The theoretical principle behind MGNREGA pertains to anti-poverty steps, proviso of public goods and services and extenuation of unexpected, seasonal and idiosyncratic dazes. Therefore, the aims of MGNREGA that root from this model are as follows:

  • Supplying pay employment chances
  • Making sustainable rural supports through greening of natural resource base i.e. spread outing productiveness and back uping formation of lasting assets
  • Strengthening rural administration through decentralization and pervading procedures of transparence and answerability
  • Proactively guaranting societal inclusion
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Though the declared aims of the Act do non integrate nutrient and nutritionary security, the economic benefit through MGNREGA has an indirect impact on nutrition degrees and entree to nutrient through better income for the household.


The demand for MGNREGA for turn toing nutritionary and nutrient security can be understood by looking at the policy job and the solution that MGNREGA offers:

Problem Statement:Food security, a requirement for optimum nutrition, entails non merely nutrient handiness but besides nutrient entree which is a map of support chances and buying power. Besides, the unbearable extent of under-nutrition and malnutrition in India reflected in indices associating to hungriness is due to a big section of households of little and fringy husbandmans and landless labor being inveterate undernourished. Poor kids are denied at birth chances for the full manifestation of their familial potency for mental and physical development.

Policy Solution:MGNREGA which is in the sphere of righting rural poorness through livelihood security addresses the entree facet of nutrient security by making the lower limit buying power for nutrient security in households populating below the poorness line. Additionally, since MGNREGA workers represent some of the most economically and socially marginalized subdivisions of the society, it reaches the karyon of the indispensable necessities of these subdivisions and augments to their dire demands by making and supplying employment and seeking to eliminate their hand-to-mouth being.

Empirically, this solution manifests itself in the findings of a survey conducted by the Institute of Human Development which has noted that the net incomes from MGNREGA has contributed 8 per centum of the entire income of the families in Bihar and about 2.41 per centum of the entire one-year income of a family in Jharkhand. It has contributed more to the income of the SCs ( 11 % ) , OBCs ( 9 % ) , landless ( 9 % ) and fringy landowners ( 8 % ) . In both the provinces, donees have spent a significant portion of their net incomes on nutrient points. Besides,Socio-Economic Impacts of Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGAby Council for Social Development in tribal countries of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh farther validates this by saying that that the execution of MGNREGA has increased the nutrient security of the rural public and a major part of increased income earned through MGNREGA was spent on nutrient ingestion.

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Specific Features and Nutritional Deductions:

  • MGNREGA is the first of all time jurisprudence globally, that guarantees pay employment and is the world’s largest public works employment programme. It perpetuates a lawfully enforceable right to 100 yearss of work a twelvemonth for a minimal pay, in all rural countries of the state. If the province fails to supply these 100 yearss of employment, appliers are entitled to unemployment allowance. This proviso of rewards and unemployment allowances contributes to guarantee a higher consumption of nutrient and nutrient handiness. As perWorkfare as an Effective Way to Fight Povertyby Engler and Ravi, in Andhra Pradesh, those who worked in MGNREGA gave up 1.6 fewer repasts per hebdomad than those who didn’t work
  • The Act necessitates that at least one tierce of the donees be adult females. As per a survey conducted in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, due to this proviso, a significant leap has been noticed in the gaining potency of adult females, assisting them avoid hungriness. A survey ofNREGA procedure and patterns in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh: Appraisal cum research survey, by Centre for Educational Research & A ; Development validates this farther by saying that MGNREGA helps adult females in general and wet adult females in peculiar, to run into their basic demands, such as nutrient by guaranting regular income.
  • Importance of agricultural development for heightening nutrition can non be overstated. Most MGNREGA works lend straight or indirectly to agricultural development. The precedences of the work to be undertaken embracing watershed direction and H2O preservation, drought-proofing, inundation protection, land development, minor irrigation and rural connectivity, therefore bettering the ecological foundations of sustainable agribusiness and determining that nutrient originates from efficient and environmentally benign production engineerings. Therefore, this characteristic of MGNREGA perpetuates nutrient handiness for the present every bit good as the hereafter, in bend implicitly working towards comprehensive nutrient and nutrition security.
  • MGNREGA provides for crèches at work sites. The 12ThursdayFive Year Plan, for MGNREGA, puts on precedence footing, crèches on work site, in concurrence with ICDS Anganwadis. This asserted precedence and revamped theoretical account of crèches has the potency to play an instrumental function in forestalling malnutrition through auxiliary nutrition for the kids of MGNREGA workers.
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Nutritional want can take to a poorness trap wherein low nutrition leads to moo productiveness which in bend leads to low rewards and so to low nutrition, therefore finishing a barbarous rhythm. Therefore, for cut downing malnutrition, multi-sectoral inputs that concern convergence and intersectoral actions affecting the Fieldss of nutrition, wellness, agribusiness, supports, and women’s authorization are required. It is in this context that how net transportations from MGNREGA are used acquires important nutritionary deductions.