Focus Of Supervision Analysis Social Work Essay

The focal point of this supervising is to look at how our supervisiory relationship is working in respects to our different acquisition manners.

Referral to Public Health Nurses ( PHN ) for misss in the in the Early Intervention Program ( EIP ) .

Wai Ora Girls Program – one client has offended and one client has absconded – contemplation on pattern.

Feasibility study – Community Coordinators have said there are no issues with young person offense in their country. Where to next?

During this supervising my supervisor is to finish my 2nd direct observation appraisal.

Discussion points

Learning Styles – We began the session by reexamining our acquisition manners. My supervisor asked me to make full out the 80 inquiry Honey & A ; Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire ( 2006 ) in my first hebdomad of arrangement.

My learning manner is a ‘reflector ‘ and my supervisor has a ‘pragmatist ‘ learning manner.

Reflectors: like to see the state of affairs from different positions. They like to roll up informations, reappraisal and believe carefully earlier coming to any decisions. They enjoy detecting others and will listen to their positions before offering their ain ( Mumford, 1992 ) .

Pragmatists: are eager to seek things out. They like constructs that can be applied to their occupation. They tend to be impatient with drawn-out treatments and are practical and down to Earth ( Mumford, 1992 ) .

Therefore, we discussed how we can work together in supervising from these different acquisition manners to do it affectional. My supervisor has identified as a pragmatist scholar he does non wish drawn-out treatments and prefers to acquire consecutive to the point when it comes to treatments around pattern. Where as because I am a reflector I like to discourse my larning through different positions at length before I am able to come to any decisions around my acquisition. This can do troubles within our supervisory relationship and we need to work together so that I am able to do the most out of our supervising Sessionss and the field instruction arrangement in relation to my ain learning manner. My supervisor identified that he needs to be flexible in the different acquisition attacks that are presented by:

Organizing a scope of chances for pattern

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Using a blend of methods and stuffs that will assist me larn

Using a mixture of theory and pattern focal point in supervising

Using larning stuffs that focus on the contemplation of pattern

Formal and informal chances to larn

Continuing instruction and acquisition manners treatment

EIP Program – I have identified a scope of wellness issues presented by the misss who attend the EIP. In a old supervising session it was discussed that I will reach the PHN to set up wellness appraisals for the misss that are showing concerns.

Following on from this I discussed with the voluntaries of the Girl ‘s EIP which girls we believe could utilize a wellness appraisal.

On reaching the PHN it became evident that we would be unable to acquire these misss wellness appraisals as I did non hold parental consent, and two misss are already involved with the PHN.

Upon reaching the parents of the misss who are non already involved they did non give permission for their kids to be assessed.

I discussed with my supervisor that I still has concerns for these misss but because there is no parental consent we are unable to mention them to the nurses. We decided it is up to the voluntaries and I to supervise the concerns, and if they became more apparent to near the parents once more.

Wai Ora Girls Program – one of my clients who I have been working with has been arrested over the weekend and charged with driving with extra blood intoxicant. I discussed with my supervisor the concerns I had around this charge and the events that had led to the immature adult females driving whilst under the influence. We agreed that it would be best for me to advise her Child, Youth and Family Services ( CYFS ) societal worker in respects to the concerns I had as it was beyond my degree of engagement.

Another one of the immature adult females I have been working with has absconded over the weekend ; I discussed with my supervisor what I should make next in respects to this client. My supervisor suggested that as we do non hold any authorization to work with this immature individual and that it was non my duty to follow up with this immature individual, as her engagement with our bureau is voluntary and if she does non wish to be involved that I was non to coerce her. I will reach her CYFS societal worker to allow her cognize that if the immature individual returns I am happy to go on working with her.

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Feasibility Study – during supervising I discussed the information and negative feedback I had received from the Community Coordinators in respects to the feasibleness of Te Roopu O Wai Ora working in Albany and the East Coast Bays countries. He said to document these conversations and the following measure us to talk to CYFS, Police, and the local schools.

Direct Practice Observation – the 2nd direct pattern observation was completed in relation to the 2nd Learning Outcome. This appraisal bought out treatment around my resilience as I have been confronted with a scope of client issues through out my arrangement. We focused more closely on working cross-culturally in my pattern with clients and I am frequently working with immature people and their households who are of a different civilization from my ain. At the curative instruction Centre where I am placed two yearss a hebdomad I am the lone female and pakeha individual at that place. We discussed how I can critically reflect on my issues in pattern and working cross-culturally ( I will discourse this further in my critical contemplation ) .

Direct pattern feedback from Fieldwork Educator

My supervisor discussed how he views my experience as an advantage for the administration ; that he trusts me to pull off my ain work load and ask for aid when I need it.

The information my supervisor has feedback through this supervising and direct pattern will take me to farther treatments and contemplations in my critical contemplation assignment:

Grace has shown good degrees of questioning techniques on our observation of her at work. She has interviewed household members of our clients and shown experience beyond her old ages.

Through supervising and on occupation developing Grace has self-reflected on issues and inquiries she has been challenged with. She is non afraid to inquire the difficult inquiries.

Grace is cognizant of her ain feelings and background in working with different clients on a scope of issues. She shows echt empathy and an ability to prosecute with clients in a relaxed and professional mode.

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Working in the school scene as the lone female and pakeha individual, has enabled her to place the differences in civilization but besides helped her to work cross-culturally with other staff and clients. Family trial has besides helped her to place countries that need more preparation in.

Suggested following stairss for pattern




Critically reflect on treatments in this supervising and the direct observation appraisal in respects to working cross-culturally.


Contact CYFS in respects to the two immature adult females in the Wai Ora Girls Club that are showing with problems/concerns/absconding.


Attend EIP plan and supervise their wellness issues


Contact constabularies, CYFS and local schools in respects to Feasibility Study.

What is the relationship between this supervising session and the B.Soc.Wk 2 larning aims, by and large and my contract specifically?

The relationship between this supervising and the B.Soc.Work acquisition aims and my contract were the treatments around my 2nd learning result in relation to the 2nd direct observation.

I have demonstrated the appropriate usage of ego in a professional societal work puting by researching in supervising my pattern, cultural consciousness, resilience, and my learning manner.

I have demonstrated my ability to originate and joint my ain acquisition in my arrangement by reflecting on my learning manner and discoursing how our supervisory relationship is working. Besides by placing that in this supervising session that there was a important focal point on my pattern cross-culturally and utilizing it as the footing for my 2nd critical contemplation, to enable me to reflect on my cultural model more critically.

I have been in contact with other bureaus and the community in relation to shared clients and the Feasibility Study.

Learning Made

The acquisition I made in this supervising session was in respects to my learning manner and how it affects our supervisory relationship, and how we can do it effectual for my acquisition during y field arrangement.

I will utilize the acquisition made from the treatment around my pattern this hebdomad and working cross-culturally as the footing for my critical contemplation.