Five Forces Model Focused On Marriott – International Marketing Essay

1. Use the five forces theoretical account to the industry in which your company is based. What does this theoretical account state you about the nature of competition in the industry?

Buyer Power

The purchaser power in this industry can be qualified as moderate, as its participants are invariably offering ways to cut down it. In the planetary hotel and motel industry a primary strength a participant has to hold in order to boom is strong trade name acknowledgment. A strong trade name acknowledgment non merely AIDSs in pulling first clip clients, but it besides entails repetition concern since exchanging costs can be piddling in this industry. Price competition entirely is non a good stimulator of this force, yet invention undeniably is. Companies are ever seeking new thoughts to capture a diversified set of consumers, runing from the in-between category to the premium section. By using new manners of design to superior installations, such as gyms, watering place, even incorporate golf composites, a huge disconnected group of consumers can be captured through an addition in the value they receive. For primary participants in the industry the impact of losing a client is non such a considerable menace to concern ; they will retain the 1 ‘s they have and strive for new 1s through a assortment of schemes.

Supplier Power

The provider power in this industry can be qualified as moderate, chiefly due to the fortunes that create advantages to providers. First of all, providers in this industry are comprised of a assortment of places ; from belongings proprietors, developers, existent estate companies, designers, to selling companies, providers can take on many forms. Due to the fact that this industry is really labour intensive, the participants within it have to take on effectual schemes to dicker. The grade of quality and handiness of the provider ‘s equipment and services are a aboriginal portion for the success of a company. Hotel directors normally have to trust on engineering and advanced systems to pull off, analyze, and turn up good prospective belongingss that will complement the hotel ‘s profitableness. Since most of this engineering is acquired through separate providers, their bargaining power is well strengthened. Furthermore, as the quality of preparation employees are provided with is congruous with the quality of service they provide, the providers of high quality counsel may hold a beginning of power over the house.

Menace of New Entrants

As the hotel industry has experienced a significant grade of growing over the past few old ages, it is really likely that new entrants will be attracted. This industry is really influenced by touristry and travel tendencies which create premier chances for rivals to come in the market. Even though there has been an economic downswing globally, the outlooks for the hotel industry continue to be positive and growing is most likely traveling to go on throughout the twelvemonth. The menace of new entrants appears to be stronger in the Asia- Pacific part specially, as the figure of tourers continues to turn and new flight tracts are unveiled. In this industry new entrants may billow as little, independent exclusive owners, yet the likeliness of their success is unsure. In order to prolong gross growing in the premium market, where the highest profitableness is normally found, a big graduated table of initial capital is required ; this can show itself as a strong hindrance to new entrants. Furthermore, new entrants may be constrained by foreign investing limitations and ordinances, every bit good as limitations in footings of buying existent estate abroad.

Menace of Substitutes

The being of replacements outside the kingdom of the hotel industry ‘s boundaries may increase the opportunities of clients exchanging to options, yet the menace may be assessed as restrained. Substitutes for this industry include alternate types of lodging, such as RV ‘s, encampment, even informal visits to friends and household. Even though these replacements do be, and exchanging costs may be low, they normally do non supply the same public-service corporation as a hotel does. The basic map of a topographic point to remain may be fulfilled by replacements, but the added benefits, such as eating houses and watering place, are better provided by hotels. The menace of replacements may be in this industry, yet it is no lucifer for an entity with a strong trade name equity that provides client satisfaction

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Degree of Rivalry

The menace of competition for this industry can be considered moderate due to largely fiscal and logistical factors. Most of the hotel industry ‘s cardinal participants are big branded ironss, yet there are a big figure of independent companies presently in the industry. The larger ironss have a powerful competitory advantage by being able to utilize their higher degree of grosss to diversify into other concerns. On the other manus smaller companies have to fight to invent schemes of endurance and invention, which can be a complicated undertaking. The capital handiness key participants have allows for a higher grade of planetary variegation ; insulating them from volatile market conditions. The chase of planetary enlargement, through acquisitions and franchising, can be a strong manifestation of the industry ‘s competitory nature. Furthermore, many big ironss have started to utilize an plus visible radiation concern theoretical account to excite enlargement ; by depriving and raising capital, rivals can put in a broader set of operations and concerns. This therefore increases the degree of fight between challengers.

This theoretical account as a whole demonstrates how the nature of competition for this industry is based on the strength of the industry ‘s drivers of demand, and a company ‘s operations. Companies in this industry non merely vie against others within the industry, but with other industries as good. Competition is frequently based on monetary value, yet the proviso of superior quality comfortss and services is a strong discriminator. The nature of competition is driven by location, as the popularity of an country will heighten demand, and evaluation a hotel receives ; embracing a premium quality of installations and service norms. Most significantly, the nature of competition is driven by the demands and outlooks that guests seek to be matched by staff and direction.

The nature of competition for this industry is besides influenced by the fact that some travellers decide on what rival to take based entirely on trade name. To some clients in this industry trade name equity and image service as an imperative warrant for high quality services and installations. A competitory advantage can be maintained by invariably maintaining up with client outlooks and supplying them with characteristics that rivals lack.

For some travellers, hotel stigmatization and image associated with an constitution or franchised name is every bit of import as a warrant of superior installations and service. But besides important is the extent of information available on the constitution on the cyberspace, every bit good as the increasing ability for invitees to do a direct engagement and payment over the cyberspace.

2. Are any alterations taking topographic point in the macroenvironment that might hold an impact, positive or negative, on the industry in which your company is based? If so, what are these alterations, and how might they impact the industry?

Changes that have a positive impact on the hotel industry can be observed in the economic and technological kingdom of the macroenvironment. Economic factors might impact the industry through a go oning growing in planetary concern and touristry travel markets ; a premier determiner of demand. Growth in emerging markets such as India and China provide this industry with new parts open to incursion. The economic prosperity, growing in GDP, and the rise of disposable income in these states have contributed to the success of the industry. A growing in touristry enables an addition in profitableness, which entails an addition in stockholder value and variegation. The industry ‘s future mentality is predicted to see a considerable degree of growing as the cordial reception market continues to better in the US and around the universe.

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The hotel industry is besides presently sing alterations in the technological facet of the macroenvironment. Through the usage of engineering, this industry has been able to better their efficiency in communicating and information engineering to pull off operations. Currently, Hotels are better able to run into market demands through an progressively technological merchandise cleavage. The use of more effectual computerized reserve systems, belongings direction systems, and planetary distribution systems, allows for a more dynamic industry. Furthermore, the cyberspace continues to enable a disintermediation between the consumer and supplier through societal networking and the development of packaged circuit packages that include adjustment.

3. Identify whether your company has a competitory advantage or disadvantage in its primary industry. ( The primary industry is the 1 in which it has the most gross revenues. )

In its primary industry, Marriott International, Inc. has a figure of strong competitory advantages which make it the top company in its line of concern. At Marriott they believe in a go oning long term success through more than 80 old ages of experience, strong trade names, client penchant, and an effectual concern theoretical account. Presently, the company ‘s portfolio consists of more than 3,400 franchised and managed belongingss across 18 trade names in approximately 70 states crossing across six continents. As of 2009, about 137,000 employees were portion of bring forthing gross revenues of approximately $ 11 billion ; a figure that is expected to turn systematically in the undermentioned old ages.

The company ‘s trade name has developed exponentially due to the quality of merchandises and services they provide to clients. It has adopted legion advanced proficient plans to fulfill client ‘s demands and supply support in any jobs they may meet. A centerpiece plan is the Marriott ‘s Automated Reservation Systems for Hotel Accommodations ( MARSH ) , which provides individualized attending to each single client. This plan led the company to follow an e-business scheme which switched the Marriott from being belongings oriented to being client oriented. By concentrating on utilizing engineering to better the client experience, the Marriott is able to distinguish itself from rivals and have a strong competitory border.

As for the concern theoretical account, the Marriott has been following a proved scheme of franchising and pull offing hotels instead than holding full ownership. In the franchised belongingss, the company foregoes direct control over employees and strives to construct upon care and internal operations. The minimisation of capital investings and expenditures allows for hard currency flow and fiscal flexibleness ; a strong determiner of growing. The Marriott ‘s function is to merely guarantee that belongingss are up to par with trade name criterions.

4. Measure your company against the four generic constructing blocks of competitory advantage: efficiency, quality, invention, and reactivity to clients.


The Marriott ‘s competitory advantage refering the edifice block of efficiency is exhibited in the huge planetary presence and diversified beginnings of gross the company holds. Even though the bulk of the company ‘s net incomes come from the U.S, around 43 % is produced by its international operations. This is a great advantage as it allows the company to non depend on one individual market to bring forth grosss. The net incomes are obtained by operating in both emerging and already matured markets ; the latter driving the value of growing while the former drives the volume. The company ‘s planetary presence creates a barrier against hazard that may originate in each changing economic system. Furthermore, aside from holding an tremendous planetary coverage, the company generates grosss by tapping into assorted client sections. Ranging from the lower priced section, with the Fairfield hostel, to the luxury priced section, with the Ritz-Carlton, the company can gain by fulfilling a battalion of client demands.

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The choice criterion of the Marriott is far from lenient ; this is something the company prides itself in. Marriott ‘s trade name is one of the most well-thought-of, non to advert influential, in the market place ; with over 80 old ages of experience it has grown to be a chief cordial reception leader. Hotel trade names such as the Ritz-Carlton and Bulgari, which the Marriott operates, are set to provide all the luxury needs invitees may necessitate. On the other manus, the more reasonably priced SpringHill Suites and Courtyard carry on comfortss and services focused on entire quality ; ne’er stepping off from supplying affordability to the client. The high degree of quality is efficaciously maintained by rigorous franchise understandings ; frequently holding directors and proprietors follow rigorous ordinances from the trade name. The company continues to polish their concern theoretical account, innovate their trade names, and basically get the hang the art of taking attention of clients.


A strong focal point of the Marriott ‘s concern theoretical account is to systematically explicate ways of doing operations more efficient ; in this they have non failed. The company remains to be a leader in developing advanced ways to better the client experience and the procedure of carry oning concern. As antecedently mentioned, plans like MARSH provide a valuable degree of client service through a practical usage of engineering. Another invention Marriott developed is a monetary value scrutinizing tool to manage dearly-won renegotiation petitions from its clients. The plan, called the Property Guest Object Oriented System ( PGOOS ) , automated the procedure of supervising switching corporate rates and auditing of MARSH. The execution of PGOOS leads to clients having the lowest rates available that coincided with the current province of the market. Invention can decidedly be qualified as a competitory advantage and border for this company.

Responsiveness to Customers

In order to decently react to clients ‘ wants a company must invariably place and provide to their changing demands. The Marriott has systematically taken stairss to stand out in this competitory advantage, either through customization or consistent bringing of quality service. In order to run into client demands the Marriott has utilized multiple systems, such as MARSH, to supply an uncomparable attending to its clients. It besides depends to a great extent on client feedback to invariably better client satisfaction and trueness. The company is committed to supplying a degree of quality that will maintain clients coming back ; whether it is for concern or for pleasance. The Marriott hotel trade name is non merely ill-famed but besides respected in the hotel industry. In 2009, Fortune magazine ranked Marriott as figure 37 in the World ‘s Most Admired Companies ; a list that they have been a portion of for 10 back-to-back old ages. Awards such as this one, and many others, clearly demonstrate the dominant trade name value this company has and will go on to hold for old ages to come ; 1000000s of clients can hold to this.